The Church of Sleep – Sleepists & Dreamists

Fire had a dream last night where she went to a religious retreat that was oriented around “Sleep as Prayer”. Participants were required to sleep more than 12 hours, but could not stay in bed more than 16 “because it would attract the wrong sort”.

In the dream, “Somnambulation” was the term that stuck in her head. Beds lined up like military cots. Fire and Earth were coming in late and had to pull a bed out lengthwise, we had to pull it out in order to get into our spot because there was no walking path without rearranging the beds.

In what-seems-not-to-be-dream life, there is no question that we are believers in the Church of Sleep. Sleep cures physical and spiritual ailments of all sorts and scientifically brings us closer to the Atman / Buddha Mind.

And, of course, the curious, dubious, yet telling world of dreams.

Get back to work!

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