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First Time Bad Trip - Although Enlightening
by T.E.
Citation:   T.E.. "First Time Bad Trip - Although Enlightening: An Experience with 2C-P (exp91501)". Dec 15, 2011.

10 mg oral 2C-P
10mg of 2c-p taken on an empty stomach after a night of heavy drinking; taken around 7 p.m. Not smart.

I get home(because I needed cigarettes) and feel it begin digesting. I go outside and smoke a few bowls and cigarettes while listening to trance/house. Go inside, do the same thing; eventually start watching glove light shows. The come up was great. Eventually I felt the urge to throw up coming, so I step outside with some cigarettes and smoke. It comes; all water. Once. Twice. Good, smoked some more, and the trip began. I could see everything vibrating at the universal level. I realized all matter is merely energy condensed down to a slow vibration. We are all on subjectively; life is but a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves. It felt great. The visuals were great.

I go inside and watch more light shows while tripping complete balls for almost 3 hours. I feel the urge to throw up again, and once again step outside and smoke cigarettes. Then my grandmother in-law and her friend stepped outside to talk on the other side of the porch; I think the friend was smoking a cig too. Most of this was a blurry, disassociated haze. So instead of staying outside and throwing up there, I go inside and grab a towel and fucking rush to the shower, stripping as fast as I can. I get in, turn the water on, and once the shower hit me I vomit once, twice....three times, and then good. When the third one hit, it felt like my soul was sucked behind my body, and I was watching it; and I could feel the whole universe around me.

And then I was sucked back in; it felt like being reborn. A better me, in my body. I chill for a few more minutes, euphoric and trippy. Turn it off, dry off, check my phone and it's only been 10 minutes. Holy shit. I go back to my room, throw my clothes back on, and chill listening to more music and more light shows for a bit, before heading outside to smoke more. This cycle basically repeats until around midnight and I get some bread in my stomach to help dissolve the 2cp so I dont die. Pretty sure I stopped throwing up after the fifth time.

I get on facebook and I don't know, I was thinking about EVERYTHING and how everything is connected. Then it started seeming like I've been reliving the past month of my life, and then just this night. I lost my phone, then id grab a cigarette and my lighter, look at something else, my lighters gone. Wtf, walking around in circles, outside, inside, back and forth searching for shit; knowing I've dreamed about this before. Everything was a mess, I found my phone, couldnt my lighter, and then it hit me - I've done this before. Everything is connected to my laptop. I've had this dream before, I can fix all of this if I can get inside. My passwords werent fucking working, fingerprint scanner not working. I'm running out of time, damnit.

I could feel myself dying, and hear people just outside my room. When I looked, I couldn't see them. This voice was pushing me to answer my questions, which all lead to...being a super man. I could be the super man, and have everything I've ever wanted. Just say yes and embrace it. I hesitated, but that glimmer of hope that never dies in me kept urging me, urging me to say yes. I could feel people I care about and who care about me around me. Mostly though, I felt [one particular person] pushing me to say yes, for some reason. And then I hesitated again, and blew it.

I felt everyone leaving, and everyone sighing at my failure to just embrace it. I was screaming no, yes! Please come back, I am him! I am the super man! My laptop dies. I'm out of time. I felt my physical body die; and my intelligence with it. My house was empty and I was alone, cursing myself, screaming no as loudly as I could. I could feel the universe, though. And my hope. And then I was on the floor, in my body. I start screaming and the first thing I hear is a cop yelling 'What the fuck kind of trip is this!?'. Crazy, painful blur for a few minutes, and then I pass out.

I could feel them throw me into the the back of the ambulance, but my mind and soul were in a different place. I'm laying down, there's nothing but white and above me, stars. People around me, talking. Questioning me why I should be the super man. I couldn't think of, or say anything. All I felt was hope. And then everything turned into the inside of the ambulance, and there were 3 EMTs next to me. As that happened, I KNEW what I should've said to those people around me, before I became conscious again. 'Because my hope never dies.' But then I was in the ambulance, screaming about superman, 2c-p, kryptonite, asking what I have to say or do to fix all of this for minutes before I blacked out again.

I only remember waking up in the hospital to get up and leave. Apparantly I was fucking nuts, but once I came to some sort of consciousness that I can't remember, everyone said I was like the nicest soul or kid they had ever met. Or at least that's what my mom told me. Apparantly I told her to 'please not give up on me, there's still hope for me.' And that's about it. I pushed a trip beyond a trip.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91501
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Dec 15, 2011Views: 9,717
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Police / Customs (60), 2C-P (305) : Hospital (36), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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