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Erowid Book, Journal, and Media Mentions
Below is a list of books, journal articles, and media articles that have mentioned Erowid. Some are articles using Erowid as a reference while others are positive or critical reviews of the site. In some cases we have provided a response to the article. This list includes all article, journal and book mentions we have found. You can also read a short article about Erowid mentions that was published in the June 2007 issue of Erowid Extracts.

Jan 7 Media Warning over super-strong ketamine drug 'which makes users think they're dead' Metro UK Cites an Erowid experience report, doesn't quote it properly.
Feb TV Series 'High Maintenance' HBO TV Episode High Maintenance Feb 2019 Shown on screen as character considers low dose mushroom experience.
Feb 26 Journal Psychedelic therapy in the Czech Republic: A theoretical concept or a realistic goal? J Psychedelic Studies. 2019 Feb [Early Online]. Cites Blewett & Chwelos Handbook archived on Erowid.
Feb 26 Web What is 2-CP [sic], what does it do and where does it come from? MixMag "Communities of psychonauts coalesced around sites such as Bluelight and Erowid and shared their experiences. The drugs existed in a legal grey zone in the US, and became fairly common on the crustier margins of the UK rave scene at that time. [...] If you're still determined to use these or other equally potent drugs, then read, properly."
Feb 25 Web Psychedelic Afterlife? Researchers Determine Which Hallucinogenic 'Trip' is Most Similar to the Near-Death Experience Daily Grail "But a new study - 'Neurochemical models of near-death experiences: A large-scale study based on the semantic similarity of written reports' - has set out to quantify the possible links by comparing a bunch of NDE accounts (625) with a huge number of 'trip reports' (more than 15,000) 'spanning experiences with 165 psychoactive substances of ten different pharmacological classes'. Contributing authors on the study include experts in both fields who readers of this site would be familiar with - including NDE researcher Bruce Greyson, and Earth and Fire Erowid whose Erowid website was used as the source for the trip reports."
Feb 24 Journal Pharmacological characterization of the aminorex analogs 4-MAR, 4,4'-DMAR, and 3,4-DMAR Neurotoxicology. 2019 Feb 24;72:95-100. Cites an experience report and 4-Methylaminorex Basics.
Feb 22 Journal Massive Comparison Of Narrative Accounts Finds Ketamine Trips Are Remarkably Similar to Near Death Experiences (NDEs), Supporting The Neurochemical Model Of NDEs The British Psychological Society Research Digest. "To date, however, much of the evidence comparing near death experiences and psychedelic trips has been anecdotal or it's been based on questionnaire measures that arguably struggle to capture the complexity of these life-changing experiences. Pursuing this line of enquiry with a new approach, an international team of researchers led by Charlotte Martial at the University Hospital of Li�ge has conducted a deep lexical analysis, comparing 625 written narrative accounts of near death experiences with more than 15,000 written narrative accounts of experiences taking psychoactive drugs (sourced from the Erowid Experience vaults), including 165 different substances in 10 drug classes.

The analysis, published in Consciousness and Cognition, uncovered remarkable similarities between the psychological effects of certain drugs -- most of all ketamine, but also notably the serotonergic psychedelic drugs like LSD. "
Feb 21 Journal Comparison of the behavioral effects of mescaline analogs using the head twitch response in mice J Psychopharmacol. 2019 Feb 21 [Early Online] "Even less is known about the activity of 3C-P in humans. According to websites such as and, 3C-P produces hallucinogenic effects, but its active dosage range is uncertain."
Feb 20 Book Chapter: Serotonergic Psychedelics: Experimental Approaches for Assessing Mechanisms of Action New Psychoactive Substances: Pharmacology, Clinical, Forensic and Analytical Toxicology; Handb Exp Pharmacol 252. 2019 Feb 20. "Fast forward to today, we see the practice of self-reporting experiences with psychoactive substances is rampant, organized, archived, and accessible (e.g." Two papers on which Fire & Earth Erowid were co-authors are also cited in this book.
Feb 12 Journal Taking Ketamine Can Feel a Lot Like a Near-Death Experience Vice: Tonic, by Shayla Love "In a new study in Consciousness and Cognition, Tagliazucchi and his colleagues tried to determine which psychedelic drug most closely resembles an NDE. They looked at more than 15,000 reports of experiences with 165 psychoactive substances, compared them to 625 descriptions of NDEs, then used algorithms to detect similarities in the topics mentioned by both groups. They found that while psychedelics like mushrooms and LSD are up there in how close they mirror NDEs, they didn't come in first place. Instead, it was ketamine that ranked the highest, followed by the plant Salvia divinorum."
Feb 5 Patent Implant placement guide United States Patent D840030 Cites Erowid's "Introduction to the Federal Controlled Substance Analog Act" 2001.
Feb 5 Patent Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate Compositions and Their Uses for the Treatment of Disorders United States Patent 10195168 Cites GHB Basic Synthesis procedure on Erowid. Misspells URL.
Feb 5 Journal Benzo fury: A new trend in the drug misuse scene J Appl Toxicol. 2019 Feb 5 [Early Online] "Anecdotal reports of benzo fury effects can be easily found at online forums (eg and"
Feb 5 Journal Respiratory depression and brain hypoxia induced by opioid drugs: morphine, oxycodone, heroin, and fentanyl Neuropharmacology. 2019 Feb 5. [Early Online] "These doses of both drugs are larger than those typically used by humans, but they are only a fraction of the LD50s assessed in rats (heroin: 15-20 mg/kg; Strandberg et al., 2006; Gable 2004; fentanyl: 1-3 mg/kg; von Gunten et al., 2010) and are within the range of consumption by experienced drug users (see"
Jan Web Microdosing: Improving performance enhancement in intelligence analysis Marine Corps Gazette, 2019 Feb. Cites Erowid's LSD Fatalities page.
Jan Journal Neurochemical models of near-death experiences: a large-scale study based on the semantic similarity of written reports Conscious Cogn. 2019 Jan. [In Press] Study relies on experience reports data and Fire Erowid & Earth Erowid are co-authors. Thanks "the founders, curators, contributors and volunteers of Erowid Center for sharing their data and for their decades of work on the experience report collection."
Jan 29 Web Interested in Harm Reduction? Check Out These Essential Resources EDMIdentity "The harm-reduction website Erowid reports that U-47700 first became available through online vendors in late 2014, and has been detected in counterfeit pharmaceutical opioids and associated with deaths. Synthetic cannabinoids are a class of chemicals that affect the body in a similar way to cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant, according to Erowid." [...] "Home-bought kits aren't going to tell you exactly what your drugs contain, however; if you want the percentage breakdowns, you'll need to head to"
Jan 26 Media Fraser Health issues warning over 'large quantities' of fake Xanax Vancouver Sun "The harm-reduction website Erowid reports that U-47700 first became available through online vendors in late 2014, and has been detected in counterfeit pharmaceutical opioids and associated with deaths. Synthetic cannabinoids are a class of chemicals that affect the body in a similar way to cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant, according to Erowid."
Jan 24 Journal The unsuspected threat of three opioid-like substitute Arch Psychiatr Nurs. 2019 Jan 24. [Early Online] Cites Swogger et al 2015 paper on which Fire Erowid and Earth Erowid were co-authors.
Jan 21 Journal Salvia divinorum induces body awareness changes comparable to metamorphic symptoms in the Alice in Wonderland syndrome Clin Sci Res Rep. 2019 Jan 21. "We will present some narratives, easily accessible via the Erowid Experience Vaults, coordinated by a non-profit educational organization that provides information about psychoactive plants and chemicals [11]." Cites four experience reports.
Jan 17 Journal Chemoinformatic Consideration of Novel Psychoactive Substances: Compilation and Preliminary Analysis of a Categorised Dataset Mol. Inf. 2019, 38. "Classification as regards psychotropic influence was performed with reference to descriptions present within source literature. Ancillary information, as required, was obtained through use of the Erowid online resource ("
Jan 15 Journal The Relationship Between Dissociative Experiences and Cannabis Use: a Systematic Review Curr Addict Rep. 2019 Jan 15 [Epub] Cites Sanz et all 2018 paper on which Fire Erowid and Earth Erowid were co-authors.
Jan 15 Journal 2-(2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylphenyl)-N-(2-methoxybenzyl)ethanamine (25D-NBOMe) and N-(2-methoxybenzyl)-2,5-dimethoxy-4-chlorophenethylamine (25C-NBOMe) induce adverse cardiac effects in vitro and in vivo Toxicol Lett. 2019 Jan 15 [Epub] Cites Erowid's 25I-NBOMe Fatalities and 25C-NBOMe Fatalities pages.
Jan 14 Journal Methoxetamine: A foe or friend? Neurochem Int. 2019 Jan 14;122:1-7 "Currently, there have been no published studies on the abuse liability of MXE in humans nor reports of people with suspected or proven MXE abuse. However, there are online self-reports of MXE misuse (Erowid, 2011) [...]"
Jan 9 Journal Non-Medical Use of Novel Synthetic Opioids: A New Challenge to Public Health Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16, 177 [Epub] Cites Swogger et al 2015 paper on which Fire Erowid and Earth Erowid were co-authors.
Jan 8 Media While law makers squabble over pill testing, people should test their drugs at home The Conversation "For more accurate information, people can send their drugs overseas to services such as Energy Control or Ecstasy Data. For a small fee they use sophisticated technologies to allow people to anonymously find out what's in their drugs."
Jan 7 Media Warning over super-strong ketamine drug 'which makes users think they're dead' "On trip-report site Erowid, one user said, 'My room looked like a cartoon. I thought I was dead and I was afraid about this, but then I understood this new way of existing wasn't terrible.'"
Jan 7 Journal β-Phenylethylamine and various monomethylated and para-halogenated analogs. Acute toxicity studies in mice Drug Chem Toxicol. 2019 Jan 7 [Epub] Cites "" in-line four times, doesn't list Erowid in References. Refers to Erowid as 'social media'.
Jan 6 Journal The value of unsolicited online data in drug policy research Int J Drug Policy. 2019 Jan 06. [Early Online] "In some cases, the administrators may have developed a site usage policy which sets out rules related to e.g. copyright claims, authorship attribution, required acknowledgements in publications and whether automated data collection is allowed (e.g. Erowid and Reddit)." [...] "These types of harm reduction initiatives have long existed before they appeared in an institutional context, not least on the internet where, for example, ecstasy pill-testing has been facilitated by websites such as, founded in 2001."
Jan 2 Journal The inhibitory effects of mitragynine on P-glycoprotein in vitro Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol. 2019 Jan 2 [Epub] Cites Swogger et al 2015 paper on which Fire Erowid and Earth Erowid were co-authors.
Jan Journal Neurochemical models of near-death experiences: a large-scale study based on the semantic similarity of written reports Conscious Cogn. 2019 Jan. [In Press] Study relies on experience reports data and Fire Erowid & Earth Erowid are co-authors. Thanks "the founders, curators, contributors and volunteers of Erowid Center for sharing their data and for their decades of work on the experience report collection."
Jan Journal Comparison of the behavioral responses induced by phenylalkylamine hallucinogens and their tetrahydrobenzodifuran ("FLY") and benzodifuran ("DragonFLY") analogs Neuropharmacology. 2019 Jan;144:368-376 Cites 2008 Erowid Extracts article, "Survey Provides New 2C-B-Fly Data".
Jan Journal Estimates of the national trend of drugs use during 2000-2030 in China: A population-based mathematical model Addictive Behaviors Cites article hosted on Erowid.
--- Thesis Contested Meanings of the Norms Against Chemical Weapons: CWC and the Issue of "Non-Lethal" Agents H Martínková, Charles University Cites article hosted on Erowid.
Dec 18 Journal Poly and Tricky Dick: The drug war origins of the term "polydrug use" NAD. 2018 Dec 18;35(6):404-412. [Epub] "To learn more about the potential effect of two or more substances, users therefore have to turn to websites like EROWID for personal accounts."
Dec 16 Journal New psychoactive substances - Synthetic stimulants WIREs Forensic Sci. 2018;e1197 [Epub] Cites Erowid's 2C-E Vault.
Dec 5 Media Know your substance: 4 online resources for safe drug taking Happy (Australia) "We recommend cross-referencing any information you find on Erowid and the Psychonaut Wiki against each other. Like Wikipedia both pages are community driven, that said many consider them to be the most comprehensive and truthful on the web." Also lists EcstasyData.
Dec Thesis Young people's perceptions of novel psychoactive substances JM Freeman, University of Wolverhampton "In contrast, other studies reveal that many NPS have been added to popular and well moderated substance websites and drug forums such as EROWID and Bluelight in order to share and obtain information on the latest substances (Soussan and Kjellgren, 2014)." [...] There are also specialist online drug forums such as Blue light, and Erowid with their well-informed moderators (Griffiths et al., 2010).
Nov 30 Journal Understanding and managing the new psychoactive substances phenomenon: a holistic approach J Public Health Policy. 2018 Nov 30 [Epub] Cites the index
Nov 27 Chapter Self-Experiments with Psychoactive Substances: A Historical Perspective In: Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology Cites Swogger et al 2015 paper and Erowid and Erowid 2015 paper on which Fire Erowid and Earth Erowid were co-authors.
Nov 21 Journal Investigating the ability of the microbial model Cunninghamella elegans for the metabolism of synthetic tryptamines Drug Test Anal. 2018 Nov 21 [Epub] "5-MeO-DALT is a synthetic tryptamine, which was also first synthesised by Alexander and Ann Shulgin in 2004 and published online by EROWID."
Nov 14 Journal Implications of Behavioral Narratology for Psychotherapy, Help-Seeking Behavior, and Substance Use Perspect Behav Sci. 2018;41:517-540. "For more contemporary accounts, search the Internet for "drug trip reports" (e.g., see The Vaults of Erowid, 2017)."
Nov 13 Journal Clinical and Toxicological Profile of NBOMes: A Systematic Review Psychosomatics. 2018 Nov 13 [Epub] Cites NBOMe Series experience reports vault and the 25I-NBOMe Fatalities page.
Nov 10 Journal A case report SPECT study and theoretical rationale for the sequential administration of ibogaine and 5-MeO-DMT in the treatment of alcohol use disorder Prog Brain Res. 2018;242:121-158 "Experiential reports suggest that inhalation of vaporized 5-MeO-DMT engenders a potent range of experiences ranging from spiritual ecstasy and enlightenment, to feelings of near-death anxiety and panic (Erowid, 2018)."
Oct 29 Journal Abuse and Effects of Salvia divinorum in a Sample of Patients Hospitalized for Substance Dependence Community Ment Health J. 2018 Oct 29. [Epub] Cites "Use patterns and self-reported effects of Salvia divinorum: An internet-based survey" (2010) by Baggott et al (E Erowid & F Erowid are co-authors).
Oct 17 Media Opinion: Scare tactics ineffective in drug prevention, safety The Daily Reveille "Thankfully, I did my own research on websites such as and I educated myself and other curious friends. If I wouldn't have taken those precautionary steps prior to ingesting a substance, I could have easily suffered some dire consequences."
Oct 17 Journal Research ethics aspects of experimentation with LSD on human subjects: a historical and ethical review Med Health Care Philos. 2018 Oct 17. [Early Online] Cites Erowid LSD Vault pages throughout.
Oct 15 Journal The varieties of the psychedelic experience: a preliminary study of the association between the reported subjective effects and the binding affinity profiles of substituted phenethylamines and tryptamines Front. Integr. Neurosci. 2018 Oct 15;12(54). [Early Online] Study relies on experience reports data and Fire Erowid & Earth Erowid are co-authors.
Oct 9 Journal Pharmacological characterization of the LSD analog N-ethyl-N-cyclopropyl lysergamide (ECPLA) Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2018 Oct 09. [Early Online] Cites Shulgin Pharmacology notebook 9 and a Bluelight Collection report republished on Erowid.
Oct 9 Journal Is there such a thing as a 'lope' dope? Analysis of loperamide-related European Medicines Agency (EMA) pharmacovigilance database reports PLoS One. 2018;13(10):e0204443. Cites Erowid Loperamide Vault including some experience reports.
Oct 8 Journal Simple ruthenium-catalyzed reductive amination enables the synthesis of a broad range of primary amines Nature Communications (9)4123; 2018. Cites article or page from Rhodium site archive hosted on Erowid.
Oct 5 Journal DARK Classics in Chemical Neuroscience: Aminorex Analogues ACS Chem Neurosci. Oct 5 2018. [Early Online] Cites pages from The Hive site archive hosted on Erowid, Erowid 4-Methylaminorex Dose page, and Erowid experience reports.
Oct 3 Media A new biotech company has raised $25 million to help unleash a 'virgin market' of psychedelic research Business Insider "A "standard" dose of dry magic mushrooms is roughly 2 grams, or about 20 mg pure psilocybin, according to nonprofit educational organization Erowid."
Oct Report 'Sunshine on a rainy day': Crystal methamphetamine use among gay and bisexual men in Perth Centre for Social Research in Health, UNSW Sydney "Online sites such as Erowid, Blue light,, YouTube, 'chemsex' sites in the UK, and social media platforms were often used to find crystal-related information to support controlled use."
Sep - Dec Journal The electronic commerce and diffusion of LSD on the surface web and the deep web: a snapshot study based on analyses of google trends database and the darknet Research and Advances in Psychiatry 2018; 5(3):79-89. Not clear what is being cited ('' is reference #30): "Online social communications media, media networks, blogs, and online drug communities (fora) were also investigated in English, Arabic, and French language (29-32)."
Sep 25 Journal Understanding CNS effects of deliriant hallucinogenic drugs through experimental animal models ACS Chem Neurosci. 2018 Sep 25. [Early Online] Cites article co-authored by Earth & Fire of Erowid.
Sep 23 Media 'Psychedelic Indiana Jones' claims he can 'predict FUTURE' with shamanic drug Daily Star "Drug expert site defines 500-700mg as a 'heavy dose' of mescaline."
Sep 23 Book Synthetic Opioids Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2018 Sep 22. "One report by a user on the Erowid user website ( explained, "I've experimented with several ROAs, including smoked, oral, intranasal and intrarectal (though not intravenous/intramuscular injection). [...]"
Sep 19 Media The FDA's New PSA About Vaping Looks Like a Superhero Origin Story Inverse "Instead of employing fear tactics, public health officials should seek to give young people the full scope of information on drugs. Resources like Erowid and the pharmacologists' guide for teens, Buzzed, provide comprehensive facts about drugs -- both the good and the bad -- in a conversational way that young people can trust."
Sep 14 Journal DARK Classics in Chemical Neuroscience: Ibogaine ACS Chem. Neurosci. [Early Online] Cites Ibogaine Law page.
Sep 11 Journal New synthetic opioids: Part of a new addiction landscape Neurosci Biobehav Rev. 2018 Sep 11. [Early Online] "A literature search was based on PubMed, Google Scholar, Erowid, government websites, the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA, Lisbon), Early Warning Reports from European Union (EU-EWS), National Reitox, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)..."
Sep 11 Journal Analytical quantification, intoxication case series, and pharmacological mechanism of action for N-ethylnorpentylone Drug Test Anal. [Early Online / 10.1002/dta.2502] "Recent evidence suggests that ecstasy pills can contain synthetic cathinones, including N-ethylnorpentylone, alone or in combination with MDMA." [citing EcstasyData data]
Sep 11 Journal Narrative Review of Cannabidiol as an Antipsychotic and Recommendations for Legal Regulations CJA-JCA. 2018 Sep;9(3):23-29. Cites Cannabis Law page.
Sep 10 Media In case you choose not to say no to drugs, kids The Student Newspaper [Univ. of Edinburgh] "If you're into the science of drugs might be right up your alley."
Sep 9 Book Chapter: 1,2-Diarylethylamine- and Ketamine-Based New Psychoactive Substances Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2018 Sep 9 [Early Online]. "Since 2015, a drug testing service coordinated by the drug information center Erowid disseminated information about the detection of deschloroketamine (2-oxo-PCMe, DCK) in powdered samples originating from the USA, China, and Europe. In addition, some of the samples were mislabeled ( 2018). [...] Samples of 2-oxo-PCE have been identified in powdered samples including examples where they were sold as DCK ( 2018). [...] Information about the analysis of powdered samples has been disseminated including one sample that has apparently been sold as ketamine ( 2018)."
Sep 5 Journal Does getting high hurt? Characterization of cases of LSD and psilocybin-containing mushroom exposures to national poison centers between 2000 and 2016 J Psychopharmacol. 2018 Sep 05. [Early Online] Cites LSD Dosage and Mushrooms/Psilocybin Dosage pages.
Sep 3 Journal A multifactorial critical appraisal of substances found in Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault cases J Psychopharmacol. 2018 Sep 03. [Early Online] Cites Methamphetamine and MDMA main pages.
Sep 1 Journal Evaluating the abuse potential of psychedelic drugs as part of the safety pharmacology assessment for medical use in humans Neuropharmacology. 2018 Feb 26. [Early Online] "A search of the on-line illicit drug forums and chat rooms, e.g. Bluelight Forum (, EROWID ( and Drugs-Forum (, revealed a similar lack of consensus on what constitutes a psychedelic drug with many contributors including other drugs from other pharmacological classes that induce hallucinations and mind-expanding experiences as having psychedelic properties, e.g. phencyclidine (PCP) and ketamine (NMDA antagonists), 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) (5-HT and dopamine releasing agent) and salvinorin A (κ-opioid receptor agonist)."
