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Can PCP be easily made from common household foods?
Q: Recently I was looking up some wine recipes on the internet and found a web page claiming a recipe for homemade LSD. The recipe claimed a mix of cherries, baking soda, wine, and some other common household foods could be used to create LSD. Later on, somebody appears to have corrected the page, saying that this recipe was for making homemade PCP, not LSD. Now I know for a fact that LSD is hard to make, but I have no idea about PCP. I was hoping you could shed some light on this. Is it just a hoax, mixing random crap together? Is it dangerous? Or is that actually how PCP can be made?

A: The recipe as you describe it could not be used to make LSD or PCP. While the synthesis of PCP is much simpler than that of LSD, it is still a complicated process involving specific chemicals/reagents/solvents, and it is nothing that requires cherries, wine, baking soda, or other common household foods.

We were able to find a recipe online similar to what you describe and while it doesn't exactly look dangerous, it will definitely not result in anything related to PCP or LSD. It will also not result in a clear liquid, as claimed in the recipe. It will, instead, result in a disgusting mixture of cherries, wine, and baking soda, as one might expect. In short, the recipe is definitely a hoax.

Asked By : Art
Answered By : jon
Edited By : fire
Published Date : 3 / 5 / 2009
Last Edited Date : 2 / 26 / 2009
Question ID : 3120

Categories: [ Chemistry ] [ PCP ]

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