Into the Arms of Morpheus

First, sleep is good.

Second, I enjoy the double entendre (quadruple?) of “arms of Morpheus” of sleep and morphine, of unconsciousness, dream, and nightmare.

As a not opioid-phile myself, I do not have an association between sleep and opiates/opioids, but as a life-long serious insomniac, I have a strong association of sleep intertwined with medications, drugs, technologies, and the hard-fucking-work necessary to get my brain to go down.

And, once the sleep comes, am I lost in tax-law-complicated, mirrored puzzle box universes? Or will I just get some down time?

Usually the former. I long for more of the latter.

“Into the Arms of Morpheus” can imply both sleep and dreams, where dreams can also be nightmares. If one adds in opioids, there’s the additional meanings of sleep, death, and treating withdrawal effects.

P.S. Erowid Life Tip: For those with the same hyper-vigilant brain cycling: meditation is the art of not falling to sleep when the mind is at ‘rest’. Learning meditation techniques is super useful, but none of them are methodologies for putting the brain into unconsciousness.

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