Aug 28 Journal Severity of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa Korth.) Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms J Psychoactive Drugs. 2018 Aug 28:1-6. [Early Online]. Cites "Experiences of kratom users: A qualitative analysis" (2015), Swogger et al., which Fire Erowid & Earth Erowid co-authors on.
Aug 18 Journal Crystal structures and other properties of ephedrone (methcathinone) hydrochloride, N-acetylephedrine and N-acetylephedrone Forensic Toxicology. 2018 Aug 18 [Early Online]. Cites Methcathinone synthesis from Rhodium, archived on Erowid.
Aug 14 Book Chapter: Phencyclidine-Based New Psychoactive Substances Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2018 Aug 14 [Early Online]. Cites three experience reports.
Aug 11 Journal Psychedelics and the media in the Visegrad countries Journal of Psychedelic Studies. 2018 Aug 11 [Early Online]. Cites a The Entheogen Review article hosted on Erowid.
Aug 9 Journal Neurological, sensorimotor and cardiorespiratory alterations induced by methoxetamine, ketamine and phencyclidine in mice Neuropharmacology. 2018 Aug 09;141:167-180. "Doses of MXE (0.01-30 mg/kg i.p.) were selected basing on previous preliminary study (Marti et al, 2017) and the behavioural/neurological effects reported by users ("
Aug Paper Wireheading as a Possible Contributor to Civilizational Decline PhilPapers - Turchin A "If future wireheading is just an adjustment of existing commercial neuroimplants, it would also be purely knowledge-based. Databases like serve as marketplaces for the exchange of new information (Rothstein 2015)."
Aug Book The Trials of Psychedelic Therapy: LSD Psychotherapy in America Johns Hopkins Univ Press Photo credit for several images from the Stolaroff Collection.
Aug Journal Soxhlet extraction CUCMS Re:Search Bulletin. 2018 Aug:45. References the Beginners guide to Soxhlet extraction from Rhodium archive hosted on Erowid.
Jul / Aug Journal Has Kratom Come to BC? BCMJ. 2018 Jul-Aug;60(6):326-327. Cites "Experiences of Kratom Users: A Qualitative Analysis" (2015), Swogger et al., which E Erowid & F Erowid are co-authors on.
Jul 28 Journal Cluster of acute poisonings associated with an emerging ketamine analogue, 2-oxo-PCE Forensic Sci Int. Jul 28. [Early Online] Cites Erowid's Ketamine and Methoxetamine Dosage pages.
Jul 28 Journal Phenotypic effects of chronic and acute use of methiopropamine in a mouse model Int J Legal Med. 2018 Jul 28 [Early Online]. Cites Methiopropamine Vault, Effects and Dose pages.
Jul 24 Media Three vandals are caught on video stealing hallucinogenic TOADS from Arizona Conservation park The Daily Mail "Specialized multi-cellular glands on the neck and limbs produce the venom that creates a lethal hallucinogen, according to" [No text on Erowid refers to toad exudate as 'lethal'.] Cites Albert Most's 1983 text on B. alvarius that is hosted on Erowid.
Jul 23 Journal Bromo-dragonfly, a psychoactive benzodifuran, is resistant to hepatic metabolism and potently inhibits monoamine oxidase A Toxicol Lett. 2018 Jul 23. [Early Online] Cites Erowid's 2C-B-Fly fatalities page and Bromo-Dragonfly Dosage page.
Jul 17 Journal A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Ketamine as an Alternative to Opioids for Acute Pain in the Emergency Department Toxicol Lett. 2018 Jul 23. [Early Online] Cites "Ketamine is associated with lower urinary tract signs and symptoms" (2013), Pal et al., which Earth Erowid & Fire Erowid are co-authors on.
Jul 17 Journal DARK Classics in Chemical Neuroscience: Phencyclidine (PCP) ACS Chem Neurosci. 2018 Jul 17. [Early Online] "Other websites, run by clandestine chemists, such as the Hive (https://thehive., show in exhaustive detail how to synthesize PCP and related analogs." (typo in URL provided in paper) This refers to The Hive historical read-only archive hosted on Erowid.
Jul 16 Journal DARK Classics in Chemical Neuroscience: Psilocybin ACS Chem Neurosci. 2018 Jul 16. [Early Online] Cites 4-AcO-DMT Vault, 5-AcO-DMT Experience Vault, Mushrooms Vault, and Psilocybin, Psilocin, and Magic Mushroom Dosage page.
Jul 10 Journal Current Mini Review on Dhattura (Dhattura stramonium Linn.) Int J Ayu Pharm Chem. 2018 Jul 10;9(1):15-26. [Early Online] Cites Erowid's Datura Vault, page not specified.
Jul Journal Perceived Risk of Emerging Recreational Drugs: Impact of Anecdotal and Statistical Evidence J Drug Issues. 2018 Jul;48(3):435-451. "All participants read real web postings obtained from regarding (a) the consequences of using synthetic marijuana and (b) the consequences of using kratom. One half of the participants responded to web postings regarding synthetic marijuana (i.e., Spice) followed by web postings regarding kratom; the remaining participants received these scenarios in reverse order."
Jul Book God on High: Religion, Cannabis, and the Quest for Legitimacy chapter: The Forerunners of Cannabis-Based Religions, p. 10 Cites "Excerpts from The Rastafarians", hosted in Cannabis Vault.
Jul Thesis Decolonial-Feminist Account of Yagé J. M. Jaramillo, Utrecht Univ. Cites Heffter Review article hosted on Erowid.
Jun 29 Journal Positive psychology in the investigation of psychedelics and entactogens: A critical review Neuropharmacology. 2018 Jun 29. [Early Online] Cites "Abnormal visual experiences in individuals with histories of hallucinogen use: A web-based questionnaire" (2011), Baggott et al., which E Erowid & F Erowid are co-authors on.
Jun 27 Journal The therapeutic potential of kratom Addiction. 2018 Jun 27. [Early Online] Cites "Experiences of Kratom Users: A Qualitative Analysis" (2015), Swogger et al., which E Erowid & F Erowid are co-authors on.
Jun 22 Journal Mass poisoning with NPS: 2C-E and Bromo-DragonFly Int J Legal Med. 2018 Jun 22. [Early Online] "According to EROWID [13], the non-profit online resource on psychoactive plants, chemicals, drugs, and technologies, two or more different types of BDF are available [...]"
Jun 15 Journal Some distorted thoughts about ketamine as a psychedelic and a novel hypothesis based on NMDA receptor-mediated synaptic plasticity Neuropharmacology. 2018 Jun 15. [Early Online] During the last two weeks of January 2018, for example on one website, there were 35 reports of experiences with these and similar drugs (
Jun 14 Media Kratom Could Be Illegal Before It Gets a Chance to Solve the Opioid Crisis Inverse "On drug message boards like Bluelight, the r/kratom subreddit, and Erowid, alongside reports of chronic pain management, there's no shortage of first-hand accounts written by recreational kratom users." and "'The body high was certainly pleasant too and relaxing and I felt my muscles tingling with mild euphoria,' writes Erowid member BlueSummer."
Jun 12 Journal Opioid Abuse and Dependence in Those Hospitalized Due To Head and Neck Cancer J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2018 Jun 12. [Early Online] Cites Opium-Poppy Cultivation, Morphine, and Heroin Manufacture from Rhodium Archive hosted on Erowid.
Jun 8 Journal Cannabis and Brain: Disrupting Neural Circuits of Memory Intellect Disabl Diagn J. 2018;6(2):49-62. Cites Erowid Cannabis Law Page.
Jun 6 Journal Fatal Mitragynine-Associated Toxicity in Canada Acad Forensic Pathol. 2018;8(2):340-346. Cites "Experiences of kratom users: A qualitative analysis" (2015), Swogger at al., which Fire Erowid & Earth Erowid are co-authors on.
May 31 Journal Monoamine transporter and receptor interaction profiles in vitro predict reported human doses of novel psychoactive stimulants and psychedelics Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2018 May 31. [Early Online] "Dose estimates for human psychoactive doses were based on information that is found on the websites,, and (accessed December 17, 2017) and in published books and other publications (Shulgin and Shulgin, 1995, 1997; Simmler et al., 2013; Trachsel et al., 2013)."
May 31 Patent Devices and methods for facilitating and controlling use of a medication United States Patent Application US20180147180A1 "GHB is made by a variety of processes. It can be synthesized from a precursor compound, such gamma butyrolactone (GBL). See U.S. Pat. No. 3,051,619, see also for an example in the popular literature. This link suggests adding a dye to identify this otherwise colorless solution."
May 30 Media Ambien manufacturer wants you to know its product does not make you racist The Verge "Naturally, the internet has seized onto these over the years and turned 'Ambi-tripping' into something of a culture, dating at least as far back as 2000, when the first Ambien posts appeared on the drug experience forum Erowid."
May 29 Media The Science of the Psychedelic Renaissance: On trip reports from Timothy Leary, Michael Pollan, and Tao Lin The Verge "Ulrich collects several trip reports here, from Ginsberg and his partner, the poet Peter Orlovsky; from Jack Kerouac; from graduate students and academics; and from Leary himself. They are proto-versions of Internet forums like Bluelight and Erowid, accounts of wonder, awe, and love." [...] "From the online communities of drug geeks that were formed during the nineteen-nineties, a group of organizations had coalesced, dedicated to correcting what they saw as the worst errors of American drug policy, including the failures of the 'war on drugs': DanceSafe, the Drug Policy Alliance, the Council on Spiritual Practices, the research think tank the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, and the encyclopedic drug Web site Erowid (which I wrote about here), among others. These formed the foundation of what is now known as the enlightened drug movement, a multipronged approach to reevaluating America's legal, medical, educational, and social relationship to psychoactive chemicals."
May 28 Journal Understanding Psycholinguistic Behavior of predominant drunk texters in Social Media arXiv:1805.10774 [cs.CY] [Early Online] "Coyle et al. [12] classify and characterize different kinds of drug use experiences, using a random-forest classifier over 1000 reports of 10 drugs from the drug information website (manually identified subsets of words differentiated by drugs)."
May 25 Book Towards More Effective Global Drug Policies Palgrave Macmillan "...other strategies include, for example [...], internet discussion forums such as erowid or bluelight to disseminate accurate information about how to use substances responsibly..." and "Caudevilla (2016) documents the proliferation of internet forums such as Bluelight and Erowid facilitating "experiential discourse offering alternatives to the hegemonic narrative (Walsh 2011: 55) around the irresponsibility of drug use."
May 21 Journal Supramolecular metallogels constructed from carboxylate gelators Soft Matter, 2018,14, 4505-4519. Cites Phenomenex, Solvent Miscibility Table, from Rhodium Archive hosted on Erowid.
May 20 Media How the worst parts of the internet helped shape me as a kid Mashable "When I was 14 years old, I smoked weed for the first time. [...] I won't lie, I was pretty terrified of what would happen, so I did my best to sift through the bullshit pushed upon us by D.A.R.E., and find out the truth about marijuana. I found Erowid.

While there were plenty of websites dedicated to cannabis in 2001 and 2002, Erowid was, and remains, one of the best sources for information on drugs. The thing that makes Erowid so great is that it provides real information from real people about their experiences with various drugs, including dosages, effects, and experiences. [...]

Would I have tried cannabis without the internet? Definitely, but using the web to learn about drugs was an invaluable resource that was not available elsewhere. I consider myself lucky for landing on Erowid, and not a forum with irresponsible users suggesting people us harder drugs."
May 17 Media What You Should Know About Drug Cocktailing Teen Vogue "Given that many young people will likely be exposed to polysubstance use, and that it can be so dangerous, experts recommend doing research in advance to learn the best ways to reduce risk. 'Make decisions in an informed way,' advises Gomez, 'not in the spur of the moment when you're already intoxicated.' He recommends the website Erowid, an online library of information about psychoactive substances, including personal experience reports. You can sort 'trip reports' on the site by two substances in order to see how people have responded to specific combinations. Keep in mind, though, that these are only personal anecdotes, and must be taken with a grain of salt."
May 16 Journal Marvin, the Paranoid Android: The Case of an Alpha-PVP User in the Expanding Galaxy of NPS J Psychoactive Drugs. 2018 May 16. [Early Online] Cites Erowid's a-PVP Vault and one a-PVP experience report.
May 4 Media Weekly Dose: ephylone, the dangerous designer stimulant found at Groovin the Moo The Conversation "Online user reports posted to the websites Erowid and Reddit describe the effects of ephylone as euphoric, stimulating, and mildly empathogenic (producing a feeling of emotional openness), similar to MDMA."
May 1 Journal "Ecstasy" to addiction: Mechanisms and reinforcing effects of three synthetic cathinone analogs of MDMA Neuropharmacology. 2018 May 1;133:171-180. However, much like the tablet-based "Ecstasy", powdered "Molly" formulations are regularly adulterated with other psychoactive substances in addition to and in lieu of MDMA (UNODC, 2014;, 2017; Palamar et al., 2016a; Saleemi et al., 2017).
Spring Thesis The Value of Experience: Psychedelics, phenomenology and contemporary perspectives on drug use A. M. Høifødt, Univ. of Oslo "These trip reports are often shared with friends or on the Internet, in the countless online forums dedicated to such narratives. [...] Examples of popular trip report websites are or [...]"
May Thesis Utilization of Benzodiazepines and Antipsychotics Amongst Senior Citizens in Newfoundland and Labrador Z. E. M. Giovannini-Green, Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland Cites WHO - Programme on Substance Abuse – Rational Use of Benzodiazepines (1996) archived on Erowid.
Apr 30 Journal The epidemiology of 5-MeO-DMT use: Benefits, consequences, patterns of use, subjective effects, and reasons for consumption J. Psychopharmacol (2018) doi: 10.1177/0269881118769063. Cites Erowid's 5-MeO-DMT documentation for dose, timeline and effects, some survey respondent recruitment done via Erowid.
Apr 30 Journal Guide to the management of gabapentinoid misuse Prescriber, 30 Apr 2018 [Online edition] "There is now a rich source of anecdotal reports that support significant misuse of gabapentinoids both in the UK and internationally, such as the user reports on the Erowid website."
Apr 29 Media Why I Became a Neuroscientist Discover: Neuroskeptic Blog "In retrospect, I don't think my choice of neuroscience was entirely driven by a crush. I had long been interested in the brain and the mind, although more from a philosophical than a scientific point of view; I had read Daniel Dennett and other philosophers. As a teenager I was also an avid reader of Erowid, so I knew some neuropharmacology. Still, while my decision to take neuroscience had in one sense been years in the making, the precipitating factor had nothing to do with science."
Apr 22 Journal Abuse of Prescription Drugs in the Context of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS): A Systematic Review Brain Sci. 2018 Apr; 8(4): 73. Cites the experience report vaults for dose range of gabapentin among "Gabapentionoid web enthusiasts".
Apr 18 Journal Assessment of the Availability, Cost, and Motivations for Use over Time of the New Psychoactive Substances-Benzodiazepines Diclazepam, Flubromazepam, and Pyrazolam-in the UK J Med Toxicol. 2018 Apr 18. doi: 10.1007/s13181-018-0659-3. [Epub ahead of print]. "To understand drug-users' motivation for purchasing (and using) these emerging benzodiazepines, a review was undertaken of the drug-user forums, drugs-forum. com, and" [Erowid, unlike the other sites, is not a forum]
Apr 18 Book Light in Forensic Science: Issues and Applications Chapter: Optical Detection of NPS Internet Products via HPLC-DAD Systems: A Selective Review "3-Fluorophenmetrazine, for instance, represents a fluorinated derivative of phenmetrazine and is being sold as a designer drug. Other examples can be found on Erowid."
Apr 16 Media Tripping on drugs like ayahuasca and shrooms 'might be cultural appropriation Metro "Ayahuasca tea contains DMT, a chemical which causes intense LSD-like trips. It's pretty powerful stuff - one user on Erowid says, 'I was transported to that extremely alien-like realm that I had been to so many times before.' 'I felt like I was being schooled on existence. A teacher entity that seemed to have some sort of almost condescending power over me was trying to convince me that 'they' constructed our reality completely...'"
Apr 12 Media An Analysis of the Most Common Ecstasy Pills in the US by Name and Color: A glimpse of the geographical trends of MDMA in the US since 2002 MixMag "Taking a closer look at how drugs move on a regional scale in the United States, the online news resource Drug Addiction Now created an interactive analysis of the most common ecstasy pills in major cities across the United States. Using thousands of crowdsourced reports from websites such as and, they were able to determine the particular kinds of pills available for sale in American cities, and which strains of the party drug dominate major markets."
Apr 11 Media Scientists keep "discovering" things stoners already know Quartz "But as the newly published synesthetic hallucination paper shows, simply describing trips is, at least in some cases, considered a worthwhile addition to the academic literature. BP's "case report" might, in another context, be dismissed as nothing better than an Erowid "experience" entry; here, it was couched in academic jargon and sent through peer review before being published in a journal--and so is considered legitimate."
Apr 5 Journal Chemical synthesis, characterisation and in vitro and in vivo metabolism of the synthetic opioid MT-45 and its newly identified fluorinated analogue 2F-MT-45 with metabolite confirmation in urine samples from known drug users Forensic Toxicol. 2018;36(2):359-374. Cites MT-45 experience reports.
Mar 31 Journal A Comparative Review of Psychopharmacology of Hallucinogen-Induced Altered States of Consciousness: Relation to Sexuality Sexus Journal. Jan Mar 31;3(7): 413-450. Cites "the reference section" of as one source for "Table 2. The proposed mechanism of action of hallucinogens to induce ASCs through the agonism or antagonism of various neurotransmitter and receptor systems or interactions with them cited in the medical literature".
Mar 31 Journal The entropic brain - revisited Neuropharmacology. 2018 Mar 31. [Early Online] "It is noteworthy that such symptoms can sometimes be seen acutely and even sub-acutely with psychedelics (e.g. see, [...] and "Anecdotal reports of complete and/or near-complete loss of consciousness under psychedelics can be found ( but are rare."
Mar 28 Journal Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder: Etiology, Clinical Features, and Therapeutic Perspectives Brain Sci. 2018 Mar 28;8(3). Cites "Abnormal visual experiences in individuals with histories of hallucinogen use: A web-based questionnaire" (2011), Baggott et al., which E Erowid & F Erowid are co-authors on.
Mar 23 Journal The Sociodemographic and Clinical Characteristics of Tramadol Dependence Among Egyptians and Their Relationship to the Associated Insomnia Addict Disord Their Treat (2018) doi: 1097/ADT.0000000000000129. Cites Erowid's Tramadol Law page.
Mar 23 Web Tracking Ecstasy in America: A Look at Ecstasy Trends Across the U.S. "In this project, we set out to study the national distribution of one substance: ecstasy, or MDMA, compressed into a pill, often with other chemicals. To do so, we analyzed thousands of crowdsourced reports submitted to and, forums in which users describe the appearance and effects of the ecstasy they've purchased [Note: EcstasyData is not a 'forum' of the sort described.]. We studied only reports of specific ecstasy pills with recognizable characteristics, excluding generic varieties that are indistinguishable from each other. By tracking such reports by location, we've uncovered the prevalence of popular varieties of ecstasy in various regions across the nation."
Mar 23 Web The Most Popular Ecstasy Pills In the World -- Ranked by Name & Color Teen Vogue "With the concert season well underway, Addiction Now decided to take a closer look at ecstasy use. Across the board, the group analyzed over 8,000 crowdsourced reports submitted to and" Followed by an analysis of tablets reported on, similar to the report from this same date.
Mar 22 Journal Competing constructions of bath salts use and risk of harm in two mediated contexts Crime Media Culture. 2018 Mar 22. "The Erowid Foundation has provided a digital repository of archived information about psychoactive drugs and other methods of consciousness alteration for over two decades (Erowid, 2005)." Extensive description of experience reports vault.
Mar 20 Journal Visual hallucinations and lifetime use of hallucinogen perception persisting disorder associated recreational drugs: results from a large online survey European Neuropsychopharmacology. 2018 Mar;28(Supp 1)S82-S83. Cites "Abnormal visual experiences in individuals with histories of hallucinogen use: A web-based questionnaire" (2011), Baggott et al., which E Erowid & F Erowid are co-authors on.
Mar 20 Journal Severity of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa Korth.) Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms J Psychoactive Drugs. 2018 Mar 20;50(3):266-274. Cites "Experiences of kratom users: A qualitative analysis" (2015), Swogger et al., which Fire Erowid & Earth Erowid co-authors on.
Mar 16 Book Serotonergic Psychedelics: Experimental Approaches for Assessing Mechanisms of Action Handb Exp Pharmacol. 2018 Mar 16. [Early Online]. "Fast-forward to today, we see the practice of self-reporting experiences with psychoactive substances is rampant, organized, archived, and accessible (e.g.,"
Mar 4 Journal Understanding the Healing Potential of Ibogaine through a Comparative and Interpretive Phenomenology of the Visionary Experience Anthropology of Consciousness. 2018 Mar;29(1):77-119. "While such accounts are now available through a number of ibogaine or broader "altered- state" devoted websites and forums--these are now too many to mention but include The Ibogaine List, Mindvox:Ibogaine, The Ibogaine Dossier,, MyEboga, IbeginAgain [a clinic website] and Erowid to name a few [...]"
