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What is this "MDMA powder" I bought in a smartshop?
Q: I recently purchased a small bag (400 mg) of a substance in a smartshop in Holland. It is sold as "MDMA powder" It looks like yellowish small pellets. "Made in Poland", "aromatic powder" and "not for human consumption" are written on the bag. Effects are : euphoria, talkativeness, strong blurred vision, dry mouth and the comedown is very hard. Duration of effects is very short : +/- 2 hours. Could you help me to identify this substance? I'm 100% sure it's not MDMA. I suspect it could be mephedrone but that is also supposed to be illegal in the Netherlands.

A: There is no way to reliably determine what the substance is without analyzing a sample of it with a sensitive enough test. (Usually HPLC or GC/MS; in some cases TLC and the proper reference standard could also provide a reasonable identification). You don't mention what dose you took, but the effects you describe could be attributed to any number of stimulants, and it would be speculation to hazard a guess which one.

It's interesting that you found a product sold openly as "MDMA powder" and also labeled as "not for human consumption". The pretense that MDMA, which has been the gold standard of empathogens for many years, would be sold as a product "not for human consumption" highlights how useless that phrase is in the context of products sold in headshops and smartshops.

The Netherlands' Drugs Information and Monitoring System (DIMS) coordinates a network of sites that test samples of recreational drugs. If you are in the Netherlands, you may want to contact a site and get the product tested.

DIMS Information:

Asked By : EricB
Answered By : Spoon
Edited By : Fire
Published Date : 8 / 9 / 2010
Last Edited Date : 8 / 9 / 2010
Question ID : 3144

Categories: [ Chemical ID ] [ MDMA (Ecstasy) ]

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