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How long can MDMA & 2C-T-7 be stored? What's the best storage method?
Q: How should I store MDMA, 2C-B, and 2C-T-7 over longer periods of time? In the refrigerator? Do these chemicals decrease in quality over time? How long can I store them?

A: MDMA, 2C-B, and 2C-T-7 are phenethylamines. In general, the phenethylamines as a class are quite stable molecules as salts.

As a background, mescaline appears to be very stable, even in natural sources. Peyote buttons which are hundreds or even thousands of years old have been found by archaeologists and analyzed in labs, and these buttons still contained about the same ammount of mescaline as you would expect to find in a freshly dried button. Alexander Shulgin has remarked that if MDMA had existed in the time of the pharaohs and buried in the pyramids, it would still be good today. Regarding 2C-T-7, I asked Dr. Shulgin about its shelf life and he remarked that he once analyzed a 15 year old sample of the chemical and found that it "had degraded very little, if any."

MAPS has a supply of MDMA for research that was manufactured by Dr. David Nichols and subsequently stored in a safe at Purdue University. When Dr. Nichols tested this supply for purity in 1994 -- eight years after it was synthesized -- it showed no indication of deterioration.

A reliable colleague described that they had dissolved crystalline 2C-B in distilled water at a specific concentration and kept it in a disposable plastic bottle for five years. The concentration of the solution was written in sharpie on the bottle. The bottle was frozen and unfrozen several times, mostly forgotten in a freezer. They found it to be experientially just as potent as when it was first dissolved. Out of curiosity, they had it analyzed by an expert chemist and determined that the milligrams per milliliter were exactly as expected and no degradation products were detected. If stored in a cool, dry and closed container such as an amber glass vial (avoid excessive heat, light or moisture), its safe to assume that MDMA and 2C-T-7 will both last longer than you will.

2016 Dec 8 : version 1.2 : earth : added 2C-B to the answer.

Asked By : Walfgong
Answered By : murple, spoon, earth
Published Date : 1 / 5 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 12 / 8 / 2016
Question ID : 1768

Categories: [ Storage ] [ MDMA (Ecstasy) ] [ 2C-T-7 ] [ 2C-B ]

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