Mar 4 Journal The Breakthrough Experience: DMT Hyperspace and its Liminal Aesthetics Anthropology of Consciousness. 2018 Mar;29(1):57-76. "[...] I will discuss with attention to experiential ("tripping") reports, including those archived on the internet in a vast catacomb of websites, such as Erowid and the DMT-Nexus.1 These archives, along with numerous literary and artistic media, have informed the research that provided the basis for this article (see St John 2015a for a fuller discussion)."
Feb 16 Media Study reveals the similarity between psychedelic states and dreaming PsyPost "The researchers collected descriptions of drug experiences from the website, which contains about 20,000 first-person articles outlining the effects of more than 100 psychoactive substances. Using a language processing technique known as latent semantic analysis, these drug reports were compared to dream reports obtained from the website"
Feb 15 E-Book The Expanding World Ayahuasca Diaspora: Appropriation, Integration and Legislation Routledge "'Trip reports,' or descriptions of one's experiences using ayahuasca analogues and home brews, are also commonly found on forums and other websites, such as Erowid."
Feb 6 Media Facebook Is Deleting Valuable Drug Harm Reduction Groups VICE "Sesh Safety, of course, is not the first online forum where people can seek out honest drugs information. Bluelight and Erowid have existed for years, and there are endless sub-Reddits for those who have the inclination to find them. So what sets it apart?"
Feb 2 Journal The public health evidence-base on novel psychoactive substance use: scoping review with narrative synthesis of selected bodies of evidence J. Public Health (2018) doi: 10.1093/pubmed/fdy016. "Relevant online drug forums were identified from published literature as well as through contacting experts in the field. We searched the following online forums: BlueLight, Erowid, Drugs Forum and Talk Drug Abuse. For a full search strategy please see Appendix 2." Note that Erowid is not a forum.
Feb 2 Media 3 charged in Altamont meth case Effingham Daily News "The total weight was 102.7 grams of meth, which police valued at $12,000. It's also roughly 5,360 doses, according to Erowid, an online drug database."
Feb Thesis Determining Criteria for Distinguishing States of Consciousness BM Klein, Walden University "Using volunteers who responded to invitations on research boards, in journals, in transformational retreats and workshops, in psychedelic-based and spiritualism-based religious groups (Santo Daime, n.d.; Umbanda, n.d.), and in online media (e.g.,, n.d.;, n.d.; LinkedIn, n.d.;, n.d.; MAPS, 2010) helped to ensure that those participants whom I selected would be comfortable with the topic [...]"
Jan 31 Journal Evaluating the abuse potential of psychedelic drugs for medical use in humans Neuropharmacology (2018) doi: 10.1016/ j.neuropharm.2018.01.049. "A search of the on-line illicit drug forums and chat rooms, e.g. Bluelight Forum (, Erowid ( and Drugs-Forum (, revealed a similar lack of consensus on what constitutes a psychedelic drug[...]" Note that Erowid is not a chat room or forum.
Jan 30 Journal The Effectiveness of Internet- and Field-Based Methods to Recruit Young Adults Who Use Prescription Opioids Nonmedically Substance Use & Misuse, DOI: 10.1080/10826084.2018.1425725 "Social media accounts (i.e., Snapchat, Tumblr,,, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter), were created for additional online visibility". Note that it's impossible to 'create a social media account' on Erowid, which is not a social media platform. We have no idea what the researchers actually did with respect to Erowid.
Jan 22 Journal The Experience Elicited by Hallucinogens Presents the Highest Similarity to Dreaming within a Large Database of Psychoactive Substance Reports Front Neurosci, 22 Jan 2018 DOI: 10.3389/fnins.2018.00007 While both and are curated to avoid the posting of unrelated or poor quality content, it is impossible for the curators to assess the validity of the circumstances associated with the reports (e.g., the identity of the consumed substance or its dosage, or whether dreamers achieved lucidity or not). This point is further discussed below (see "Methodological Considerations and Limitations" in the Discussion section).
Jan 15 Journal "Ecstasy" to addiction: Mechanisms and reinforcing effects of three synthetic cathinone analogs of MDMA Neuropharmacology (2018) doi: 10.1016/j.neuropharm.2018.01.020. "...much like the tablet-based "Ecstasy", powdered "Molly" formulations are regularly adulterated with other psychoactive substances in addition to and in lieu of MDMA (UNODC, 2014;, 2017; Palamar et al., 2016a; Saleemi et al., 2017)."
Jan 12 Journal The importance of drug checking outside the context of nightlife in Slovenia Harm Reduct J. 2018 Jan 12;15(1):2. Also, from 2001, a project of the Erowid Centre, called, has been active in the USA.
Jan 1 Journal Antibacterial effect of medicinal Rue extracts on the infectious mouth in AL - Najaf community. An In vivo study Intl J of Bioassays 2017; 7(1):5464-5467. Erowid Cannabis (Marijuana) Vault: Effects.
Jan 1 Monograph Ethics and Science, Cannabinoids and Healthcare Primary Care Reports 2018; 24(1). Cites TiHKAL hosted on Erowid for Peganum harmala seed harmine and harmaline content.
Jan Thesis Searching for wholeness in a fragmented world: a consideration of relational factors to self, others and beyond C. Boulter, City, Univ. of London "Psychedelic substances have been used for millennia in spiritual and religious ceremonies across the world and, whilst much of current-day usage may be recreational within our culture and thus potentially desacralized, there is a wealth of research and anecdotal evidence that documents transformative encounters with the self and other (e.g. McKenna, 1992; Schultes, Hofmann & Ratsch, 1998; Metzner, 1999; Strassman, 2000; Pinchbeck, 2004; Hill, 2013; Erowid, 2017)."
Jan Journal Metabolism of Fentanyl and Acetylfentanyl in Human-Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocytes Biol Pharm Bull. 2018;41(1):106-114. Cites fentanyl synthesis from Rhodium archive hosted on Erowid.
--- Thesis Evenings With Molly: a Grounded Theory Discovery With Adult Couples Who Use MDMA Recreationally RN Colbert, CIIS "Although the most often reported way to gather information is trial and error, couples report asking friends, various websites like Erowid, Bunk Police, Bluelight, MAPS, Dancesafe, academic research, as well as watching documentaries." Cites 25I-NBOMe info on Erowid.
--- Book Technology and Adolescent Mental Health Chapter: Adolescents Seeking Online Health Information: Topics, Approaches, and Challenges "Websites like provide background information and experiences of individuals experimenting with novel drugs." [...] Erowid and online messaging have played a role in adolescents' dissemination of 'innovative' substance use information [32]."
--- Book Synthetic Cathinones: Novel Addictive and Stimulatory Psychoactive Substances Chapter: The Effects and Risks Associated with Synthetic Cathinones Use in Humans Cites Erowid in general for description of methylone, and "To reach this objective, a literature search was performed on two representative databases (PubMed, Google Scholar), the Erowid Center website (a US non-profit educational organization..."
--- Report Findings from the Ecstasy and related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) Australian Drug Trends Series No. 197. Table 13 provides a very brief introduction to some of the mostly commonly used NPS in order to provide a rough guide for interpreting trends data. Interested readers are directed toward online sources such as Erowid and Drugscope for more comprehensive information on these drugs.
--- Book Behavioral Neurobiology of Psychedelic Drugs Springer Includes Erowid in 5 separate references about mushrooms and ayahuasca, and Baggott et al article "Abnormal visual experiences in individuals with histories of hallucinogen use, a web-based questionnaire".
--- Book Plant Medicines, Healing and Psychedelic Science Chapter: Gnosis Potency: DMT Breakthroughs and Paragnosis & Chapter: Examining the Therapeutic Potential of Kratom Within the American Drug Regulatory System
--- Book Sedative-Hypnotic Dependence Chapter: Sedative-Hypnotic Dependence Appears to cite 1975-2003 Monitoring the Future data from a chart on Erowid for a statement about the therapeutic vs. lethal dose, and antidote for barbiturates?
Dec 23 Journal The abuse potential of kratom according the 8 factors of the controlled substances act: implications for regulation and research Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2017 Dec 23. [early online] "Similarly, Swogger et al. (2015) conducted a qualitative analysis of first-hand descriptions of human kratom consumption that were submitted to, and published by, a psychoactive substance information website ( as "experience reports." For such participation in the Erowid system people are asked to self-administer the substance, often at high dosage levels, and then report their effects over the next 8 h."
Dec 20 Web Fake Prescription Pills Are a Threat to Our Generation VICE "A search of pills submitted to DEA-licensed laboratory that tests drugs submitted to it from the public--turns up a number of substances that have masqueraded as Xanax..."
Dec 12 Book Comprehensive Pediatric Hospital Medicine, 2nd Edition "Many reliable online resources are available (see Table 169-5) to provide accurate information about drugs of abuse and the risks associated with them. However, information consumers should be aware that Inernet searches might direct children to websites, such as the Vaults of Erowid that may contain disinformation about drugs of abuse."
Dec 17 Journal The long tail of a demon drug: The 'bath salts' risk environment Int J Drug Policy. 2017 Dec 17;51:111-116. "Purchased through 'dark web' venues in the mold of the now defunct Silk Road [...], paid for with cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin), 'mined' and transmitted across the internet (Barratt & Aldridge, 2016), and popularized by online drug journalism and education sites (e.g., Erowid and, SCs constitute a highly technologically mediated class of drug commodities..."
Dec 9 Web Drug safety YouTubers face a quiet crisis at the mercy of algorithms WIRED UK "Erowid, the web 1.0 database favoured by psychonauts, is hard to navigate and its creators have themselves said it was never really intended as a harm reduction resource."
Nov 29 Journal Fatality Following Ingestion of Tetrahydrofuranylfentanyl, U-49900 and Methoxy-Phencyclidine J Anal Toxicol. 2017 Nov 29. [Early Online] Paper erroneously refers to Erowid as a 'forum'.
Nov 27 Journal Parachuting psychoactive substances: Pharmacokinetic clues for harm reduction Addict Behav. 2017 Nov 27;78:173-177. Refers to Ask Erowid Q/A on parachuting throughout.
Nov 20 Journal Synthetic Aminoindanes: A Summary of Existing Knowledge Front Psychiatry. 2017;8:236. "For typical use and effects, Erowid, PsychonautWiki, Bluelight, and Drugs-Forum were searched [...]"
Nov 20 Journal The "endless Trip" among the NPS Users: Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology in the Hallucinogen-Persisting Perception Disorder. A Systematic Review Front. Psychiatry 8, 20 Nov 2017. Cites Erowid survey data.
Nov 17 Journal Drowning in diversity? A systematic way of clustering and selecting a representative set of new psychoactive substances RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 53181-53191. Refers to for effects of cathinones (should refer to a specific page instead).
Nov 8 Journal Double-blind comparison of the two hallucinogens psilocybin and dextromethorphan: similarities and differences in subjective experiences Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2017 Nov 08. [Early Online] Refers to DXM FAQ hosted on Erowid.
Nov 8 Web Drug Hunters: Meet the scientists building a library of designer drugs The Verge "P SCAN will continue to do the surveillance work Gerona has been doing for years, but also create a database of clinical data connected to the specific synthetic drugs they track and discover. Think of it like a medical version of Erowid."
Nov Book Summer of Salvia: Exploring Nature's Most Powerful Hallucinogen and the Fabric of Existence Includes Erowid in a list of online resources about Salvia divinorum.
Oct Book The Honest Drug Book: A Chemical & Botanical Journey Through the Legal High Years Multiple Chapters More than 40 references to Erowid information and dosages throughout. Also lists Erowid in a short list of online drug information resources.
Oct 23 Thesis Psilocybin and Relationship Satisfaction E. Edelson, Alliant International Univ. "Erowid (2009) has created a guide for dosage, with 3-4. mg of psilocybin or .25 dried grams of mushrooms listed as the threshold dose for psychoactivity..."
Oct 23 Journal Heroin Contaminated with Fentanyl Dramatically Enhances Brain Hypoxia and Induces Brain Hypothermia eNeuro. 2017 Oct 30;4(5). [Early Online] Cites Erowid non-specifically for several points made about heroin and fentanyl. Not included in References.
Oct 18 Journal An analytical method to identify traces of white phosphorus on burned victim clothes Forensic Sci Int. Oct 18 2017 [Early Online] Cites a Rhodium article hosted on Erowid.
Oct 18 Journal Lessons Learned from a Case of tert-Butyl Glucuronide Excretion in Urine - "New" Psychoactive Alcohols Knocking on the Back Door? Forensic Sci Int. Oct 18 2017 [Early Online] Cites an experience report.
Oct 16 Journal Does "Hotboxing" Get You High and Can You Test Positive? - A Brief Review of Second-Hand Cannabis Exposure, Intoxication and Urine Drug Screens J Alcohol Drug Depend 5: 284. Нere is evidence supporting the intoxicating effects of second-hand smoke under extreme, poorly ventilated conditions [24-26]. (Cites Erowid among 3 sources)
Oct 15 Journal Neuroticism is associated with challenging experiences with psilocybin mushrooms Pers Individ Dif, 117:155-160. "70.4% of respondents indicated that they became aware of the study through websites that are frequented by individuals interested in psychedelics such as Erowid, an online information library on psychoactive substances..."
Oct 11 Book High: Drugs, Desire, and a Nation of Users Chapter: Notes to Conclusion "64. Comment by Ross Bell of the New Zealand Drug Foundation on a panel with Mitchell Gomez and Joseph Palamar, 2015 International Drug Policy Reform Conference, Washington, D.C. See also "Spotlight on NBOMes: Potent Psychedelic Issues," Erowid Extracts 24, July 2013,"
Oct 10 Journal MDPV and α-PVP use in humans: The twisted sisters Neuropharmacology. 2017 Oct 6 [Early Online]. "In this paper, we will review the available data regarding the use and effects of MDPV and α-PVP in humans in order to highlight their impact on public health. A literature search was limited to years 2006-2017 based on PubMed, Google Scholar, Erowid, and governmental websites [...]"
Oct 6 Journal Fluorinated phenmetrazine "legal highs" act as substrates for high-affinity monoamine transporters of the SLC6 family Neuropharmacology. 2017 Oct 6 [Early Online]. Refers to Erowid as a forum. "Indeed, user reports found on Internet forums (e.g., drugs-forum or indicate 3-FPM produces psychostimulant-like subjective effects in recreational human users."
Oct 4 Journal The Use of Substances Other Than Nicotine in Electronic Cigarettes Among College Students Subst Abuse. 2017 [Early Online]. "Web sites and forums such as Erowid, Bluelight, and Drugs-Forum include communication regarding experiences using e-cigarettes and other devices to vaporize substances other than nicotine."
Oct Journal Toxicology Rounds: Opioids Not the Only Pain Meds that Lead to Abuse Emergency Medicine News. 2017 Oct 39(10). "This misuse is well-documented on drug information websites such as Erowid, where one user described his experience after taking Drug A: [...] Elsewhere on Erowid, a user reported on Drug B..."
Oct Journal Effects of High Doses of Exogenous Taurine, Caffeine, and Taurine-Caffeine Combination on Biochemical, Haematological and Histologic Parameters of Adult Rabbits AJB, 2017 7(4), pp. 63-72. Cites Erowid Caffeine Vault for LD-50 of caffeine.
Sep 28 Journal Anthropology with algorithms? An exploration of online drug knowledge using digital methods MAT, 2017 4(3), pp. 21-52. This paper's analysis of Erowid exhibits terrible introductory-level errors and thus also bad peer review.
Sep 27 Web If You're Going to Try Drugs in College (and Let's Be Honest, You Probably Will), Here's What You Should Know The Stranger "If, however, you want the genuine ecstasy experience, existential hangover and all, there are services like that will test your pills for a small fee. Use them."
Sep 12 Web [How to avoid or deal with a 'bad trip' from the perspective of harm reduction] Nexo (Brazil) Translation: ["One way to prepare for the effects of a drug and know how to handle excesses is to get informed about it. The psychologist recommends the site of the non-profit Erowid , launched in 1995. Available only in English, it offers data on the desired and undesired effect of psychoactive substances, their average duration and risks."], original in Brazilian Portuguese.
Sep 2 Book Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment Page 1611: "Newer drugs used for they psychostimulant effects include synthetic cannabinoid receptor agonists (street names include "spice" and "K2"), Salvia divinorum, and mephedrone and related cathinone derivatives. See for very thorough description..."
Sep Report Dealing with Synthetics: Time to Reframe the Narrative Global Drug Policy Observatory / Swansea Univ. Cites a Rhodium Archive page and a 1992 article from The Face, both archived on Erowid.
Aug Thesis Monitoring and Analysis of Novel Psychoactive Substances in Trends Databases, Surface Web and the Deep Web, with Special Interest and Geo-mapping of the Middle East A. Al-Imam, University of Hertfordshire Poor citation style and references Erowid as a 'forum' throughout. Extensively cites NBOMe Fatalities page.
Jul 22 Book The World Ayahuasca Diaspora: Reinventions and Controversies chapter: Aussiewaska in Australia Mentions Acacia extraction archived on Erowid as well as Jon Hanna's 2008 article on Changa and 2009 biography of Nick Sand, published by Erowid.
Jun 30 Web 'Microgram Bulletin' has kept chemists and drug users aware of trends for the past 50 years. Inverse Science Includes a variety of links to Microgram archives on along with... "In addition to the 2003 to 2013 archive, the drug information website Erowid also published the first 12 issues, which you can view on their periodicals page. So if you want to dive down a deep rabbit hole of drug smuggling and law enforcement, look no further. But make sure you have a few hours to spare."
Jul 17 Web What Happens When You Eat Psychedelic 'Mad Honey'? Inverse "Others, like members of the message boards (sic) of Erowid, a community notorious for experimentation, strongly recommend against consuming rhododendron components."
Jul 13 Web is all vision CryptoInsider " shows that ecstasy pills from the street very often contain no ecstasy at all."
Jul 6 Journal Confirmation of Carfentanil, U-47700 and Other Synthetic Opioids in a Human Performance Case by LC-MS-MS J Anal Toxicol. 2017 Jul 6. [Early Online] "Unfortunately, clandestine laboratories can obtain information regarding the synthesis of these analogs as it is documented in open access scientific literature and websites such as Erowid."
Jul 5 Web [Club Drugs: Safety Above Euphoria] TalkingDrugs ["... what's inside is really - no one knows. Sometimes the composition can be identified by the markings on the tablet on niche sites. For example, if the tablet is a "Smile", then you go to, searching "smile" look and shape. But that this is the "smiley", there is no guarantee."- says Alexander."] Google-translated from Russian
Jun 30 Media Treatment of Insomnia: Cannabis Reconsidered, Part Three Psychology Today "According to information summarized by the drug information site Erowid, cannabis has a wide range of positive, neutral, and negative effects."
Jun 30 Web The Most Interesting Drug Busts in America Inverse "...the drug information website Erowid also published the first 12 issues, which you can view on their periodicals page."
Jun 24 Journal Patterns of Kratom use and health impact in the US-Results from an online survey Drug Alcohol Depend. 2017 Jun 24;176:63-70. Erroneously refers to Erowid as a forum. "The age distribution of website visitors was similar to that of survey participants with a majority of visitors being between 25-44 years old (Ash, 2017). This distinguishes the Kratom user population from other websites such as or which are widely used forums for drug use discussions."
Jun 22 Web The Silk Road Is Dead, But the Internet's Illicit Drug Economy Is Alive and Well Reason Blog "Ecstasy Data, which facilitates testing of MDMA and LSD, has reported a large increase in samples of "pure" MDMA over the last decade."
Jun 14 Journal Furanylfentanyl: another fentanyl analogue, another hazard for public health Forensic Toxicol. 2017 Jun 14. [Early Online] Cites fentanyl synthesis from Rhodium archive hosted on Erowid as well as one experience report.
Jun 13 Web If You're Serious, America: Here Are 26 Concrete Policy Steps to Reduce Opioid Addiction and Overdoses AlterNet "19. Provide Free Public, Community-Level Access to Drug Checking Services: Technology exists to test heroin and opioid products for adulterants via GC/MS analysis, but it has so far been unavailable at a public level in the U.S. (aside from a mail-in service run by"
Jun 9 2017 Journal Pharmaco-toxicological effects of the novel third-generation fluorinate synthetic cannabinoids, 5F-ADBINACA, AB-FUBINACA, and STS-135 in mice. In vitro and in vivo studies Hum Psychopharmacol. 2017 Jun 9. doi: 10.1002/hup.2601 / Early Online Cites experience report #105231 for AB-FUBINACA.
Jun 6 Journal Return of the lysergamides. Part IV: Analytical and pharmacological characterization of lysergic acid morpholide (LSM-775) Drug Test Anal. 2017 Jun 06, DOI: 10.1002/dta.2222 / Early Online Cites experience report #107459, originally published at Bluelight.
