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Q: I would just like to know. With all ecstacy pills being so inconsistent and adulterants being fairly common. Is it not safer to smoke MDMA? Does anyone know if substances like ketamine, stichnine etc are still active in smoke? I would be very interested to see if anyone has considered this.

A: There are a couple of things to consider about this issue:

  1. Many of the adulterants found in ecstasy tablets ARE active when smoked (this includes ketamine, amphetamine, methamphetamine among others). Since smoking often requires lower doses than oral ingestion, it could be even more of a gamble to smoke the unknown quantities of unknown adulterants. The dosages intended for oral ingestion could be problematic if smoked.

  2. Since most MDMA comes in tablet form, all of the binders and fillers which are used to create the tablet would also be smoked. Generally these are selected because they are orally inactive, but it's quite possible that they would have unpleasant effects when smoked.

  3. We have received several reports about smoking MDMA salts (the form used for oral consumption), and they generally agree that it's a waste of time, providing little to no effects other than a headache.

So, while it's true that oral consumption of ecstasy is a gamble when the contents of a tablet are unknown, it doesn't reduces those risks to smoke the material instead.

Asked By : Skunk Monk
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 11 / 8 / 2002
Last Edited Date : 2 / 25 / 2003
Question ID : 3011

Categories: [ Effects ] [ MDMA (Ecstasy) ]

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