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Answered QuestionsNameDate
Is 2C-B a research chemical? Love3 Jan 11 2017
What are the differences between AMT and AMT methanesulfonate? Market Troll Aug 5 2011
What is the most readily available non-polar solvent? Anonymous Jun 28 2011
Are S. divinorum-infused alcohol or tea orally active? Anonymous Mar 3 2011
Is acetone a reasonable solvent for herbal products? Seabiscuit Jan 31 2011
Can freebase cocaine be converted back to powder? bill Jan 12 2011
Is it possible to synthesize GHB using potassium bicarbonate? biddyboy Dec 15 2010
What is the molecular weight of LSD tartrate? A PhD Pharmacologist and Chemist Feb 3 2010
Can PCP be easily made from common household foods? Art Mar 5 2009
Can you extract ether from starter fluid? Zonnin Dec 10 2007
Was MDMA first synthesized by Merck or by Fritz Haber? Anonymous Dec 9 2005
How many LSD molecules in a hit of LSD? sheldon Dec 27 2004
Why do some extraction techniques suggest using dangerous solvents? TH Aug 2 2004
What branch of chemistry is involved with indentification and characterizatio... Endra Feb 13 2003
How can one test LSD to see if it's real? LSD Nov 8 2002
Is there any way to test the strength of a GHB containing liquid? koots55 Oct 27 2002
At what temperatures do psilocybin and psilocin degrade? psilly Oct 15 2002
What class of drugs do inhalants fall in? Are all inhalants nitrites? david Jul 16 2002
What does N/A mean on a MSDS? Gloden Bandit Jul 16 2002
Can two chemicals have the same chemical formula? nick May 5 2002
Is "Formula Weight" the same thing as "Molecular Weight"? rhs_star Apr 28 2002
Is there any way to change LSA (from morning glory seeds) to LSD? Wind Apr 17 2002
How does THC interact with the brain? Mike Feb 28 2002
Are salvinorin and THC really "thujone derivatives"? Anonymous Feb 24 2002
Does the "mescal bean" contain mescaline? hank Nov 12 2001
Can everclear be used to extract LSA from H.B. Woodrose seeds? Gothicbowler Nov 8 2001
Is Trichocereus scopulicolis psychoactive? belly Sep 6 2001
How can I find out if there is psilocybin/psilocin in a mushroom? KrIpThOr Aug 23 2001
Is a pressed pill of Ecstasy less stable than the pure compound? antrbu Aug 23 2001
Whats with this alternate synthesis of GHB from a GBL precursor (4-halogenbut... hippydude Aug 21 2001
What are the differences between ketamine brands? khead Aug 21 2001
What is the saturation of the methylene group on MDMA? Psi Locybe Jul 27 2001
What is Marinol? Anonymous Jul 19 2001
Can Butyric acid be used as a replacement for GBL in GHB synthesis? ABC Thriller Jul 19 2001
Can I make GHB using materials bought over-the-counter or at a common store? joshbr Jun 7 2001
Can DMT be made from soap and balsamic vinegar? ShroomHead Jun 7 2001
What is the difference between the HCl and non-HCl forms of BZP? Deadhead Jun 7 2001
Can I combine 3,4 MethyleneDioxy[sic] and amphetamine to get MDA? bryan Jun 7 2001
Can THC be extracted from Dronabinol? Dr. Q May 14 2001
Is 5-MeO-DMT soluble in water? josheboy Apr 9 2001
Does moldy rye contain a form of lsd? kevin Mar 28 2001
How can 5-MeO-DMT be converted to DMT? Rami Mar 20 2001
Is there any way to test the purity of ecstacy with substances found at home? Shroo Mar 1 2001
What does it mean for a drug to be a "freebase"? How does one make a freebase? jmdombr Feb 27 2001
'What program do I need to view .mol files? ' PPE Feb 17 2001
'Are chemical names the same in all languages?' Antibios Feb 8 2001
'Can you "freebase" any HCL compound?' Jay Feb 8 2001
What does it mean for somthing to be an analog? (moved to vaults) AL Jan 24 2001
Is LSD water soluable (eg. will putting blotter in a drink be effective)? CA26 Dec 3 2000
How can you tell that a solvent is safe to use for extractions? Santiago Clark Nov 30 2000
'Is Propylene Glycol a precursor to GHB?' Warstiner Nov 1 2000
'Can one make LSD from Foster's beer?' buffsk8er Jul 2 2000
'What is the frequency of LSD in hertz, using infrared spectroscopy or other ... Del Nov 14 1999
'Can dimethyltryptamine be synthesized from 5-hydroxyl L-tryptamine?' astrachild May 25 1999

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