Jun 2 2017 Journal Development of a Clinically-Viable Heroin Vaccine J Am Chem Soc. 2017 Jun 2. doi: 10.1021/jacs.7b03334. / Early Online "Specifically, the vaccine could block heroin reinstatement following a single bolus of 0.18 mg/kg i.v. heroin, which would translate to a 14.4 mg dose in an 80 kg adult. This dose is within the dose range reported by heroin users (see"
Jun 2 2017 Journal Comparison of the Psychopharmacological Effects of Tiletamine and Ketamine in Rodents Neurotox Res. 2017 Jun 2. doi: 10.1007/s12640-017-9759-0. / Early Online "For instance, at Erowid Experience Vaults (, anonymous psychonauts (individuals who use mind-altered states to explore perceptual and spiritual phenomena) have reported profound dissociative, psychotomimetic, and amnestic properties of Telazol [...]"
Jun 1 Journal A Primer on Heroin and Fentanyl J Psychosoc Nurs Ment Health Serv. 2017 Jun 1;55(6):16-20. Cites Fentanyl Chemistry from Rhodium site archive hosted on Erowid.
Jun 1 2017 Journal Something New about Something Old: A 10-Year Follow-Up on Classical and New Psychoactive Tryptamines and Results of Analysis J Psychoactive Drugs. 2017 Jun 01;p1-9 / Early Online Cites 4-Acetoxy-DET Vault, 4-Acetoxy-DiPT Vault, 4-Acetoxy-DMT Vault, and 4-Acetoxy-MiPT Vault)
Jun 1 2017 Journal Lifetime experience with (classic) psychedelics predicts pro-environmental behavior through an increase in nature relatedness J Psychopharmacol. 2017 Jun 1. doi: [Early Online] "...the intuitive appreciation of natural environments may contribute to the fact that many people anecdotally choose such settings for psychedelic experiences (cf. Erowid Experience Vaults, 2017, for a large selection of such anecdotal reports)..."
Jun 1 2017 Journal New psychoactive substances: Coming soon to an ed near you Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal, 24(11)30-32. "Sometimes passed off as LSD and sold on blotter paper, these chemicals have sub milligram activation which increases the risk of overdose (Erowid)."
Jun 2017 Journal Searching for Spirituality through the Use of Psychedelic Drugs: the Case of Psychonauts Journal of Experiential Psychotherapy. 2017 Jun;20(2):32-36. "Even though, most of the persons who get to take these drugs don't stop after their first use or after just one substance. The proof can be easily observed by accessing sites like and [sic], where users share their experiences."
May 28 Journal Utility of Web search query data in testing theoretical assumptions about mephedrone Hum Psychopharmacol. 2017 May 28;32(3) "Effective dissemination of NPS information is further supported by networking sites for "psychonauts" (i.e., persons who experiment with mind-altering psychoactive substances), such as Erowid, Dancesafe, Bluelight, Lycaeum (Smith & Garlich, 2013), or DAATH in Hungary [...]"
May 28 Journal Patterns of use and toxicity of new para-halogenated substituted cathinones: 4-CMC, 4-CEC and 4-BMC Hum Psychopharmacol. 2017 May 28;32(3) "The first and only scientific publication about 4-CEC (4-chloroethcatinone) is from 2017. There is a report on Erowid from April 2016 and almost no more information available..."
May 28 Journal Intended and unintended use of cathinone mixtures Hum Psychopharmacol. 2017 May 28;32(3) "A literature search was systematically conducted using scientific databases such as Google Scholar and Scopus and popular drug fora such as Bluelight and Drugs-Forum. No information was available from publicly available pages on Erowid drug fora (sic)". Erowid does not host fora.
May 25 Journal Death Due to Complications of Bowel Obstruction Following Raw Poppy Seed Ingestion J Forensic Sci, 2017, DOI: 10.1111/1556-4029.13562 / Early Online Common mischaracterization of as a .com and a forum: "Numerous methods for making PST are described in different online forums, such as the popular drug use website ''"
May 23 Journal Looking for the Self: Phenomenology, Neurophysiology and Philosophical Significance of Drug-induced Ego Dissolution Front Hum Neurosci. 2017;11:245. "For the present article, a new quantitative analysis of thousands of reports from was performed, using latent Dirichlet allocation (Blei et al., 2003) to extract semantic patterns from the corpus."
May 19 Journal Consumption Patterns of Nightlife Attendees in Munich: A Latent-Class Analysis Subst Use Misuse, 2017, DOI: 10.1080/10826084.2017.1290115 / Early Online "The identification and definition of the specific NPS named was then corroborated by Google search and classified using online forums (such as Erowid, Land der Träume) as well as the European Database on New Drugs (EDND)."
May 18 Journal Genie in a blotter: A comparative study of LSD and LSD analogues' effects and user profile Hum Psychopharmacol Clin Exp, 2017, DOI: 10.1002/hup.2599 / Early Online Cites LSZ Dose page.
May 10 Conference Ground Rules: Street Drugs--What the Field Needs to Know Emergency Medical Services Administrators' Association of California Cites Desomorphine Basics page on 2 slides.
May 8 Book The Blackwell Companion to Consciousness 2nd Ed. chapter: Altered States of Consciousness Cites Carbogen article co-authored by Erowid and B. James.
May 4 Journal The Emergence of New Psychoactive Substance (NPS) Benzodiazepines: A Review Drug Test Anal. 2017 May 4. doi: 10.1002/dta.2211 / Early Online " is an independent testing laboratory, created primarily to reduce the potential harm of illicit ecstasy by providing data on the composition of ecstasy tablets [157]. However, a variety of other drugs are often sent in and tested. This independent testing laboratory utilises GC-MS, thin layer chromatography (TLC) and colour tests for analysing and identifying the materials that are supplied to them [157]. [...] The majority of the data from is from the United States but samples are sent in from across the world with many appearing to have been purchased online in China [157]. With the increase of NPS-benzodiazepines in recent years, this may become even more problematic."
May 4 Journal Chiral determination and assay of optical isomers in clandestine drug laboratory samples using LC-MSMS Anal. Methods, 2017, DOI: 10.1039/C6AY03125K / Early Online Cites Methamphetamine synthesis in the Rhodium collection archived on Erowid.
May Journal On the Plausibility of Idealism: Refuting Criticisms Disputatio, 2017 May;9(44)13-34. Cites Retz. 2007. Tripping without drugs: experience with hyperventilation (ID 14651).
May Journal The effects and toxicity of cathinones from the users' perspectives: A qualitative study Hum Psychopharmacol. 2017 May;32(3) Bases results partly on data from 136 experience reports without proper citation; erroneously refers to Erowid content as "forum threads".
May Book Critical Studies of Innovation: Alternative Approaches to the Pro-Innovation Bias chapter: Comparing two cases of outlaw innovation: file sharing and legal highs "That these databases contain information of some scientific and medical relevance is suggested by neuroscientists who are now doing meta-data analysis of the anecdotal, subjective reports gathered on one of the psychonauts' webportals, Erowid vaults."
Apr 13 Book Detection of Drug Misuse: Biomarkers, Analytical Advances and Interpretation multiple chapter "There have been attempts over many years to collect visual data of 'ecstasy' tablets, such as the logo project of Europol[1], where a large number of 'ecstasy' tablet logos were collected and where various characteristics such as the logo, size, shape and inactive ingredients, as well as the pharmacological content and country of seizure, were collected: websites such as reported this information.[2]" Authors mischaracterize EcstasyData samples as 'seized'. Elsewhere, authors mischaracterize Erowid experience reports as being shared in a 'drug chat forum'.
Apr 10 Journal Comparative Analysis of Opioid Queries on An Opportunity to Advance Harm Reduction Substance Use and Misuse. 2017 Apr 10 (Early Online). "The largest increase in visits over the study periods was for fentanyl and tramadol. The relationship of page visits on creates a unique opportunity for real-time evaluation of emerging drug trends and epidemiological study." Fire & Earth Erowid are two of the co-authors on this paper.
Apr 3 Conference Poster A web based meta-analysis of microdosing of psychedelic drugs as a form of nootropics Brain & Brain PET 2017 / Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 2017, Vol. 37(1S) 324-325. "Research Design and Methods: This paper catalogued 600 reports from microdosing users from Reddit and Erowid." [Permission to scrape Erowid reports was not requested for this research.]
Apr 1 Book Metamorphosis through Conscious Living: A Transpersonal Psychology Perspective Chapter: Hallucinogenic Metamorphosis Cites "" generally, for a theoretical quotation that isn't in a specific report on Erowid ("For example, a user may say, I never thought of 'x' like that before").
Mar 9 Journal Preventing misidentification of 25I-NBOH as 2C-I on routine GC-MS analyses Forensic Toxicol. 2017 Mar 9 (Early Online). Cites multiple NBOMe series pages on Erowid.
Mar 7 Journal Examination of the Phenomenology of the Ibogaine Treatment Experience: Role of Altered States of Consciousness and Psychedelic Experiences J Psychoactive Drugs. 2017 Mar 07;p1-8 (Early Online). Cites Experience Report #76892.
Feb 27 Journal Early signal of diverted use of tropicamide eye drops in France Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2017 Feb 27. (Early Online) "The following specific websites were visited on the 4 th and 5th of July 2016:,,,,,,,, using keywords in French or in English: 'tropicamide,' 'mydriaticum,' 'visumidriatic,' 'mydriatics,' 'eye drops,' 'legal high,' 'new substances,' and followed related discussions."
Feb 17 Journal The combination of MDPV and ethanol results in decreased cathinone and increased alcohol levels. Study of such pharmacological interaction Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2017 Feb 17 [Early online] Cites Erowid MDPV Dosage Vault
Feb 14 Journal The combined effects of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) and selected substituted methcathinones on measures of neurotoxicity Neurotoxicol Teratol. 2017 Feb 14 [Early online] Cites Erowid for MDPV, MDMA and Methylone dose information.
Feb 13 Media Trip reports : des récits de voyage sous drogues StreetPress (France) "[...Chappard recommends doing an allergy test by 'testing 1 mg to see what the effects are". Second important step: 'Try the minimum dose indicated on sites like Erowid.']"
Feb 13 Journal A unique natural selective kappa-opioid receptor agonist, salvinorin A, and its roles in human therapeutics Phytochemistry. 2017 Feb 13 [Early online] Cites Erowid Extracts and survey data in "Supporting these hypotheses is a survey with 500 S. divinorum regular users which reported that only a non-significant minor percentage (0,6%) of users were feeling addicted or dependent to plant consumption (Baggott et al., 2004)..."
Feb 5 Journal Metabolic fate and detectability of the new psychoactive substances 2-(4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ethanamine (25B-NBOMe) and 2-(4-chloro-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ethanamine (25C-NBOMe) in human and rat urine by GC-MS, LC-MSn, and LC-HR-MS/MS approaches J Pharm Biomed Anal. 2017. 134(5)158-169. "dose calculated based on common single dose reported in trip reports ( and scaled by dose-by-factor approach from man to rat according to Sharma and McNeill..."
Feb 2 Journal Using Social Listening Data to Monitor Misuse and Nonmedical Use of Bupropion: A Content Analysis JMIR Public Health Surveill. 2017 Feb 02;3(1):e6. We contacted a third potential data source, Erowid, to request consent and terms of access for gathering samples from their database of user-reported experiences with drugs. No response was received from Erowid, and their usage agreement explicitly prohibited data gathering or publishing of analyses without prior permission. In light of those policies and in the absence of response from site administrators, Erowid was excluded as a data source for this study.
Jan-Feb Journal Is Kratom the New 'Legal High' on the Block?: The Case of an Emerging Opioid Receptor Agonist with Substance Abuse Potential Pain Physician. 2017 Jan-Feb;20(1):E195-E198. Cites Erowid Kratom Dose page
Jan 26 Media Curious About Drinking Ayahuasca? Read This First! High Times "the Erowid Experience Vaults contain a treasure trove of user submitted experiences with hallucinogenic substances, making this a great place to prepare for when you might consume ayahuasca."
Jan 26 Journal Novel psychoactive substances: types, mechanisms of action, and effects BMJ. 2017 Jan 26;356:i6848. [Early Online]. Erowid listed under "Resources for drug consumers and the public" and erroneously referred to as a "user discussion forum" under "Sources and selection criteria".
Jan 25 Journal alpha-Pyrrolidinophenones: a new wave of designer cathinones J. Forensic Toxicol. 2017 Jan 25. [Early Online]. Cites Erowid MDPV Dose page.
Jan 18 Journal An online survey of tobacco smoking cessation associated with naturalistic psychedelic use J Psychopharmacol. 2017 Jan 18. [Early Online] "Earth Erowid and Fire Erowid at provided key recruitment support for this project".
Jan 13 Journal Constructing drug effects: A history of set and setting DSP. 2017 Jan;3(0):1-17. Cites the unpublished Remembrances of LSD therapy past by Betty Eisner (2002), hosted on Erowid.
Jan 1 Media [The Renaissance of Psychedelia] Internazionale (Italy) ["A substantial part of the reawakening of this field of studies is due to [MAPS] and English Beckley Foundation, committed on the same front, as well as organizations such as Erowid, who first realized the potential of the Internet to disseminate scientifically accredited information on plants and synthetic molecules too often painted by the media with the same brush as hard drugs."]
Jan Journal Self-Transcendence Correlates with Brain Function Impairment JCN. 2017 Jan;4(3):33-42. Cites Erowid experience report #14651.
--- Thesis Psilocybin and Relationship Satisfaction S. Dorabialski, Sydney College of the Arts, Univ. of Sydney. Generally references Experience Vaults: "Online Psychedelic message boards (sic) are rife with trip reports and some groups of psychonauts and psychedelic scholars have even attempted to creatively map out this world by archiving the spaces and beings inhabiting them, from the collections of these reports."
--- Journal [Regulatory Elements on Marijuana, for the Effective Population Health Protection] Salud Publica de Mexico, 59 (5):594. Spanish-language. Cites "Is It Safe to Drive While Stoned? Cannabis and Driving", An Erowid Science Review.
--- Thesis The role of ABC proteins in the mechanism of action of promising ruthenium anticancer agents P. A. M. Gírio, University of Lisbon Cites Rhodium's Solvent miscibility table hosted on Erowid.
--- Report Victorian Trends in Ecstasy and related Drug Markets 2017. Findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS) Australian Drug Trends Series No. 193 (pg 13) Cites Erowid as a source of further information.
Dec 26 Media [Know Kratom: 'Herbal Alternative' for Addicts] CNN Indonesia Section called "The User Experience" describes Experience Vault. ["Testimony of those users would get the curation of the moderator, are classified into sub-categories, before later being published on These reports are usually used as a reference for researchers and drug seekers who want to know more detail about the information on a substance."]
Dec 15 Journal Decreased Thalamocortical Connectivity in Chronic Ketamine Users PLoS One. 2016;11(12):e0167381. Cites "Ketamine is associated with lower urinary tract signs and symptoms", of which Erowid founders are co-authors, and which is based in part on data from Erowid.
Dec 15 Journal Acute skin and hair symptoms followed by severe, delayed eye complications in subjects using the synthetic opioid MT-45 Br J Dermatol. 2016 Dec 15; Early online. Cites synthesis from Rhodium Archive hosted on Erowid.
Dec 14 Media How to Get High on the Nutmeg You Bought for Eggnog Inverse "It's for these reasons that nutmeg doesn't come recommended - not even by Erowid - as a "semi-legal high" and hasn't persisted as an especially common hallucinogen among high-seekers."
Dec 7 Media Why Psychedelic History Matters Edmonton Examiner "One that stands out are the massive drug experience archives, hosted by Erowid and other sites, where drug users file trip reports." [...] "A sort through Erowid's reports--or the anonymised text of public message boards like Reddit or the Shroomery--could reveal any number of evolving linguistic themes." [...] "But by providing a home for the wide array of scientific and more esoteric literature, Erowid transforms it into a vaster unit and generates a larger meaning, the very function of an archive or library. On a more scientific front, Erowid also hosts the reports from PiHKAL and TiHKAL, books by Alexander and Ann Shulgin, encompassing their own humanistic database-like framework to assess their (and others') experiences with a complete spectrum of psychoactive materials."
Dec 6 Media Psychiatrist warns against self-medicating with a 'legal high' in fighting opioid addiction Edmonton Examiner "The plant material [Kratom], dried and available in different concentrations of its psychoactive ingredient mitragynine -- which acts on opioid receptors in the brain -- produces a high and, according to some users on drug data-base website, can be used to reduce the side effects that come along with discontinuing opiates and opioid withdrawal."
Dec 5 Journal Loperamide, the "Poor Man's Methadone": Brief Review J Psychoactive Drugs. 2016 Dec 5; early online. Cites a single Experience Report for multiple statements generally related to trends in loperamide reports.
Dec 5 Book The SAGE Handbook of Drug & Alcohol Studies: Biological Approaches chapter: Synthetic Cannabinoids "The Erowid self-reports (as shown in Table 13.4) shed light into the effects on users who do not come to medical attention, and their experiences may help elucidate reasons why people use Spice." Cites multiple experience reports and several vaults.
Dec 2 Journal Synthesis and Organic Impurity Profiling of 4-Methoxymethamphetamine Hydrochloride and its Precursors Forensic Science International. 2016 Dec 2; early online. Cites PiHKAL hosted on Erowid.
Nov 28 Journal Combined in vitro and in silico approaches to the assessment of stimulant properties of novel psychoactive substances - The case of the benzofuran 5-MAPB Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2016 Nov 28; early online. Cites the content of an unspecified experience report without a proper reference.
Nov 24 Journal U-47700. An old opioid becomes a recent danger Forensic Toxicology. 2016 Nov 24; early online. Cites U-47700 main page.
Nov 15 Journal The serotonin 5-HT2C receptor and the non-addictive nature of classic hallucinogens J. Psychopharmacol. 2016 Nov 15; early online. "Experienced drug users report that CH do not produce drug craving, which is typically elicited by other psychoactives of distinct chemical classes (e.g., methamphetamine, MDPV, nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, heroin; see" [...] "Anecdotal reports note that 6-APB produces subjective effects similar to MDMA, but according to some, it does not produce drug craving and has a low propensity to cause physical dependence (see and"
Nov 8 Journal A Review of Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD) and an Exploratory Study of Subjects Claiming Symptoms of HPPD Curr Top Behav Neurosci. 2016 Nov 8; early online. Cites "Abnormal visual experiences in individuals with histories of hallucinogen use, a web-based questionnaire" based on survey conducted on Erowid, and on which Fire & Earth were co-authors.
Nov Journal Kratom: A New Product in an Expanding Substance Abuse Market Fed Pract. 2016 Nov:32-36. "Erowid Center remains one of the oldest and best-known of the "dark Internet" [sic] websites" [...] "much of the evidence comes not from the medical literature but from prodrug [sic] websites like Erowid or SageWisdom".
Oct 22 Book Principles and Practice of Hospital Medicine (2nd Ed) McGraw Hill Professional Lists Erowid under Online Resources: "Erowid ( A forum with reports from users and up to date names and categories of drugs of abuse and herbal products..."
Oct 11 Web A New Harm Reduction Guide to Safer Drug Use TalkingDrugs "The team were quick to point out that other resources do already exist, but do not fit the target audience of their project. They insisted that Talk to Frank, the government's drug education service, is "too biased". While the Erowid website, a brilliant carefully-curated mine of information, "can be a rabbit hole"; if you're looking up a drug with a rich cultural history and a panoply of possible effects, like LSD, a search would yield vast, bountiful vaults of information."
Sep 27 Report Ways to Consider Non-Medical Cannabis Public Safety Canada. 2016. Cites under "Various Authors" in Bibliography.
Sep 27 Web Are you checking your drugs? "The quotes opening this article come from the most famous substance-report website Erowid is an online donation funded educational non-profit website ..."
Sep 20 Journal Neurochemical binding profiles of novel indole and benzofuran MDMA analogues Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Arch Pharmacol. 2016 Sep 20. [Epub ahead of print] Cites PiHKAL hosted on Erowid.
Sep 18 Journal The Synthetic Cannabinoids Phenomenon Curr Pharm Des. 2016 Sep 18. [Epub ahead of print] "...a literature search was performed on two representative databases (Pubmed, Google Scholar), the Erowid Center website (a US non-profit educational organization that provides information about psychoactive plants and chemicals)..."
Sep 17 Journal Metabolites replace the parent drug in the drug arena. The cases of fonazepam and nifoxipam Forensic Toxicol. 2016 Sep 17. [Epub ahead of print] Cites an experience report
Sep 16 Web What it's like to be high on kratom, according to the people who use it Washington Post Wonkblog "...these numbers suggest that the users who visit Erowid are offering unvarnished assessments of their drug use, the good AND the bad."
Sep 16 Web The Gabapentin High: Why Has Recreational Use Exploded? Brain Pro Tips Quotes a passage from Experience Report #19357.
Sep 15 Journal Ayahuasca Treatment Center Safety for the Western Seeker Anthropology of Consciousness. Fall 2016 27(2)109-226. [Epub ahead of print] References Saklad's "Foods to Avoid with MAOIs" hosted on Erowid.
Sep 1 Book Complementary and Alternative Medicine for PTSD Oxford University Press Cites Ayahuasca Effects page.
Sep - Dec Journal Peganum harmala seeds: evaluation of antiasthmatic effect by using clonidine induced mast cell degranulation NeuroPharmac Journal. 2016 Sep-Dec. Cites Smoking Rue Extract / Harmala page hosted on Erowid.
