That's Not LSD
Citation:   BlueBomber. "That's Not LSD: An Experience with *-NBOMe (exp114548)". Jul 15, 2020.

Experiences: Alcohol, weed, Oxycodone, Salvia

This happened around 6 years ago, before I had tried hallucinogens of any sort. A friend of mine, L, had gotten a few tabs of supposed LSD and took a tab in front of me and my girlfriend, S, at the time before we all went to work. L had been fine at work and offered some to me afterwards, so I gladly accepted, having tried Salvia multiple times before expecting a similar situation.

L gave me half a tab and I put it on my tongue immediately. Now the reason I have never written about this story: I have only recently tried LSD again and, having a terrible experience on this referred to occasion, did my research this time around. Only within the last week of reading reports did I realize what I took that night was almost certainly 2Cl-NBOMe. The bitter taste was instantly apparent, but having never done the drug before, I thought this was just how LSD tasted.
The bitter taste was instantly apparent, but having never done the drug before, I thought this was just how LSD tasted.

25 minutes in: Start to feel what I now recognize as a typical intrinsic come up on hallucinogens. My phone illuminated my gf's vehicle and my fingers typing looked spindly like that of a spider's.

50 minutes in: Got to S's house, L and I are starting to see the walls and blankets wave back and forth. We decided to play a zombie game and, surprisingly, didn't get bad vibes.

1h30min in: S and I make out while L is in the bathroom, I have my eyes closed and see atoms that are simultaneously planets colliding and forming into millions of littler atom/planets. L comes in and says she has to go home because she feels the trip hitting hard and is worried about her dog getting out. Because L had experienced it and was kind of guiding my trip, I begged her to stay and ride it out with me as I felt anxiety growing but she said to calm down and left. S suggested I get some sleep, so we fell asleep together.

6h in: I wake up and see thousands of television screens arranged like how a fly would see, each one holding different memories of my life. I would be thrown into one where I would have to experience it (thankfully it wasn't unpleasant memories), sucked out to the TV screens, and thrown back into another. Having experienced this for what felt like forever, S asked me to lay in her living room (she was living with her parents who were strict) and I asked to stay with her. After she said no, I put on my clothes in an effort to drive home. S took my keys which was better in the long run, but told me to go sleep on the couch.

I tried to fall asleep or keep my mind occupied with Facebook, but that didn't work. Next thing I knew, me and S were having sex in her room. After we finished, she again asked me to sleep on the couch and I asked to stay to no avail. Laying on the couch, I couldn't fall asleep and kept adjusting to get comfortable. Soon I realized I had been turning to the same 2 positions with the room turning inside out and back to normal as I did. This launched me into a loop similar to the TV screens and I feared I would never be okay again. I have asthma and felt my breath begin to grow weak, so I went to my truck to get my inhaler. Only S had my keys, insisting last time I bothered her that I don't do it again. After having a dilemma of wanting to get my keys but not wanting to bother her, my high state thought it would be best to call for help. Though I'm glad I did, an EMS checked me out and said apart from slightly high blood pressure, I was fine.

A few cops showed up afterwards, played the hardass routine while I cried my eyes out because the way they were acting seemed like stuff you'd see in a movie or something so I thought they were a figment of my now fucked imagination. They gave me shit about taking it at my gf's place, searched me for weapons or further drugs but I had nothing, then let me go.

This fucked up my relationship with S. Because rescue showed up at her house, her whole family knew what happened and treated me differently. L was S's best friend and was treated no differently by her, and her family never knew L took some with me that night. While that sucked, the experience I had on this drug was so much worse. RESEARCH if you decide to take drugs of any kind, and test them it possible at all: if it's bitter, it's a spitter! It could have been a deadly experience that ended in cardiovascular restriction or seizures and I'm so thankful that it didn't.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 114548
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jul 15, 2020Views: 1,169
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