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Q: What are the ingredients in Ecstasy? ( I am writing my term paper on the drug.)

A: It depends on how you use the term "ecstasy". The term "ecstasy" generally refers to MDMA which is a single compound. It is the only "ingredient" in pure ecstasy.

Unfortunately, on the black market many things are sold as "ecstasy" including caffeine, amphetamine, ephedrine, dxm, mde, mda etc, but these are rip-offs and not real ecstasy. Given this reality, some people use 'MDMA' to refer to the pure compound and 'ecstasy' to refer to anything sold on the street as MDMA which contains unknown chemical components.

Hope this helps.



Asked By : jill
Answered By : fire
Published Date : 11 / 9 / 1999
Last Edited Date : 1 / 27 / 2003
Question ID : 71

Categories: [ MDMA (Ecstasy) ]

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