Aug 30 Journal Survey study of challenging experiences after ingesting psilocybin mushrooms: Acute and enduring positive and negative consequences J Psychopharmacol. 2016 Aug 30;. "An internet link to the survey was posted on websites that attract individuals interested in hallucinogens (e.g. Erowid, Bluelight, Reddit, etc)." Acknowledges Earth & Fire Erowid for assistance in recruiting survey respondents.
Aug 19 Journal Review and Recommendations for Drug Testing in Substance Use Treatment Contexts J Reward Defic Syndr Addict Sci 2(1): 28-45. Cites PCP & Drug Testing page on Erowid.
Aug 13 Journal Ephenidine: A new psychoactive agent with ketamine-like NMDA receptor antagonist properties Neuropharmacology. 2016 Aug 13; Early Online. Cites the Methoxphenidine Timeline
Aug 8 Journal Responsible or Reckless Men? Sexuopharmaceutical Messages Differentiated by Sexual Identity of Users Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Aug 8 2016; Early Online. "The sites and www.advocate .com were added to the preexisting list of websites during the first phase of the search; both sites contained material relevant to recreational SEM use. Erowid was particularly useful..."
Aug 5 Journal Adverse events related to the new psychoactive substance 3-fluorophenmetrazine - results from the Swedish STRIDA project Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2016 Aug 5; Early Online. Erroneously refers to Erowid as one of several international forums. Erowid has never hosted a forum.
Aug 4 Journal An overview of Emerging and New Psychoactive Substances in the United Kingdom Forensic Science International. 2016 Aug 4; Early Online. Cites nine experience reports.
Aug 3 Journal Understanding Substance Use and Addiction Through the Lyrics of Black Sabbath: A Content Analysis Subst Use Misuse. 2016 Aug 3; Early Online. "...the coders supplemented their own expertise by consulting various online resources including the Drug Slang and Terminology Vault from Erowid (2015)..."
Aug Journal Correlates of new psychoactive substance use among a self-selected sample of nightclub attendees in the United States Am J Addict. 2016 Aug;25(5):400-7. "we also collapsed all NPS into categories (and subcategories) with guidance from popular psychonaut websites (eg, Erowid) and annual and semi-annual government reports (eg, NFLIS, EMCDDA). These categorizations allowed us to examine and compare associations across categories."
Jul/Aug Journal A sensible approach to workplace drug testing for cannabis J. Chem. Health Safety. 2016 Jul/Aug, Early Online. Cites Cannabis Effects page.
Jul 22 Journal Emerging Trends in the Abuse of Ketamine and its Side Effects on Health: Toxicology and Addiction Potential Advances in Clinical Toxicology. 2016 Jul 22. Cites Ketamine Basics page.
Jul 14 Thesis Qualitative Detection of Selected Designer Drugs and Relevant Metabolites in Environmental Water Samples FIU Electronic Theses and Dissertations. Paper 2571. "For the purposes of this research, information on existing and newly developed designer drugs was gathered, not only from published, peer reviewed articles, but also from government sources, such as the Drug Enforcement Administration and from user forums [sic] such as and"
July 13 Journal Reporting Two Fatalities Associated with the Use of 4-Methylethcathinone (4-MEC) and a Review of the Literature J Anal Toxicol. 2016 Jul 13; Early Online. "The clearest picture of the effects of 4-MEC comes from user experiences that are commonly published by the so-called "psychonauts" [...] on various "research chemical" websites (i.e.,, and A systematic review of these 4-MEC reports (23 "trip" reports and 112 "forum screenshots") was published by Van Hout (12)."
Jul 3 Journal Educated Guesses and Other Ways to Address the Pharmacological Uncertainty of Designer Drugs: An Exploratory Study of Experimentation Through an Online Drug Forum Contemporary Drug Problems. 2016 Jul 3; Early Online. "For common recreational drugs, there are sources on the web such as that provide guidance on doses...". Cites Bromo-dragonfly, 4-Methylmethcathinone, 2C-C-NBOMe and 2C-I vaults.
Jul Journal What Neuroimaging of the Psychedelic State Tells Us about the Mind-Body Problem Journal of Cognition and Neuroethics. 2016 Jul; 4(2). "This is not only overwhelmingly attested by informal reports (such as those available online at, for instance, the 'Erowid Experience Vaults'), it has also been confirmed in controlled studies."
Jul Book Youth Substance Abuse: A Reference Handbook ABC-CLIO Cites Betel Timeline and Psychoactives in History authored by Fire Erowid.
Jul Master's Thesis Prohibited Practice: Drug Use, Harm Reduction and Benefit Enhancement in Toronto Rave Culture Hilary Agro, Western University "Drug practitioners trust online repositories of information, such as, Wikipedia, and drug-related forums, more than any other source, with the exception of particularly experienced or knowledgeable friends."
Jun 29 Journal In vitro hepatotoxicity of 'Legal X': the combination of 1-benzylpiperazine (BZP) and 1-(m-trifluoromethylphenyl)piperazine (TFMPP) triggers oxidative stress, mitochondrial impairment and apoptosis Archives of Toxicology. 2016 Jun 29; Early Online. "most readily accessible information regarding the effects of these drugs is originated from anecdotal reports from users posted to Web-based drug discussion forums specialized in the dissemination of drug information (e.g.,,, and" Cites Piperazines Vault and experience reports vault.
Jun 28 Conference Abstract Twice a pioneer: The therapeutic methods of Betty Grover Eisner pre- and post-LSD prohibition Joint Meeting of ESHHS-CHEIRON Cites Eisner article hosted on Erowid.
Jun 17 Journal Self-reported use of novel psychoactive substances among attendees of electronic dance music venues Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2016 Jun 17, Early Online. "NPS names, street names (when available), and categories were derived from the scientific literature (primarily government reports) and from websites such as Erowid ( and BlueLight ( where psychonauts (individuals who explore effects of NPSs and document experiences online (28) post drug information/reviews)."
Jun 13 Journal Cytotoxic Activity of Pyrovalerone Derivatives, an Emerging Group of Psychostimulant Designer Cathinones Neurotox Res. 2016 Jun 13, Early Online. "As 3,4-MDPV is considered very potent, its dose is usually lower than those of other psychostimulants, and varies between 5 and 30 mg (; Paillet-Loilier et al. 2014)."
Jun 13 Journal How Resistant to Tampering are Codeine Containing Analgesics on the Market? Assessing the Potential for Opioid Extraction Pain Ther. 2016 Jun 13, Early Online. "Detailed descriptions of 'cold water extraction' can be found on drug discussion forums on the Internet, such as Erowid and Bluelight" [sic - Erowid does not and never has hosted forums].
Jun 11 Journal Recreational use of dextromethorphan, "Robotripping" - A brief review Am J Addict. 2016 Jun 11, Early Online. "Erowid, a well-known forum [sic] for users to share experiences with psychoactive substances, lists several reports of tolerance to DXM.[20]", also cites DXM Basics.
Jun 8 Journal NPS: Medical Consequences Associated with Their Intake Curr Top Behav Neurosci. 2016 Jun 8, Early Online. Cites "" for 6 statements made by the authors about novel psychoactives substances, especially effects of specific substances, and cites TIHKAL hosted on Erowid.
Jun 8 Media The Secrets Inside 1960s Editions of the US Government's Private Drugs Newsletter Vice "Dating to 1967 and 1968, the first four issues of Micro-Gram, the government's restricted internal drug memo, recently appeared on Erowid, the always-essential psychoactives library. [...] While Erowid has previously uploaded numerous 21st-century issues of the publication, as well as a 44-page 1987 supplement reproducing confiscated LSD blotter, the earliest issues were not previously available."
Jun 1 Media Kratom, the Herb of Last Resort for Recovering Addicts, Is in Legal Trouble Gizmodo "Though described in 1897 by English botanist Henry Nicholas Ridley as a 'substitute for opium,' kratom didn't gain a foothold in the US until the early 2000s, when whispers of its usefulness for quitting opiates or treating chronic pain showed up on sites like Erowid and Bluelight--around the same time opiate prescriptions and opiate-related deaths began to skyrocket."
Jun 1 Journal Study of Neutralization of Enzymatic Activity of Daboia russelii Venom by Various Plant Extracts and Their Combinations Using in Vitro Methods Pharm Sci Res 2016; 7(6): 2531-36. Cites's Beginners Guide to Soxhlet Extraction from Rhodium Archive hosted on Erowid.
May 31 Thesis Identification and quantification of MDMA using ATR-FTIR in combination with chemometrics University of Gent, Janvier L Cites the MDMA Vault Index
May 28 Journal Traditional and non-traditional uses of Mitragynine (Kratom): A survey of the literature Brain Res Bull. 2016 May 28; Early Online "A qualitative analysis of the experiences of kratom uses filed in the internet site offers more insights on the effects of kratom use (Swogger et al., 2015)."
May 26 Thesis Genetics and phytochemistry of Salvia divinorum Casselman I Cite's Erowid's Salvia divinorum Chemistry page.
May 23 Journal Harm reduction and the ethics of drug use: contemporary techniques of self-governance Health Sociology Review. 2016 May 23; Early Online. "These online communities of people who use drugs are able to compare drug experiences, and share harm-reduction information, such as data on 'safe' drug dosages and reports on 'good' and 'bad' ecstasy pills. These social networks encourage responsible drug use and peer learning, through sites such as Bluelight (, Erowid ( and ("
May 19 Web "Just because we can" [Russian-language] N+1 "it is identical to the position of the creators of the foreign site, which is an international resource, containing information on almost all [chemicals?] ever used by man" [Google Translate]
May 11 Media Morning Glory Seeds From Home Depot Are a Good Proxy for LSD (Until You Vomit) Inverse "This is especially odd, considering how potent the compound's effects can be. The drug gurus at Erowid note that although LSA is legally considered a depressant, it's notably also 'a very active hallucinogen/psychedelic.' It's thought to be somewhere between one-tenth and one-twentieth as powerful as LSD, but because the dose of the compound present in plant seeds varies, it's easy to overdo it. Erowid notes that a 'starting dose' is typically 4-5 Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds or 20-25 morning glory seeds (seasoned recreational users take anywhere from 100-400 of the latter). Some users distill LSA out of the seeds using solvents such as methanol, ether, and dicholoromethane - potentially dangerous chemicals that can compound the drug's effects."
May 10 Journal BDNF-ERK1/2 signaling pathway in ketamine-associated lower urinary tract symptoms Int Urol Nephrol. 2016 May 10; Early Online. Cites Pal R, Balt S, Erowid E, Erowid F, Baggott MJ, Mendelson J, Galloway GP. "Ketamine is associated with lower urinary tract signs and symptoms". Drug Alcohol Depend. 2013 Sep 19;132(1-2):189-94.
May 6 Book The New Production of Users: Changing Innovation Collectives and Involvement Strategies Routledge "The other strand upholds the right of the layperson to do research without being accredited by a university department. In the newsletter Erowid, a key reference in the psychonautic subculture, which publishes trip reports, reviews of new drugs and updates in the law, the chief editors summed up this idea as follows: [quotes Connecting the Microdots, based on presentation Earth and Fire Erowid gave at the Psychedelic Science in the 21st Century conference in April 2010.]"
May Publication NPS Come of Age: A UK Overview Drugwise "Erowid is a non-profit educational & harm-reduction resource with over 60 thousand pages of online information about psychoactive drugs, plants and chemicals"
Apr 29 Media Toad Venom: Weird Trip or Cancer Cure The Daily Beast "'It was as though I was swimming in an ocean of myself,' one Erowid user wrote of smoking toad venom. 'The intensity was beyond belief.'"
Apr 27 Media Experts say federal government's plans to legalize marijuana are good, but there could be some bummers along the way Edmonton Examiner "According to online drug information resource Erowid, a quarter ounce of high-quality marijuana runs between $60 and $120 in the United States."
Apr 26 Book Altered States: Buddhism and Psychedelic Spirituality in America Bibliography References Erowid in general, the character vaults for Myron Stolaroff, Robert Jesse, and Salvador Roquet, and Erowid's MDMA timeline.
Apr 12 Media Mind-blowing images of the brain on LSD shed new light on how psychedelics change the brain The Kernel "For their new paper, researchers had 20 healthy volunteers visit a clinic on two different days. On one day, they got a 75-microgram LSD injection (considered a "common" oral dose from the non-profit psychoactive drug database Erowid); on the second day, they got a placebo."
Apr 12 Journal Emerging toxicity of 5,6-methylenedioxy-2-aminoindane (MDAI): Pharmacokinetics, behaviour, thermoregulation and LD50 in rats Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2016 Apr 9; Early Online. "The MDAI doses used by humans range typically from 70-300mg, with an average dose of 150-200mg (Corkery et al., 2013). This is approximately twice as much as a typical recreational MDMA dose (75-125 mg) reported as common for most of the people on (Erowid, 2015)" [Citing MDMA Dose Vault].
Apr 10 Media Experimenting with nootropics, the so-called smart drugs The Kernel "Well before the Silk Road, there was Erowid--one of the Web's liveliest and often most reliable places to read about drugs. Founded in 1995, Erowid attracts both bored high schoolers looking to get high on what's in the spice cabinet and serious psychonauts--explorers of altered states of consciousness."
Apr 8 Journal Acute Toxicity Associated With the Recreational Use of the Novel Psychoactive Benzofuran N-methyl-5-(2 aminopropyl)benzofuran Ann Emerg Med. 2016 Apr 8; Early Online. Cites content from Erowid 5-MAPB Vault
Apr 6 Journal Patterns of use, harm reduction strategies, and their relation to risk behavior and harm in recreational ketamine users Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2016 Apr 6; Early Online. "In the United States, Pal et al. surveyed 19,000 participants, and found that 18.7% reported lifetime ketamine use and 5.8% were recent users (9)." [Citing paper on which Erowid F and Erowid E were co-authors].
Apr 4 Journal The experience of using synthetic cannabinoids: A qualitative analysis of online user self-reports European Psychiatry. 2016 Apr 4; Early Online. "The aim of this qualitative study is to gain an initial understanding of what characterizes the experiences of those who use SC. Fourty anonymously written online reports were collected from the "Erowid experience vaults" and analysed using the Empirical Phenomenological Psychological Method.The analysis yielded 488 meaning units (MU). These were grouped into 36 categories revealing 5 broad themes".
Apr Journal Up: The rise of nitrous oxide abuse. An international survey of contemporary nitrous oxide use J Psychopharmacol. 2016 Apr 16;30(4):395-401. Cites Prevalence of Nitrous Oxide Use and Practices: A Survey of Visitors by Fire Erowid (2009).
Apr Journal Rose Apple Fruit: It (sic) Prospects for Juice and Wine Production European Journal of Educational and Development Psychology 4(2):25-32. Cites Lum Eisenman's The Home Winemakers Manual hosted in Erowid Alcohol Vault.
Mar 31 Journal "The Words of McKenna": Healing, Political Critique, and the Evolution of Psychonaut Religion since the 1960s Counterculture J Am Acad Relig. 2016 Mar 31; Early Online. "Many Psychonauts speak similarly of McKenna, claiming that he had a profound impact in the course of their self-realization. In the case of The Teafaerie, she seems to view her mission as something along the lines of entheogenic experimentation, writing, and assisting in a communal effort to create a knowledge base for other "entheogenic explorers" like herself (2008)."
Mar 29 Book Heads: A Biography of Psychedelic America Includes a (mostly accurate) tale of Fire and Earth attending Burning Man in 1995 and 1996, combined with a description of the start of the Erowid project. Also includes references/bibliography entries to a number of Erowid pages (2C-B Timeline, "Spotlight on NBOMe", "Erowid: 10 Years of History", Microgram LSD Blotter Index.
Mar 26 Media 6 UC Santa Cruz Students Face MDMA Felonies, but Throwing Them in Prison Won't Help Anyone Alternet "Currently in U.S. culture, there are essentially only two ways to do this. One is to purchase a home testing kit, which use various chemical reagents to give limited but useful information on drug contents. The other way is to anonymously send a sample of the drug to Results can be obtained on the website, usually within a few weeks."
Mar 25 Journal Erectile Dysfunction among People Who Use Ketamine and Poly-Drugs Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. 2016 Mar 25:1-7; Early Online. Cites report co-authored by Fire & Earth Erowid and including data from a web-based survey that recruited respondents via a notice posted on inviting substance users to participate in a survey on drug use and health.
Mar 24 Journal Chemical Attribution of Fentanyl Using Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Orthogonal Mass Spectral Data Anal Chem. 2016 Mar 24; Early Online. Cites "Synthesis of Fentanyl", from Rhodium site archive hosted on Erowid.
Mar 23 Journal Lysergic acid diethylamide: a drug of 'use'? "Ther Adv Psychopharmacol. 2016 Mar 23; Early Online. Cites Handbook for the Therapeutic Use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide 25 Individual and Group Procedures hosted on Erowid.
Mar 23 Journal Fenethylline (Captagon) Abuse. Local Problems from an Old Drug become Universal Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. 2016 Mar 23; Early Online. Cites a 1975 Clinical Toxicology journal article originally archived by Rhodium, now the Rhodium site archive hosted on Erowid.
Mar 23 Media One sentence captures why it's so easy to get addicted to heroin Tech Insider "On Erowid, a site where drug users can anonymously share their experiences, one user wrote about the first time he snorted heroin. "As soon as that first drip fell down my throat," he wrote, "I fell in love."
Mar 20 Journal The effects and risks associated to Mephedrone and Methylone in humans: A review of the preliminary evidences Brain Res Bull. 2016 Mar 20; Early Online. "In this paper, we will review the available data regarding the use and effects of mephedrone and methylone in humans in order to highlight their impact on public health. To reach this objective, a literature search was performed on two representative databases (Pubmed, Google Scholar), the Erowid Center website (a US non-profit educational organization that provides information about psychoactive plants and chemicals), and various governmental websites."
Mar 17 Media How Do We Stop Drug Deaths At Festivals? Vice "Perhaps the most comprehensive US-based resource is the Erowid website--a user-driven database set up by a couple from California 20 years ago of over 350 psychoactive drugs. DanceSafe also provides information on its website for drugs associated with raving: MDMA, psychedelics, stimulants, and marijuana."
Mar 16 Book Chronic Pain Management for the Hospitalized Patient Oxford Univ Press Cites cites the paper Illicit Drugs and Drug Interactions by Angela Dean archived on Erowid.
Mar 16 Media Whip-Its Are Canned Joy Because Nitrous Oxide Hits Those Sweet Opioid Receptors Inverse "You'll probably also find them, in their super-sized form, at the dentist's office. After all, the "whipped cream propellant," as the drug gurus at Erowid call it, is nothing but laughing gas."
Mar 9 Journal Old opioids, new concerns: the case of acetylfentanyl Forensic Toxicol. 2016 Mar 9; Early Online. "The actual dose of acetylfentanyl needed to produce a behavioral effect is considered to be in the microgram range, although in Erowid, dosages were supposed to be between 5 and 20 mg [3, 26-29]." [Cites several experience reports.]
Mar 8 Media 'Erowid' Analysis Finds People Like Cannabis No Matter What Other Drug They Take Inverse "Marijuana is the world's drug of choice. This is evident to travelers and entrepreneurs, as well as researchers parsing Erowid, the online drug encyclopedia. A group called Chemical Youth at the University of Amsterdam has just finished cataloguing all the personal testimonies on the site to get a snapshot of how people have been using drugs over the past decade and which drugs they've been using together."
Mar 4 Journal The History of MDMA as an Underground Drug in the United States, 1960-1979 Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. 2016 Mar 4; Early Online. "In his laboratory notebook, Shulgin referred to this student as "Marty" ("~1975: Marty—reports considerable amphetaminelike content" (Shulgin 1960-1976, 186)." [Cites Shulgin Lab Book hosted on Erowid.]
Mar Web Visualizing Erowid: a data driven anthropological research on drugs Chemical Youth / University of Amsterdam "In order to understand the knowledge practices associated with Erowid, and their entanglements with contemporary drug use, our team of explored novel methods to analyze Erowid's digital content and connect it with ethnographic expertise."
Mar Journal Fatal intoxication with synthetic cannabinoid MDMB-CHMICA Forensic Sci Int. 2016 Mar;e2. Cites Erowid in: "Users claim that the effects of MDMB-CHMICA are stronger than other SCs (data reported on Internet forums)."
Feb 29 Thesis Entheogenic Spirituality: Conversations with Psychonauts Johnstad, PG (University of Bergen, Norway). "In the absence of governmental harm reduction policies, user communities on the Internet have created informational resources such as,, (for MDMA), (for psychedelics) and a number of discussion fora."
Feb 28 Web / Book Chapter Marijuana-Impaired, or, Just Cannabinoid Positive? Various / Book unknown "Another very good listing of these effects as positive, neutral, and negative is at as of Feb. 28, 1998 and updated on March 24, 2014. [...] Unlikely as the probability for effectively interrupting the effects following the ingestion of cannabis seems, a very reasoned process for effective ingestion of cannabis-containing products has been published on the EROWID web site which they have entitled "L.E.S.S." Perhaps, this is one instance where LESS is likely more! We further afford an interpretation of this "L.E.S.S." process as follows : A low percent-THC cannabis product is ingested regularly (about every 30 minutes) to establish effects for at least two hours, then supplemented slowly. A further note on the EROWID site states that cannabis products are drugs and not food. 58 These comestibles are ""drug delivery devices"", or, dosage forms, and not food."
