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MDMA (Ecstasy)

Answered QuestionsNameDate
What should I know about taking ecstasy? Lydia Aug 17 2011
Is there such a thing as "liquid molly" which is pure MDMA? emily avery Apr 7 2011
Is it a problem to take MDMA 36 hours before general anesthesia? Venarian Feb 2 2011
Can hydrochloric acid be used to make Marquis reagent? BC Jan 8 2011
What is this "MDMA powder" I bought in a smartshop? EricB Aug 9 2010
Hasn't Ricaurte's research into MDMA neurotoxicity been debunked? Wyatt Mar 11 2010
What book has a lot of visual representations of Ecstasy? Braulio Jul 29 2009
Does Ecstasy ever contain PCP? lepre Apr 28 2009
Was MDMA first synthesized by Merck or by Fritz Haber? Anonymous Dec 9 2005
Is it possible to take a serotonin pill to increase your brain's amount of se... Matt Jun 25 2005
Can EcstasyData testing results be fixed/faked? marina Sep 4 2004
Is there such a thing as "coke-based" or "meth-based" ecstasy? no May 11 2003
Is it safer to smoke MDMA than take it orally. Skunk Monk Nov 8 2002
Can cracking someone's back re-release ecstasy or serotonin into the body? Ecstasy Jun 11 2002
Do Mushrooms or MDMA reduce effectiveness of birth control pills? a girl Apr 18 2002
Does MDMA affect males differently then females? Jimi Apr 16 2002
What does it mean for an Ecstasy tablet to be "heroin based"? Damug Apr 13 2002
Does combining prozac with ecstasy really damage the heart? zak Mar 29 2002
Have you ever heard of ecstacy coming in the form of a capsule or gel tab? ibnz Feb 25 2002
What is in the 7-Legged Spider Ecstasy Tablets? Jeff Feb 25 2002
Does a full stomach reduce the effects of MDMA? Anonymous Nov 30 2001
Can psychedelics cure allergies? gene Nov 8 2001
What is the half life of MDMA? carl Nov 5 2001
Is Candy Flipping more dangerous than MDMA use alone? Anonymous Oct 30 2001
What are the dangers of giving my dog Ecstasy? Cory Oct 16 2001
Why do I salivate so much after I take Ecstasy? Carmen Sep 8 2001
Is a pressed pill of Ecstasy less stable than the pure compound? antrbu Aug 23 2001
What does the term "rolling face" mean? MR Aug 7 2001
Does lessening ecstasy dosage lessen duration or intensity? Euphoriacid Jul 27 2001
What is the saturation of the methylene group on MDMA? Psi Locybe Jul 27 2001
Can Ecstasy or Mushrooms be taken sublingually? Candyflippa Jul 27 2001
Is it dangerous to combine MDMA and Chocolate? Pete Jul 17 2001
I do E a lot. How can I get the same effects as I used to? V Mar 20 2001
Are crumbly pills purer MDMA? princess Mar 7 2001
Is it dangerous to mix GHB and MDMA? Dan Feb 27 2001
'Is it true that MDMA was tested on soldiers during WW I or II?' mj stych Feb 17 2001
'How much Ecstasy is too much?' Ari Jan 21 2001
Is there only MDMA in Ecstasy tablets? A.H. Henrik Jan 15 2001
What is 5-HTP? tiamat Jan 7 2001
What is "Molly"? Mr. Magoo Jan 6 2001
How long can MDMA & 2C-T-7 be stored? What's the best storage method? Walfgong Jan 5 2001
'What is in "White Arrow" pills sold as Ecstasy?' Vin Jan 2 2001
'What's in pink heart shaped pills marked "D&E 200"?' Justin Jan 2 2001
'Is Paxil an MAOI? Is it safe to take MDMA while on Paxil?' voodooprincess Dec 22 2000
'Do higher doses of MDMA cause more visuals?' E Masta Nov 27 2000
'Can you please tell me which organs metabolize the drugs MDMA, GHB, Methamph... KenNY Oct 24 2000
'How risky is MDMA use for someone who has heart palpitations.' Jason Sep 19 2000
'Can taking MDMA before a psychedelic cause the visuals to be muted?' Ciladis Apr 11 2000
'What does the term 'Triple Stack' mean when referring to ecstasy?' Jeff Mar 30 2000
'Have there ever been traces of nickel or nickel-compounds found in ecstasy?' nubie Mar 29 2000
'Does ecstasy reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills?' mike Mar 26 2000
Is it really dangerous to combine ecstasy with ketamine? smurfette Mar 20 2000
Is there Cocaine, Meth or Heroin in Ecstasy? SCOTT Mar 13 2000
'What are the effects of LSD and MDMA when taken together?' Marco Feb 27 2000
'Can heroin be ingested orally? Is it possible that ecstasy contains heroin?' Michael Chu Feb 2 2000
'What is liquid MDMA?' Nitro Jan 27 2000
'what color would pure mdma be? And what does it generally cost?' Seth Jan 9 2000
Do some MDMA (ecstasy) tablets contain heroin? sybah Nov 23 1999
'I got sold bunk MDMA (ecstasy), what was it?' KK22 Nov 22 1999
What are the ingrediants in Ectasy? jill Nov 9 1999
'Have you heard of ice (freebase MDMA)?' scrappy Sep 10 1999
'Does Ecstasy cause brain damage?' Anonymous Aug 9 1999
'What are the legalities on MDMA testing kits in the state of Wisconsin?' Anonymous Aug 9 1999
'How much MDMA is in the average ecstasy pill?' cliff Jul 13 1999
Do drugs like MDMA, Coke, and LSD affect an unborn fetus? Sy Hall Jun 27 1999
'Does ecstasy contain LSD, heroin, and cocaine?' natalie Jun 14 1999
Is snorting MDMA worse for you than taking it orally? quasar May 24 1999

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