Feb 19 Media Inside the LSD Museum That the DEA Somehow Hasn't Torn to the Ground Wired "Blotter art is a relatively new, and still underground, art form. The drug-documenting site Erowid says it's led to "an array of creative and stunning designs," so much so that "it is likely that a few of the blotter designs shown have never been dipped [in LSD] and were created purely as art." Erowid has its own digital gallery of LSD blotter art, and some of the visual tropes from the Institute of Illegal Images can be found there as well."
Feb 16 Journal Clinical Approach to the Heavy Cannabis User in the Age of Medical Marijuana J Psychoactive Drugs. 2016 Feb 16;p1-10. "Several common themes run through patients' denial that marijuana can cause problems, almost as if the clinician's patients are talking to one another. This is because they are, at least indirectly, talking to each other through the ethos and mores binding stoner culture together, aided by the Internet (see"
Feb 11 Journal The behavioural profile of gamma-hydroxybutyrate, gamma-butyrolactone and 1,4-butanediol in humans Brain Res Bull. 2016 Feb 15; Early Online. "We performed a qualitative analysis of reports from the scene associated website Erowid, showing that users described feelings of euphoria, physical wellbeing, stimulation and empathogenesis after ingesting [GHB]."
Feb 10 Media Should Lana Del Rey Worry About Acid Flashbacks? Scientists Aren't Sure Inverse "Another study, using user data from drug resource Erowid, found that 60 percent of the 2,455 hallucinogen users surveyed had experienced flashbacks after at least three days of being sober. This statistic is certainly significant enough to warrant attention, but again, no one is ever really sure whether LSD can ultimately be blamed. Still, one statistic from the Erowid study stands out: Although visual symptoms were common in hallucinogen users, only 4.2 percent of users found them stressful enough to warrant treatment. [...]"
Feb 5 Journal Novel psychoactive substances of interest for psychiatry World Psychiatry. 2015 Feb; 14(1):15-26. Erowid-hosted TiHKAL cited; cited with no pages specified.
Feb 1 Journal Kappa Opioids, Salvinorin A and Major Depressive Disorder Current Neuropharmacology. Feb 1;14(2):165-176. [nature of mention not yet determined]
Jan 30 Media Still Mostly Legal: Kratom May be a Better Choice for Heroin and Pain Pill User AlterNet "Szalavitz consulted Mark Swogger, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center, who with his colleagues analyzed 161 "experience reports" posted by kratom users on the drug information site for a recent study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs."
Jan 22 Journal The Experience Elicited by Hallucinogens Presents the Highest Similarity to Dreaming within a Large Database of Psychoactive Substance Reports Front Neurosci. 2018 Jan 22;12(7):229. "Reports of psychoactive substance use were downloaded from the "experience vaults" in [...] Our research relied upon Erowid's reviewed and edited collection of experience reports, and followed Erowid's terms of use that require researchers to coordinate with Erowid's research team in order to avoid misinterpretations of their data [...]"
Jan 22 Journal Influence of base on nitro-aldol (Henry) reaction products for alternative clandestine pathways Aust J Forensic Sci. Jan 22, 2016; Early Online. Authors erroneously conflate content archived on Erowid with Erowid, contending "This paper investigates the implications of the base in the common Henry reaction with benzaldehyde (6) and nitroethane (7) (Figure 5), particularly as described in clandestine [sic] online drug forums [sic] such as Erowid." They are likely referencing Rhodium and/or The Hive snapshots archived over a decade ago.
Jan 20 Media Why Banning the Controversial Painkiller Kratom Could Be Bad News for America's Heroin Addiction Vice "Mark Swogger, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center, and his colleagues analyzed 161 "experience reports" posted by kratom users on the drug information site for a recent study in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs . When asked what is known about negative outcomes, Swogger says, "I think it's pretty safe to say that kratom has at least some addiction potential. The data is fairly strong on that and our study also found that people are reporting addiction."
Jan 13 Media How Ecstasy Has Evolved in the New Millennium Vice "...according to statistics collected by EcstasyData, an independent lab testing program that is part of Erowid, of the samples they've tested, including both pressed pills and MDMA capsules or powder, purity has actually gone down over the years." "...constant access to the internet has changed the way we look up our drugs (like on Erowid or EcstasyData)..."
Jan 11 Journal From "herbal highs" to the "heroin of cannabis": Exploring the evolving discourse on synthetic cannabinoid use in a Norwegian Internet drug forum International Journal of Drug Policy. Jan 11, 2016; Early Online. "One member copied an entry from the famous drug forum Erowid, stating that results from a German analysis of Spice proved its intoxicating content to be the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018."
Jan 4 Journal MDMA-assisted therapy: A new treatment model for social anxiety in autistic adults Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2016 Jan 4;64:237-49. "Over 250 accounts that were posted in online discussion forums between 2006 and 2011 (e.g.,,,, were reviewed prior to commencing original data collection for exploratory doctoral research on the qualitative MDMA/Ecstasy experiences of autistic adults (Danforth, 2013)."
--- Book Neuropathology of Drug Addictions and Substance Misuse (Vol 2) chapter: The Behavioral Effects of MDMA in Humans Under Controlled Laboratory Conditions Quotes from Erowid ExpID 60967 at beginning of chapter. Then, "The above quote was taken from the Erowid Website forum, a compendium of anecdotal drug experiences from experienced users of a range of psychoactive drugs including hallucinogens such as lysergic acid diethylamide "LSD and psilocybin, and amphetamine dreivatives such as +/-3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, "ecstasy," or "molly"). This quote is an excellent description of the reason many individuals reportedly use MDMA recreationally..."
--- Book Peyote: History, Tradition, Politics, and Conservation chapter: Decline of the Genus Lophophora in Texas by Trout and Terry Cites article "Peyote in the Wilds of Texas" published on Erowid.
--- Thesis Pop a Molly: a qualitative study on harm reduction strategies for recreational XTC users de Baere, DM (University of Gent) Describes Erowid under "Sources of knowledge", and cites an alt.rave posting hosted on Erowid.
Dec 30 Web An Interview with the Author of Psychedelic Psychiatry: LSD From Clinic to Campus Splice Today "Today underground research communities such as Erowid have more potential influence than the established medical community as far as steering the important question from politics to the actual medical risks of psychedelic drug taking."
Dec 29 Media Music Festivals, Drugs And Pill Testing Huffington Post "The study -- comparing ecstasy pills from the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, from data by drug testing and review sites and -- found Australian ecstasy ranked second-lowest in MDMA (methylenedioxy-methamphetamine), the drug's active ingredient."
Dec 22 Journal NBOMe: a new dangerous drug similar to LSD Rev Bras Psiquiatr. 2015 Dec 22;37(4):351-2. Cites NBOMe Law Vault, which may be a mistake, as the reference was given to support NBOMe effects description, consistent with the NBOMe Effects page.
Dec 21 Media Finding a New Perspective on Psychedelics OUPblog "Horizons has assembled some of the most pioneering figures in the field of psychedelic research, including Anthony Bossis, the principal investigator of the NYU cancer anxiety study; Earth and Fire Erowid, the leaders of Erowid, a non-profit organization that documents experiences with psychoactive chemicals; and Dennis McKenna, brother of famed ethnobotanist, psychonaut, and mystic Terrence McKenna."
Dec 18 Media Ayahuasca Murder Threatens to Set Back Critical Psychedelic Research Inverse "Ayahuasca, a plant-derived drug usually consumed as a brew, is traditionally used by the indigenous people of Amazonian Peru in spiritual ceremonies that, more often than not, end in vomiting (or, as Erowid calls it, 'the purge')."
Dec 17 Journal Characteristics of novel psychoactive substance exposures reported to New York City Poison Center, 2011-2014 Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2015 Dec 17:1-9; Early Online "All 'street' or unknown drug names were searched via Google and on popular websites such as Erowid, which contain information on drug effects posted by'psychonauts' (individuals who use mind-altering substances to explore other states of consciousness) (21)."
Dec 9 Media 019: Interview with Earth and Fire, First Half Entheogen Podcast "Today is December 9, 2015 and we are very excited to feature a special interview. This is the first half. It is our great pleasure and honor to welcome Earth and Fire Erowid!"
Dec 9 Media K2 Madness Erie Reader "And I headed to, a nonprofit online resource for open, honest, reliable, and accurate information-sharing about psychoactive drugs--legal, illegal, or otherwise--and their effects."

"As notes immediately (and, as user experiences and reports here, there, and everywhere demonstrate), 'K2'-type synthetic cannabinoid-containing products have been around for some time. But for any number of reasons, those products (usually sold as inert plant material that's been sprayed or coated with the synthetics) have reportedly become more dangerous this year."
Dec 9 Media Tripping Down the Erowid Rabbithole Inverse Article about Erowid: "Erowid has been around since 1995 and has mostly lingered on the outskirts of society for those 20 years. Until now, that is. The subject of a recent New Yorker feature, the drug database is having something of a coming-out moment. Longtime users might sigh and scoff at the idea of suits, narcs, and Average Joes logging onto the site, but they all should. Why? Erowid is hilarious, informative, and a bit naughty to the touch. Fair warning, though: Be prepared to go down the proverbial rabbit hole, hours gone and minds blown."
Dec 8 Media American 'psychedelic church' to offer tea laced with hallucinogen DMT "I would also ask: Is there a testing van or tent? Do we have a spare E to test? At $25 a pop, pooling resources to buy a spare pill for testing would at least let you know what's in the pill. What if the E is laced with something bad? Am I really going to take it? If in doubt, don't. ( Most E's are made from MDMA and ketamine or MDMA and caffeine. See"
Dec 7 Media Dodgy drugs: a few wise words can save lives "The tea contains DMT, a chemical which causes intense LSD-like trips.

It's pretty powerful stuff-one user on Erowid says, 'I was transported to that extremely alien-like realm that I had been to so many times before. I felt like I was being schooled on existence. A teacher entity that seemed to have some sort of almost condescending power over me was trying to convince me that 'they' constructed our reality completely...'"
Dec 4 Media Why College Kids Are Overdosing on the Hallucinogen 25I-NBOMe, 'N-Bombs' Inverse "Even the drug gurus at Erowid warn of the risks of combining N-bombs with other drugs and the dangers of overdosing. Because the mental component of the N-bomb high isn't as intense as seasoned hallucinogen trippers might be used to, the tendency is to take more. That is a terrible idea. If you're looking for an intense psychedelic high, just stick to LSD."
Dec 2 Media The brain's 'on-off switch' for human consciousness is even more intriguing than we thought Extreme Tech "Due to the impossibility of feeding college kids Salvia in an ethics-approved study, the academic literature on this is based largely on the self-submitted trip-out reports on sites like Erowid."
Dec 2 Article Did "LSD Toxicity" Kill Troy Goode, Or Was It The Police Hogtie?> "The widely-acclaimed drug information website Erowid has reviewed the evidence around LSD fatalities, and it backs up what the Goode family lawyers have been saying: 'Put simply, LSD does not cause death at recreational or therapeutic doses... Fewer than a handful of human deaths have been tied in the medical literature to the pharmacological effects of LSD, and none of these deaths have been unquestionably attributable to LSD's actions'."
Dec 1 Media Memphis Man Beaten, Hogtied By Police Dies; Autopsy Blames "LSD Toxicity" Extreme Tech "The widely-acclaimed drug information website Erowid has reviewed the evidence around LSD fatalities, and it backs up what the Goode family lawyers have been saying: "Put simply, LSD does not cause death at recreational or therapeutic doses....Fewer than a handful of human deaths have been tied in the medical literature to the pharmacological effects of LSD, and none of these deaths have been unquestionably attributable to LSD's actions." [...] "Erowid expanded on the accidental death theme to note that, some deaths have been associated with inebriated or combative behavior, "including falling or jumping from a height or dying after beaten by police."
Dec Journal Voiding Cinema: Subjectivity Beside Itself, or Unbecoming Cinema in Enter the Void Film-Philosophy Vol 19:124-145 (2015) Excerpts passages from TiHKAL and PiHKAL, citing Erowid-hosted versions.
Nov 30 Media New Yorker Opens Vaults of Erowid, World's Most Important Drug Experience Guide Alternet Article about Erowid experience reports. "The Erowid website may be familiar to many readers of the AlterNet Drug Reporter. Generations of Drug Reporter editors have delved deep into its vaults of drug-related knowledge in successful search for fodder. Erowid is an invaluable resource, not just (or even mostly) for drug journalists, but also for would-be experimenters, experience chroniclers and even emergency room doctors."
Nov 30 Media How A Drug Site Inspired Literary Genius Forbes Article about Erowid experience reports. "If you're not familiar with Erowid, you can find it right here. If you think 'Documenting the Complex Relationship Between Humans & Psychoactives' doesn't amount to much, this nonprofit's site had over 17 million unique visitors last year. Its main purpose is to educate people about the drugs they're taking -- whether or not the government approves of the drugs they're taking. [...] The first director of the National Institute on Drug Use opines, "The Web site should say, 'Don't do it,'" but if people are going to just do it anyway, the Erowid line of thinking goes, why not educate them on what they're doing?"
Nov 29 Journal Salvia divinorum: An overview of the use, misuse, and addiction processes Asia Pac Psychiatry. 2015 Nov 30; Early Online Cites "Use patterns and self-reported effects of Salvia divinorum: An internet-based survey", published in the journal Drug Alcohol Depend and based on data gathered on an Erowid survey. Fire and Earth Erowid were co-authors.
Nov 27 Media Soma, Spice and Substance D: A History of Drugs in Science Fiction Vice Motherboard " In 1974, the National Institute on Drug Abuse commissioned a report from the prolific science fiction author Robert Silverberg, Drug Themes in Science Fiction. [...] I found an uploaded copy, photocopied from a volume checked out of a Maine library, on the online drug forum Erowid."
Nov 27 Media For me, ayahuasca was as good as therapy. Here's what the science says Global Post Links to Erowid's information on ayahuasca legality.
Nov 26 Journal Illicit drugs or medicines taken by parachuting Fundam Clin Pharmacol. Nov 26, 2015; Online/In Press Cites 2012 Ask Erowid question/answer, "A friend described 'parachuting' a drug, what does that mean?"
Nov 25 Media How the Most Extreme Trips on Erowid Transformed Modern Drug Culture Vice Motherboard # "I like that Erowid doesn't glorify nor does it frighten," another longtime reader, Rob Ray, says. "The posts there are not very performative. It's far more even-keeled than even something like Reddit, Yelp or Amazon product reviews... I have a place to go to learn more, weigh my cautions and enthusiasms, and ease into my decisions."

The psychedelic underground has always had to rely largely on the sharing of self-discovered information. But rather than remaining in the margins of dog-eared, out-of-print books and overheard stories at parties, the virtual space of the internet has allowed Erowid to become a college, in the sense of the latin root of the word, collegium, "a community, society, or guild."
Nov 23 Journal Experiences of Kratom Users: A Qualitative Analysis J Psychoactive Drugs. Nov 23, 2015; In Press Article co-authored by Earth & Fire of Erowid.
Nov 23 Journal Indoleamine Hallucinogens in Cluster Headache: Results of the Clusterbusters Medication Use Survey J Psychoactive Drugs. Nov 23, 2015; In Press Cites four FAQs hosted on Erowid.
Nov 23 Journal A qualitative study into the protective factors of non-MDMA users who attend trance parties in South Africa Journal of Substance Use. Nov 23, 2015; In Press Cites Erowid MDMA Vault in first sentence of article.
Nov 17 Media Meet the unusual couple behind Erowid, the internet's psychoactive drug atlas BoingBoing "In 'The Trip Planners' (p.58), Emily Witt examines the twenty-year-old Web site Erowid's place in America's drug culture, as an expansive catalogue of hundreds of psychoactive substances, and a primary resource for recreational users and toxicologists alike. When Erowid launched, in 1995, it served as a repository of drug-culture esoterica, drawing just a few clicks a day."
Nov 15 Media The Trip Planners, the unusual couple behind an online encyclopedia of psychoactive substances The New Yorker "People who are interested in psychoactive cacti, ketamine, and LSD are generally unfazed by strangeness. Any such person will likely know of Erowid, as will most toxicologists and many E.R. doctors. When the site launched, in 1995, it served as a repository of drug-culture esoterica, drawing just a few hits a day. Today, Erowid contains highly detailed profiles of more than three hundred and fifty psychoactive substances, from caffeine to methamphetamine."
Nov 11 Journal a-PVP ("flakka"): a new synthetic cathinone invades the drug arena Forensic Toxicol. Nov 11, 2015; Online Cites several experience reports.
Nov 10 Journal Following "the Roots" of Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa): The Evolution of an Enhancer from a Traditional Use to Increase Work and Productivity in Southeast Asia to a Recreational Psychoactive Drug in Western Countries Biomed Res Int. Nov 10, 2015; Early Online. Excerpts six Erowid Experience Reports in a table.
Nov 05 Media Setting the Record Straight on 'Synthetic Drugs' -- and What We Should Do About Them The Huffington Post The media has been reporting on the dangers of "synthetic drugs" which is an incorrect and misleading term because it describes every man-made drug, whether it be a prescription, legal or illegal. When discussing "synthetic drugs," the Erowid Center, the leading online drug education resource, recommends using "new psychoactive substances" or "NPS" or "research chemicals" as the proper terminology.
Nov Technical Report Annex 2: Risk Assessment Report on 3,4-dichloro-N-{[1-(dimethylamino)cyclohexyl]methyl}benzamide (AH-7921) ECMDDA. 2015 Nov; In Press Cites AH-7921 Experience Reports on Erowid.
Oct 29 Journal Commonly Abused Drugs - Ecstacy Daily Nexus: Health & Wellness "The primary actuality about MDMA pills or tablets is that most are not even made of pure "ecstasy." The dangerous concoction compacted together ranges from PMA (similar to MDMA but more lethal in smaller doses), rat poison and a plethora of other chemicals not associated with the drug itself. As reported by, a website that allows access to lab testing results for the tablets, in 2015, only 31 percent of pills tested were pure MDMA."
Oct 23 Journal New Drugs of Abuse and Withdrawal Syndromes Emerg Med Clin North Am. 2015 Nov;33(4):779-95. "Once the initial resuscitation has been completed, a more thorough assessment should occur. The history should elicit the substances, route, and dose used. Many of the newer drugs of abuse have street names that may be unfamiliar to the emergency physician. There are several online resources, including,, and, that may prove useful."
Oct 19 Book Chapter 15: Piltzintecuhtli The Esoteric Codex: Deities of Night Cites Psilocybe Mushroom FAQ.
Oct 14 Media Why European MDMA Looks So Much Better Than American Molly Inverse "Uncomplicated pills are, naturally, easier to copy and adulterate. MDMA safety resources like PillReports or, where users look up the quality and contents of the pills, are a lot less helpful for American users. Occasionally, pills like Chicago's highly rated White Dominos will flood the U.S. market, but these blockbusters are few and far between."
Sep 30 Journal Co-ingestion of energy drinks with alcohol and other substances among a sample of people who regularly use ecstasy Drug Alcohol Rev. 2015 Sep 30; Early Online. Cites, a project of Erowid Center.
Sep 27 Journal Acute Effects of the Novel Psychoactive Drug 2C-B on Emotions BioMed Research International. Cites Erowid's 2C-B Effects Page.
Sep 24 Patent SINGLE STEP TRANSESTERIFICATION OF BIODIESEL FEEDSTOCK USING A GASEOUS CATALYST United States Patent Application 20150267145 "A method of generating gaseous HCl can be found, for example, in the article entitled "Best method for hydrochloric acid gas" available at, which is incorporated herein by reference."
Aug 18 Blog/Article How to Deal with New Psychoactive Substances "(The Erowids helpfully pointed out that there are a number of web sites where users can submit their Molly for testing, including one they run at"
Aug 12 Abstract/Poster Session Twitter Posts, Gist, and the Perceived Risk of Using a Novel Recreational Drug National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing & Media Each condition varied the number of positive and negative anecdotal reports that students read about the drug. These anecdotal reports were selected from web postings [sic] archived on, an online platform that reports personal drug experiences as well as drug related research findings.
Jul 8 Journal Rapid detection of NBOME's and other NPS on blotter papers by direct ATR-FTIR spectrometry Forensic Sci Int. 2015 Jul 08;252:87-92. Cites the 25I-NBOMe Deaths/Fatalities page.
Jul 4 Blog/Article Sacred Medicine Profane Laws Farrah Sharpe / professional site Cites Ayahuasca Law vault
Jul 1 Book Protest: Analysing Current Trends Routledge On p. 53, Cites an Alan Watts essay archived on Erowid.
Jun 26 Book Chapter Faciality and Drug Photography Framing Drug Use: Bodies, Space, Economy and Crime. Jun 26, 2015. "Early examples such as 'Erowid' (Gatson, 2007) indicated that the content being formally restricted made little difference to the dynamics and traditional tensions involved in the ethnographic endeavour (Hallet and Barber, 2013)."
Apr 24 Blog/Article Wandering Eye: Officer suspended in Freddie Gray's death accused of domestic violence; researching MDMA; and more City Paper "The addiction-resources website ProjectKnow, concerned about deaths of partiers who took ecstasy and Molly, has finished a remarkable analysis of two MDMA-pill and 10 years and 27,000 test reports in five countries."
Apr 21 Blog/Article What's Really in your Ecstasy Vice Blog So ecstasy users have taken it upon themselves to evaluate these pills, most prominently via two websites, PillReports and EcstasyData. [...] Jon Millward: The report is based on two databases of ecstasy reports. One is one created by users of ecstasy, either by taking the pills or using the testing kits--called PillReports. The other one is a bit more official or slightly more reliably because it's based on lab reports--called EcstasyData. [...] If you look at EcstasyData, which is more reliable for knowing exactly what's in there, a third of them only contain MDMA. [...] Sometimes in the report from EcstasyData, it will mention that it could be a byproduct of the manufacturing process. But usually, it is deliberate because they want to find a balance between the cost to them and the quality of the product, like any business."
April Web Jagged Little Pill "We downloaded all 3,400 reports held by to include in our analysis."
Mar 25 Media College Kids are Unknowingly Rolling on Bath Salts The Huntington News ", an independent laboratory pill-testing program run by the Erowid Center, instructs people on how to mail tablets to labs for testing, and then publishes the results. It says that of 54 samples believed to be Ecstasy it tested this year, only about one-quarter contained just MDMA; about another quarter contained no MDMA whatsoever."
Mar 20 Media MAPS pursues MDMA as treatment for psychological disorders The Huntington News "MAPS uses pure MDMA, which according to the nonprofit drug education organization Erowid has effects that include forgiveness of self and others, feelings of love and empathy, decreased fear, anxiety and insecurities and increased willingness to communicate."
Mar 13 Media Flakka User Demonstrates 'Superhuman Strength' by Failing to Break Into a Police Station Jacob Sullum wrote: "For what it's worth, Erowid has two accounts from alpha-PVP users, one of whom likes the drug and calls it "a completely misunderstood compound." The other user says the stimulant raised his heart rate uncomfortably and was "not worth my time." Neither of them tried to break into a police station."
Mar 12 Media Opinion: Drug legislation harms music festival attendees The Daily Reveille "I'm not sure how much molly your homeboy gives you when he comes through town, but drug forums like Bluelight and Erowid, along with reports done for the state of California in the late '80s tell me that the standard recreational dosage for MDMA is less than 150 micrograms -- nowhere near the lethal human dosage."
Mar 12 Media What's Really in Street-Bought Molly? New York Magazine Published about 8 samples that we tested for them. "So we tested the tests. Earth and Fire Erowid, a couple who run a California nonprofit, arrange anonymized testing of molly and other drugs through Drug Detection Laboratories -- one of the very few private labs certified for this work -- and then post the results and photos (at as a kind of spotter's guide, partly with the intent of keeping clubgoers out of the hospital. At their other site (, they have posted thousands of detailed reports filed by users of psychoactive substances, forming a huge database of pharmacological experience."
Mar 10 Media Ireland accidentally legalized ecstasy and crystal meth Fusion "The case that sparked the decision centered around possession of methylethcathinone, also known as 4-Mec (background here from Erowid)."
Mar 5 Journal Chasing the high - experiences of ethylphenidate as described on international internet forums Subst Abuse. 2015;9:9-16. "The top international Web sites with open access were,,, and A Google search was conducted to confirm the status of these Web sites as "leading edge", but also to explore the search results for any newly added resources."
Mar 3 Media Credit to Reddit: Site Gives $827K to User-Chosen Nonprofits NonProfit Quarterly Lists the 10 winners of the Reddit giveaway, including Erowid Center, with a link.
Feb 26 Media Reddit showers gold on drugs, hippies and Tor-rorists News.Mic "Also well represented in the vote? Drugs. A pair of psychoactive research projects tripped their way into the top 10, with the Erowid Center ranking fourth and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies placing sixth."
Feb 12 Media Dinosaurs Were Probably Tripping on Hallucinogens Most of the Time News.Mic "The science: Ergot preys on cereal grains, in the process producing a chemical called ergotamine that drug resource Erowid describes as a "potent vasoconstrictor and precursor to LSD." "
Jan 6 Media How to Make Drug Taking Better in 2016 News.Mic "Dr. Dredge, a psychonaut, former online dealer, and experienced online buyer, says the internet is a crucial resource for drug users. 'The main way of improving experiences is research. So use before taking ecstasy, Erowid before taking anything you've not heard of before, Bluelight or Reddit to ask about anything you're unsure of--there is plenty of advice and information out there which could save lives,' he told me. "
Jan 3 Journal Nod and wave: an Internet study of the codeine intoxication phenomenon Int J Drug Policy. 2015 Jan 03;26(1):67-77. Study analyzed 76 Erowid experience reports among other reports and discussion forum threads included.
Jan Journal The role of 5-HT2A, 5-HT 2C and mGlu2 receptors in the behavioral effects of tryptamine hallucinogens N,N-dimethyltryptamine and N,N-diisopropyltryptamine in rats and mice Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2015 Jan;232(1):275-84. "DiPT, a synthetic analog of DMT, produces auditory effects (primarily tone distortion) in people, according to anecdotal reports on user experience websites such as and in published accounts (Shulgin and Shulgin 1997; Shulgin and Carter 1980; Strassman et al. 1996)."
Jan Journal What have we learned and what can we do about NPS? Drugs and Alcohol Today. 2015 Jan;15(1):34. Cites Erowid's NBOME index pages: "With few exceptions (e.g. mescaline-NBOMe) compounds in this group are active at very low sub-milligram doses. These chemicals have little history of human use prior to 2010 when they first became available online[16]."
--- Thesis MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Schuldt, F (University of Vienna, Austria). "The U.S.-American non-profit organization "Erowid" is concerned with psychoactive substances and altered states of mind.[28] An online section with first-person experience reports (cf. Erowid, 2006) provides a convenient opportunity to scan for examples of self- medication with MDMA. In the sub-section "Health Benefits"[29] the following 'indications' were identified:"
--- Journal Taking a Bite Out of Forensic Science: The Misuse of Accelerant-Detecting Dogs in Arson Cases The John Marshall Law Review. 2015 48(4):1149-1176. Cites Earth Erowid, False Alerts: Growing Evidence that Drug-Sniffing Dogs Reflect Police Bias, Erowid Extracts 20, 6-7 (2011).
--- Journal Neurobehavioral and Immunohistochemical Assessment of the Cerebellum in Adult Male Albino Wistar Rats Following Cannabis Sativa Administration Journal of Natural Sciences Research. 2015 5(16):82-89. Ostensibly cites Cannabis: Legal Status vault by name but gives unrelated URLs in the citation list.
--- Book Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences Richards, W. Erowid included as resource for information about psilocybin and spiritual experience research.
--- Book New Mexico Chiles: History, Legend, and Lore Urig K. "Hit Chiles: Surfing the Burn" included as reference.
--- Book Addiction Medicine: Principles and Practice Haber P, Steven P, Haber D. (Eds) Erowid included as reference.
--- Book Narrative Theory, Literature, and New Media Hatavara M, Hyvarinen M, Makela M, Mayra F (Eds) Erowid included as reference.
--- Book Cannabinoid Modulation of Emotion, Memory, and Motivation Patrizia C, Fattore L (Eds) Several Erowid pages about spice products included in references.
--- Book Psychoactive Pharmacology Ehikhamenor E, Obianwu H Several Erowid pages referenced about drug testing. They misspell "Erowid" as "Erowig" several times.
--- Book Flotation: A Guide for Sensory Deprivation... Spencer L. Erowid referenced several times.
Dec 8 Media Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead: Prohibition drives drug users toward dangerous LSD substitutes. Reason Quotes heavily from Erowid article about 25I. "According to, a website that provides information about a wide variety of psychoactive substances, 25I-NBOMe had "nearly no history of human use prior to 2010."
Dec 4 Media How The Government Promotes Dangerous LSD Substitutes Forbes Quotes heavily from Erowid article about 25I. "These are not the only fatalities linked to 25I-NBOMe. Erowid lists nine other apparent 25I-NBOMe overdose deaths in 2012, 2013, and 2014." [...] "After the DEA's successful disruption of global LSD distribution in the early 2000s, acid became increasingly rare," note Earth and Fire Erowid (proprietors of in a 2013 article about 25I-NBOMe and related compounds. "This created an opening for other super-potent psychedelics to be deposited on perforated paper blotter. Sometimes buyers are correctly informed of the drug's identity, but often it is falsely sold as 'acid' or, even more specifically, 'LSD.'"
Nov Newsletter Designer Drugs: What Drug Court Practitioners Need To Know National Drug Court Institute, 2014 Nov;IV(2):11 Erowid is provided along with the DEA in a list of 'Resources'. "Documents information on both legal and illegal substances gathered from diverse sources including published literature, experts in related fields, and the experiences of the public. Erowid is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization."
Nov Journal Bupropion toxicity with unintentional exposure or abuse: More common than you think BCMJ, 2014 Nov;56(9):445 While bupropion's abuse potential is low for most patients, reports of recreational use by ingestion and insufflation or snorting began appearing on the popular user experience website,, in 2001.[4] The first report of recreational use of bupropion in medical literature appeared in 2002 and involved ingestion of 600 mg bupropion.[5]"
Oct 16 Media Inhalants are Terrible, Please Stop Using Them Vice "After all, even the unapologetically pro-drug resource has almost nothing nice to say about inhalants. [...] A deeper dive into Erowid's vaults present a wider range of experiences with inhalants. They provide useful insight into what huffing feels like and why people keep spraying themselves in the face with aerosol paint. I should note that even Erowid seems uncomfortable endorsing these stories: Above the personal narratives, a disclaimer warns [...]"
Oct 9 Media Dosed Miami New Times "No studies have ever been conducted on NBOMe use in humans. But according to Erowid, an online Wikipedia for psychedelics, NBOMe first began being sold for recreational use around 2010. Sale of the substance picked up on Silk Road, a website where people anonymously bought and sold drugs that was accessible only through special search engines. "
Oct 7 Media What is Molly? How the party drug works and why it's risky Global News "In the early 2000s, "Molly" was slang for MDMA that came in crystal or powder form (versus pill form), according to non-profit educational website Erowid. Erowid uses information from published literature, experts and input from the public to document legal and illegal substances. It also runs, a pill testing program of U.S. street ecstasy"
Oct 7 Media What is Molly? How the party drug works and why it's risky Global News "In the early 2000s, "Molly" was slang for MDMA that came in crystal or powder form (versus pill form), according to non-profit educational website Erowid. Erowid uses information from published literature, experts and input from the public to document legal and illegal substances. It also runs, a pill testing program of U.S. street ecstasy"
Oct 7 Media Death of a Boca Teen Launches an Investigation into NBOMe, an LSD-Like Synthetic Drug Broward Palm Beach New Times "No studies have ever been conducted on NBOMe use in humans. But according to Erowid, an online Wikipedia for psychedelics, NBOMe first began being sold for recreational use around 2010."
Oct Book Chapter Harm reduction of novel psychoactive substance use Change and Continuity: researching evolving drug landscapes in Europe. 2014 Oct. Chapter 3:36-50 "For global drug information, the website has served for many years as the most comprehensive source, while promoting also responsible psychoactive drug use."
Oct-Dec Journal An Internet Study of User's Experiences of the Synthetic Cathinone 4-Methylethcathinone (4-MEC) J Psychoactive Drugs. 2014 Oct-Dec 05;46(4):273-86 "...see Table 1, which presents comparisons between 4-MEC and mephedrone according to user reports from"
Oct Book Raffa RB (ed). "Erowid wrote a chapter in this book using Experience Reports as an analytical source."
Aug 26 Media Scams and Jams: The art of walking away The Eyeopener "Find someone you trust, get to know them. Maybe do some Erowid research before trying anything too crazy."
Aug 25 Media American Heart Association recommends regulation of e-cigarettes The Examiner "The following list of relative addiction potential was compiled by Erowid Center, which is short for Earth Wisdom. Erowid Center is a non-profit 501c corporation that focuses on providing accurate data on the effects of psychoactive substances."
Aug 22 Journal Tweet of the Week: Illicit Psychoactive Web Medpage "...Michael Sherman, a senior consultant at SunGard Consulting Services, who shared this visualization of what illicit drugs -- psychoactives, in particular -- people reported mixing together and compiled by @Erowid, the online hub dedicated to the "complex relationship between psychoactives and humans."
Aug 19 Journal Understanding the risks associated with the use of new psychoactive substances (NPS): high variability of active ingredients concentration, mislabelled preparations, multiple psychoactive substances in single products Toxicol Lett. 2014 Aug 19;229(1):220-8 Cites three experience reports, referred to as 'user reports'.
Aug 18 Media PopLives #75: Richie Egan Medpage "What are your most clicked bookmarks? Probably the Morbid Reality sub-reddit, Attack magazine for audio, Vice for news, Erowid for the trip reports."
Aug 14 Media 8 Creative, Unpredictable Ways People Are Enjoying Marijuana AlterNet. Aug 14, by Al-Nasrawi R; Online "On resource dedicated to drugs--users share their experiences on message boards dubbed the "Experience Vaults." The vaults contain stories from drug explorers, ranging from a first-time acid trip to a crack addiction story. And it also happens to contain some of the most diverse pot stories using some of the most diverse methods of intake."
Aug 5 Media Are psychedelics the next medical marijuana? The Baltimore Sun "After psychedelics were classified as "Schedule I" drugs, knowledge about the effects of psychedelics tended to come from online data generated anonymously and curated on sites like Erowid. Researchers who have used these self-reported data have found just a few deaths associated with behavior after taking LSD and only one death associated with psilocybin in a heart transplant patient."
Jun 29 Media Fire and Earth Erowid: Drug Geeks at Work Public Address "Erowid's as old at the internet, isn't it?" someone quipped to me recently. Well, not quite. But next year will mark 20 years of providing deep, broad and comprehensive information about psychoactive substances, legal and illegal."
Jun 14 Web The Ethics of Neuromodulation for Consciousness Exploration Lists Erowid LSD Vault Effects page among references though not specified parenthetically within text.
Mar 17 Journal A "Krokodil" emerges from the murky waters of addiction. Abuse trends of an old drug. Life Sci. Mar 17, 2014; Online Cites Erowid's Desomorphine Basics Page
Feb 26 Journal The claustrum's proposed role in consciousness is supported by the effect and target localization of Salvia divinorum Front Integr Neuroxci. Feb 26, 2014; Online Citing "In the discussion below, the effects of Salvia described are based on anecdotal reports together with a quantitative analysis of subjective reports obtained from ( is a curated website with tens of thousands of informational documents about drugs. Members of the public post accounts of their experiences after ingesting various substances, and the administrators of the site sometimes work with researchers (Baggott et al., 2010). We (independently of the administrators of the site) initially chose 63 Salvia experiences and 63 lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) experiences randomly from the site. ..."
Feb Journal The claustrum's proposed role in consciousness is supported by the effect and target localization of Salvia divinorum Neurpharm. Feb 2014;77:200-7
Feb Journal MET Plus CBT for Ecstasy Use When Clients Are Depressed: A Case Series Cog Behav Practices. Feb 2014;21(1):55-63
Feb Media "Neue Drogen : Wie gefaerlich sind Legal Highs?" [New drugs : how dangerous are legal highs?" tip Berlin Info-Addressen : Umfassende Information ueber Legal Highs beziehungsweise Research Chemicals und andere Drogen finden Interessierte ueberwiegend auf englischsprachigen Seiten : (Geschichtliches, Klassifikationen, Tripreporte, Buchtipps" : [Info addresses, Comprehensive information about legal highs or research chemicals and other drugs primarily interested can find over on English Pages: (History, classifications, trip reports, book recommendations)
Feb 24 Journal The NBOMe hallucinogenic drug series: Patterns of use, characteristics of users and self-reported effects in a large international sample J Psychopharm. Feb 24, 2014; Online
Jan 23 Journal Sometimes Poppers Are Not Poppers: Huffing as an Emergent Health Concern among MSM Substance Users J Gay Lesbian Ment Health. 2014 Jan 23; 19(1): 118-121.; Online "We have found mentions of the brand name Maximum Impact™ (containing ethyl chloride) from at least 2007 in online forums [sic] such as Erowid, which chronicles the experiences of users of psychoactive drugs, and from postings in sex-oriented online forums for MSM from 2008."
Jan Journal Using Internet Snapshot Surveys to Enhance Our Understanding of the Availability of the Novel Psychoactive Substance Alpha-methyltryptamine (AMT) Subst Use Misuse. Jan 2014;49(1-2):7-12 Online
Jan Government Problematiche Legate Agli Psichedelici Potenti Italian National Health System : Translated Erowid Article The Italian National Health System, Department of Drugs and Alcohol Addictions in Forli translated and then republished our NBOMe article from the July 2013 issue of Erowid Extracts: "Spotlight on NBOMes: Potent Psychedelic Issues". Erowid Extracts. July 2013;24:2-5. Online edition:
Jan Media In a World of Opiate Addicts, the Internet Plays Doctor and Therapist : Steven Melendez Opiophile isn't the only Internet venue to focus on drugs and addiction. Bi11i and Jacky started the site after another opiate forum,, stopped accepting new members. And since 1995, the website Erowid has provided a more curated library of general drug information and first-person narratives, while various sites like Shroomery and Growery focus on particular substances – in their cases, psychedelic mushrooms and marijuana, respectively.
Jan Media A Remote Arizona Church Offers Followers Peyote-Induced Psychedelic Trips TheBoldItalic : Jules Suzdaltsev Anyway, if you're actually interested in what new and old drugs are out there, check out the ever helpful for more information on nearly every drug we've ever thought of ingesting.
Jan Media A Remote Arizona Church Offers Followers Peyote-Induced Psychedelic Trips Phoenix New Times According to the nonprofit organization Erowid, which specializes in documenting the use and effects of psychoactive plants and chemicals, only Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Minnesota, and Colorado have such exceptions.
Jan Journal Emerging Drugs of Abuse Emerg Med Clin North Am. Citing "Use Patterns and self-reported effects of salvia divinorum: An internet-based survey"
Dec Journal PREDOSE: A semantic web platform for drug abuse epidemiology using social media. J Biomed Inform Citing "Use Patterns and self-reported effects of salvia divinorum"
Nov 26 Media Chronicle AM -- November 26, 2013 Used Black Tar Opium image from Erowid. "This is three times the amount of opium that could get an immigrant worker executed in Dubai. ("
Nov Journal Toxicology Rounds: A 24/7, Worldwide Conversation about Toxicology on Twitter Emerg Med News. Nov 2013;35(11)9. "@erowid: The Vaults of Erowid ( is a treasure trove of scientific information relating to psychoactive plants and chemicals as well as self-reported user experiences of uncertain reliability. The organization's twitter feed is essential for following fast-breaking stories related to street drugs, such as the recent series of deaths at summer musical festivals apparently from exposure to the drug 'Molly'."
Nov 13 Media Twitter can be used to study Toxicology Deccan Chronicle "Nearly 34 were organisations (including @Erowid, a user reporting and harm minimisation website for recreational drug use), of which 20 were poison control center accounts."
Nov 8 Media Error: Trenton fire leads to discovery of hallucinogenic drug production facility, authorities said Very curious error in article references erowid: "Also likely ordered by mail was the erowid mimosa root, used to produce a half-gallon of dimethyltryptamine that was allegedly found in the attic. Erowid mimosa is native to the jungles of South America and Jamaica, and getting the extract from the root is the first step in making an especially potent hallucinogen."
Oct 21 Media LSD Did Not Kill Her, But It Looks Like Prohibition Did Forbes "Exactly which NBOMe compound they took is not clear, but Erowid lists seven fatalities reportedly linked to 25I-NBOMe, which is often sold on blotter paper and passed off as LSD. The drug information website says the psychedelic, which was first synthesized in 2003, 'has nearly no history of human use prior to 2010, when it first became available online.' Erowid warns: '25-I-NBOMe is extremely potent. It should not be snorted! Insufflating 25-I-NBOMe appears to have led to several deaths in the last year and a number of hospitalizations.'"
Oct 21 Media LSD Did Not Kill Her, But It Looks Like Prohibition Did Chicago Tribune, Jacob Sullum "Exactly which NBOMe compound they took is not clear, but Erowid lists seven fatalities reportedly linked to 25I-NBOMe, which is often sold on blotter paper and passed off as LSD. The drug information websitesaysthe psychedelic, which was first synthesized in 2003, "has nearly no history of human use prior to 2010, when it first became available online." Erowid warns: "25-I-NBOMe is extremely potent. It should not be snorted! Insufflating 25-I-NBOMe appears to have led to several deathsin the last year and a number of hospitalizations."
Oct Media The drug revolution that no one can stop THE DESIGNER DRUGS SCENE first hit the Internet around 1998, when clandestine chemists started creating small batches of chemicals for their friends and discussing them on sites such as Erowid and forums such as Bluelight. It was a tiny movement, with perhaps a few thousand people worldwide interested in these potent and unusual substances. But circumstances were coming together in a way that nobody could have predicted. [Erowid Note: Bluelight as a forum was not actually present as a part of the online drug information scene in 1998. If some precursor to the incredily popular Bluelight of mid-to-late-2000s existed in 1998, it was not in the top 100 drug information sites or forums in 1998.]
Oct 16 Media Goodbye to the real trip advisor: Silk Road's top LSD review team just retired New Statesman "Compared to The Avengers, and Silk Road's forums, sites like Erowid - which has been live since 1995 - offer educational materials about psychadelic materials in a way that is very much rooted in a 1960s-style subculture."
Oct 11 Media Erowid founders on Expanding Mind podcast Boing Boing "If you don't know Erowid, it's the Internet's best resource for information about psychoactive substances. [...] All of this publicly-accessible, good data is especially important as a counter to the insanely misinformed media hype around 'Molly.' "
Oct 10 Media Group teaches MDMA safety Berkeley Beacon "Many said they were speaking from personal experience, and Willmoth referenced research she had done before the meeting on sites like, which she said collects research on legal and illegal drugs."
Aug 22 Media Explainer: what is NBOMe The Conversation Erowid's NBOMe deaths page cited and linked to in this sentence: "By 2012 there were a number of reports in the US of people dying from NBOMe drug overdoses."
Sep 27 Media New party drug gaining popularity in Oakland County (MI) Daily Tribune "An online database called tests Ecstasy for a fee. The database shows Ecstasy bought in Michigan, including Oakland County, and the substances found in them. The drugs, all containing different substances, were bought in communities such as Bloomfield Hills, Royal Oak, Walled Lake and West Bloomfield."

Isaacson said some users think that testing these drugs to ensure they are pure MDMA means nothing, since it is 'a dangerous drug on its own.'

'There isn't such a thing (as safe Ecstasy) ... that whole industry is quite scary because you're giving people a false sense of security (on these websites),' Isaacson said.
Sep 23 Media Are Acid Flashbacks A Myth? Popular Science ( "One study found that 60 percent of 2,455 hallucinogen users who took a self-reported survey on the drug information site reported experiencing some kind of visual phenomena, similar to those induced by hallucinogens, when they had been drug-free for at least three days. "
Sep 14 Media DEA: Molly use akin to playing 'Russian roulette' The Daily Progress "Of 232 samples tested this year by, which invites people to send drug samples to its lab, just 26.7 percent were pure MDMA, 12.5 percent were cut with other chemicals ranging from methamphetamine and cocaine to Tylenol and ibuprofen and about 32 percent contained no MDMA."
Sep 13 Journal Emerging Designer Drug Monograph SOFT Designer Drug Committee Monographs "User reports indicate 25I-NBOMe can be insullflated as a liquid or powder, swallowed, and taken orally (see"
Sep 10 Media Opinion: Molly culture growing dangerous as music festival death tolls rise The Daily Reveille "EcstasyData, an independent pill-testing program that collects and reviews Molly tablets, studied tablets in Washington D.C. last year and found ingredients ranging from caffeine to methylone, a substance found in bath salts."
Sep 5 Media Molly deaths may be caused by other drugs The Grio "The Northern California couple that runs the testing website calculated that only 23 percent of the samples of Molly sent in by consumers and tested in its DEA-licensed lab in 2013 were actually pure MDMA."
Aug Journal Spicing Things Up: Synthetic cannabinoids Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2013 Aug;228(4):525-40. Uses and analyses Erowid experience reports to categorize and determine the effects of spice products. "Building on existing reviews, our paper examines aspects not previously covered by including the rich, informative literature on the subjective effects of Spice posted on the Erowid website. To our knowledge this is the first time this data has been presented in the medical literature. The Erowid literature is critical, given the lack of any controlled data on Spice or its constituent cannabinoids."
Aug 2 Journal Methoxetamine (MXE) - A Phenomenological Study of Experiences Induced by a "Legal High" from the Internet J Psych Drugs. Aug 2, 2013;45(3) "A short comparison between MXE and ketamine regarding dosage, duration, and effects is provided in Table 1 and is based on data from user reports published on http://www.erowid."
Jul 15 Media Trayvon Martin, Burglary Tools, and PCP-style Drug Cocktails Right Side News "According to numerous websites found with a search, DXM is increasingly being abused as a recreational drug. One of the more scholarly and scientific sites found with in-depth analysis of DXM and its various uses is ''... "
Jul 11 Media Michael Cera: Typecasting is 'part of being an actor' Salon Interview: "Q: Tell me a little bit about the degree to which you both know about hallucinogens. Because I've never used any, but it seemed fairly realistic to me. Was it all made up? Was there any research that went into it?"

"A: Cera: Um ... yeah, I read a little bit on the website It's like this website, this drug forum where a lot of people write about these things and stuff. Yeah, that was helpful."
Jul 10 Media Fake Ecstasy Pills Kill 7 in Scotland, Police Say PMA Related Deaths on the Rise International Business Times "Several users who cataloged their experiences taking what they believed was PMA on the educational drug website Erowid, described extremely unpleasant symptoms. Many of them noted that the drug took longer to take effect than pure MDMA, and later manifested symptoms that seemed uncharacteristic of ecstasy.

'I tried dancing to some trance that we had playing, but I did not want to listen to music, and dancing made me feel sick', one user wrote on the site. 'I figured it was just a lot of caffeine or something, until I looked at my bulletin board on my wall. I saw words, but somehow I just couldn't read them. ... Suddenly I felt extremely feverish and wanted more than anything to take off all my clothes and cover myself in ice.'"

Several of the users who shared their experiences with PMA had symptoms so severe that they required hospitalization. Nine out of 18 reported thinking they were about to die during their trip, or feeling lucky to be alive afterward.
May 17 Media A Trip that Doesn't End The New Yorker "The most recent large-scale survey, questioning nearly twenty-five hundred users, found that over one in twenty-five were considering treatment for H.P.P.D.-like symptoms. But because participants, recruited from the popular drug information Web site Erowid, did not represent the average dabbler, and because only a small portion of them had actively sought medical care, the tally remains somewhat inconclusive."
May 13 Journal Mind navigators of chemicals' experimenters? A web-based description of e-psychonauts Cyberpsychol Behav Soc Netw. 2015 May;18(5):296-300 "There are those that specialize in providing drug information, for example drugs' effects, dosage, chemistry, and characteristics of the intake experiences. Examples include Erowid..."
May 6 Media New drug N-bomb hits the street, terrifying parents, troubling cops New York Daily News "Writing on the Erowid web site, where drug users can post their firsthand experiences with illegal drugs, a poster identifying himself as an 18-year-old male described ending up in the hospital after his first experience with the synthetic drug."
Apr 25 Media Psychedelic Science: Recreational Drug Users and Academics Join in Conference The Daily Californian "But not all presentations followed this pattern. The headlining act of Sunday was easily Earth and Fire Erowid ("State of the Stone 2013: Drugs of the Future, Now"). Erowid, the nonprofit dedicated to educating users on psychoactive drugs and plants, also manages the site Users can anonymously submit ecstasy (in tablet or powder form) to the DEA-licensed laboratory for testing. EcstasyData then publishes the findings on the website along with photos. Given their illicit nature, drugs like MDMA are not necessarily subject to the same stringent standards that other drugs are subject to. For this reason, the founders emphasized the importance of "knowing what you're getting." In the crowded ballroom, Earth and Fire Erowid were met with electric applause. A few even sprang out of their seats for standing ovations. Earth and Fire used their clout and time to discuss drug awareness and presented compelling evidence on the rapidly changing drug industry. During a lecture on the infamous bath salt face-eating zombie uproar last year, they cautioned that a "poorly-functioning media" was willing to quote any authority tangentially related to the topic at hand. They also pointed to a startling number of new drugs emerging each week: 2012 boasted 73 new drugs. "Knowing what the dosages are is a big issue," the pair said."
Apr 2 Media Widely-abused drugs circumvent legality. Part two. The Nevada Sagebrush "While a psychological dependency can exist, according to, legal, over-the-counter drugs such as OxyContin can produce physical dependencies with serious side effects."
Apr Journal New and Emerging Drugs Prevention Researchh "6.Online user-driven forums and educational resources such as Erowid can be used to gather useful information about new and emerging drugs."
Mar 21 Media Synthetic drug involved in December on-campus stabbing The Independent Collegian, pg 2,9 "According to the Erowid Center, an organization which provides information on psychoactive substances, 25i can be ingested in multiple ways, including smoking and dissolving drug tags under the tongue."
Mar 15 Journal 2C or Not 2C: Phenethylamine Designer Drug Review Journal of Medical Toxicology. Mar 15, 2013.
Mar Journal Uptake of Gamma-Valerolactone--Detection of gamma-Hydroxyvaleric Acid in Human Urine Samples Anal Toxicol. 2013.
Mar Journal High Times, Low Sats: Diffuse Pulmonary Infiltrates Associated with Chronic Synthetic Cannabinoid Use J Med Toxicology. Mar 2013. Erowid included in references.
Feb 28 Journal Russia Bans the Wikipedia of Drugs Russia has reportedly banned online drug encyclopedia, under a new law aimed at blacklisting websites believed to promote pedophilia, suicide or drug use. Billed as a "a member-supported organization providing access to reliable, non-judgmental information about psychoactive plants, chemicals, and related issues," the site contains an autonomous online library, like a Wikipedia of drugs. According to a post and screenshot on Reddit, the site is the latest casualty of Russia's "very strong anti-drug mentality." Earth, Erowid's chief software engineer, tells The Fix: "This is the first we know of a major country officially blocking Erowid." .
Feb 28 Web Russia just banned Erowid but Russia's version of Silk Road is growing fast A Russian law passed in November 2012 aimed at blacklisting sites promoting drug use has apparently just blocked the popular drug education website for certain users in the country according to a post on Reddit. A Russian government site listing prohibited sites shows that Erowid was added to the register earlier this month and was blocked on February 23. Russian user GreatfulListener says it is only a matter of time before the block affects more Russian internet service providers.
Feb 26 Web Russian Street Gangs Are Hunting Down Dealers of Synthetic Weed "Just today, apparently, cyber authorities in Moscow knocked out the Russian arm of the online drug resource"
Feb 23 Law Russian Banned Website Database This is Russia's official database identifiying websites "providing information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation". The Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Narcotics Control added to the listing on February 23rd, presumably as a site which contains (translated from Russian), "information on the means, methods of design, production and use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, and their precursors, on the place of purchase of such substances and their precursors, and on how and where narcotic plants are cultivated". -- Government Decision N 1101, Oct 26, 2012
Feb Journal Analysis of anonymous pooled urine from portable urinals in central London confirms the significant use of novel psychoactive substances QJM. Feb 2013;106(2):147-152. Erowid included in references.
Jan/Feb Journal Fatal Mephedrone Intoxication--A Case Report J Anal Toxicol. Jan/Feb 2013;37(1):37-42.
Jan 14 Journal Legal substances and their abuse: Legal highs J Paramedic Practices. Jan 14, 2013;5(1):40-51.
Jan Journal Gabapentin Overdose in a Military Beneficiary Military Med. Jan 2013;178(1):133-135.
--- Journal Spicing things up: synthetic cannabinoids Psychopharm 2013;228(4):525-40 "Building on existing reviews, our paper examines aspects not previously covered by including the rich, informative literature on the subjective effects of Spice posted on the Erowid website. To our knowledge, this is the first time these data have been presented in the medical literature. The Erowid literature is critical, given the lack of any controlled data on Spice or its constituent cannabinoids."
--- Journal The NBOMe Series: A Novel, Dangerous Group of Hallucinogenic Drugs J Studies Alcohol Drugs. 2013. 74.6;977,978 "Just this month, Erowid Center, a nonprofit educational organization that provides information about psychoactive substances, published a report documenting methods of differentiating LSD from substances in the NBOMe series in field tests (Erowid and Erowid, 2013)"
--- Journal Medicinal Plants Effective in Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction: A Review J Med Plant Studies. 2013. Erowid Yohimbe vault referenced.
--- Journal Acute kidney injury requiring haemodialysis following ingestion of mephedrone BMJ Case Reports. 2013. Erowid included in references.
Dec 3 Journal Identifying emerging trends in recreational drug use; [...] New Drugs of Abuse Includes Erowid as a resource for a "psychonaut web mapping project".
Dec 3 Journal The recreational tryptamine 5-MeO-DALT (N,N-diallyl-5-methoxytryptamine): A brief review Neuro-Psychopharm & Biol Psych. Jun 7, 2012;39:259-62. In September 2010, Erowid (the online library of information on psychoactive plants and chemicals) had analysed two samples submitted to them following purchase from Internet sites. One sample proved to be very pure 5-MeO-DALT, but the second appeared to be flephedrone (4-fluoromethcathinone) (Erowid and Spoon, 2010) [...] initial doses of up to 50 mg have been reported (Bluelight, 2010; Erowid, 2010).
Nov 26 Media Visualizing the Language of Drug Experience Scientific American (Blogs) What makes these visualizations possible? The usage data was gleaned from a manually-created corpus of single-drug experiences, which comprises the top twenty-five public postings on Erowid for each of the selected drugs. Erowid is a popular drug library that hosts open forums in which users share their experiences, along with detailed information about the amount and preparation of what they ingest, imbibe, inject, and so on.

What makes these visualizations possible? The usage data was gleaned from a manually-created corpus of single-drug experiences, which comprises the top twenty-five public postings on Erowid for each of the selected drugs. Erowid is a popular drug library that hosts open forums in which users share their experiences, along with detailed information about the amount and preparation of what they ingest, imbibe, inject, and so on.
Nov 22 Journal Analysis of anonymous pooled urine from portable urinals [...] QJM. Cites Erowid's methiopropamine information.
Nov 21 Web From Bath Salts to Spice and Beyond -- Elucidating Emerging Drugs of Abuse Psychiatric Times Mentions Erowid positively as an information source in the context of a Psychiatric Congress. "Take everything in context, Penn told attendees, as these agents of abuse can have deleterious effects but may also hold promise as therapeutic agents. He reminded attendees to keep an open dialogue between patients, as sometimes harm reduction is the best you can do for them. Remind patients that just because a substance is legal, it does not mean it is safe, he said. Finally, keep yourself educated, he added. He shared EROWID's website as a responsible source for further information."
Oct 3 Web 'Sons of Anarchy' Star Johnny Lewis and the Danger of 'Smiles' MedPage Today Mentions Erowid positively as an information source, but fails to mention our perspective on the speculative identity of "Smiles".
Oct 1 Web Smiles: 2C-I or not 2C-I? Terra Sigillata Quotes an experience report and mentions Erowid's opinion on what "Smiles" might be.
Aug 28 Book Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behaviour Pates R, Riley D (Eds), p.191 In "Ecstasy and Related Drugs (ERDs) and Harm Reduction" chapter, Dillon et al. accurately describe the Ecstasydata program, and comment that a unique aspect of this service is that users themselves can send in samples for testing.
Aug Thesis Ayahuasca Characterization, Metabolism in Humans, and Relevance to Endogenous N,N-Dimethyltryptamines McIlhenny, EH. Cites UDV Supreme Court case information hosted on Erowid.
Jul 2 Journal Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone, 4MMC) and d-methamphetamine improve visuo-spatial associative memory, but not spatial working memory, in rhesus macaques Br J Pharmacol. 2012 Jul 2 [Early Online] Cites Experience Vaults.
Jul Journal First reported case [...] of acute prolonged neuropsychiatric toxicity [...] phenazepam Eur J Clin Pharm Cites Erowid's phenazepam experience reports and described effects.
Jun 27 Book IACAPAP e-Textbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health Rey JM (ed), Chapter G.3, p 11. # In "Other substance use" chapter, has link in margin to thumbnail of splashpage with "Click on the picture to access Erowid, a useful website with information about everything to do with drugs".
Jun 25 Journal A Comparative Review of the Neuro-Psychopharmacology of Hallucinogen-Induced Altered States of Consciousness: The Uniqueness of Some Hallucinogens NeuroQuantology 10(2), p 334. Cites in Table 2, "The proposed mechanism of action of hallucinogens to induce ASCs...".
Jun 20 Journal Automated shape annotation for illicit tablet preparations: A contour angle based classification from digital images Science and Justice. Jun 20 [Early Online] "Many tablet indexing services, both commercial (IDPD, Epocrates, Ident-A-Drug), and public (,,, PharmInfoNet) provide some form of search functionality using user-annotated physical descriptions of tablet properties."
Jun 18 Web Artificial Intelligence En Route Through Rabbit Hole Describes the New Scientist article on the use of machine-learning algorithms to analyze data gathered from the Experience Vaults.
Jun 15 Journal Computer AI makes sense of psychedelic trips New Scientist Briefly describes forthcoming article on the use of machine-learning algorithms to analyze data gathered from the Experience Vaults.
Jun 14 Journal Analysis of lysergic acid amide in human serum and urine after ingestion of Argyreia nervosa seeds Anal Bioanal Chem. 2012 Jun 14. [Early Online] References unspecified page for effects.
Jun 14 Journal Methoxetamine associated reversible cerebellar toxicity: Three cases with analytical confirmation Clin Toxicol (Phila). 2012 Jun 14;50(5):438-40. References unspecified page for effects.
Jun 11 Journal Psychoactive 'Bath Salts' Intoxication with Methylenedioxypyrovalerone Am J Med. Jun 11. [Early Online] Cites MDPV experience reports.
Jun 9 Journal Developments in harmine pharmacology - Implications for ayahuasca use and drug-dependence treatment Prog Neuro-Psychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. Jun 9. [Early Online] Refers to Erowid as an "internet drug internet" where ayahuasca anologues are "discussed" .
Jun 9 Web This Week's Web Picks: substances disabused (Michigan, US) "Is it possible to read about mind-altering substances without getting spun silly by religion, politics or culture warriors? On Erowid it is."
Jun 6 Web Psychedelic Drug Research and the Data-Mining Revolution MIT Technology Review. Jun 6, 2012. "The Web is filled with users' descriptions of the effects of psychedelic drugs. Now neuroscientists are using data-mining techniques to quantify the effects of these drugs on human consciousness." "These guys point out that in the contrast to the small amount of formal scientific literature in this area, there are large volumes of narrative descriptions of the effects of drugs posted on the web. Their idea is to mine these descriptions using machine learning techniques to identify common features which would allow a quantitative comparison of their effects. The obvious place to start such an endeavour is a website called,. . ."
Jun 5 Journal What should we do about student use of cognitive enhancers? An analysis of current evidence Neuropharmacology. Jun 5. [Early Online] # Favorably and accurately describes the Experience Vaults: "Research funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse has very favourably reviewed the websites of the Erowid Centre Murguia et al., 2007), a nonprofit educational organization (, which has contributed to scientific publications (Baggott et al., 2004) and hosts drug-related information and the most comprehensive list of user-generated experience accounts. [...] While not all of these accounts describe use aimed at CE, a significant proportion of them do. The websites represent a self-selected sample of a small group of individuals, but analysis of these data would still be highly useful given that such on-line forums are among the primary sources of information for students and young people."
Jun 5 Web Psychostimulant users seek information, not drugs, online (Australia) In describing results of the 2011 EDRS/IDRS national surveys: "Across both surveys, illicit drug users who commented nominated (in no particular order) Pill Reports, Wikipedia and Erowid as their favourite drug web sites.".
Jun 1 Journal Quantitative Analysis of Narrative Reports of Psychedelic Drugs Q-bio. Jun 1, 2012. "Methods: We collected 1000 reports of 10 drugs from the drug information website and formed a term-document frequency matrix."
Jun 1 Web This Is Your Brain on Bath Salts: What It's Like to Do the Scary Drug du Jour Jezebel Refers generically (and correctly) to the site and excerpts experience reports.
Jun 1 Journal Synthetic cathinones: Chemistry, pharmacology and toxicology [...] Toxicol Lett. 2012 Jun 1;211(2):144-149. References unspecified pages for effects and dose info.
May 29 Journal Looking for displacement effects: exploring the case of ecstasy and amphetamine in the Netherlands Trends Organ Crime. 2012 May 29. [Early Online] Incorrectly cites and as fora where "discussions between drugs users" takes place.
May 29 Journal Multiple MDMA (Ecstasy) Overdoses at a Rave Event: A Case Series J Intensive Care Med. 2012 May 29. [Early Online] Cites MDMA Dose page.
May 29 Journal 'Smoking' mephedrone: The identification of the pyrolysis products of 4-methylmethcathinone hydrochloride Drug Test Anal. 2012 May 29. [Early Online] References specific experience report.
May 15 Journal Comparison of chocolate to cacao-free white chocolate in Parkinson's disease J Neurol. 2012 May 15. [Early Online] Cites PiKHAL entry for phenylethylamine hosted on Erowid.
May 12 Journal Understanding How Data Triangulation Identifies Acute Toxicity of Novel Psychoactive Drugs J Med Toxicol. 2012 May 12. [Early Online] Describes Erowid among sources of "self-reported toxicity" data; incorrectly refers to Erowid as a discussion forum.
Apr 30 Web Mad Men: Mothers and Daughters Grantland "Roger thinks the award ceremony will be like being 'lowered in a bucket into a gold mine' - but the more he talks the more it sounds like he is lowering them into the Erowid Psychoactive Vaults": probably a reference to the character having tripped in the previous episode.
Apr 28 Journal Mephedrone: What is new in our understanding of its use and toxicity Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry. 2012 Apr 28. [Early Online] Cites 4-Methylmethcathinone Vault; incorrectly refers to Erowid as a forum.
Apr 24 Book Wichita Ziolkowki T. A scene in this novel describes parents following their son's digital trail to an Erowid page on the family computer.
Apr 21 Journal The importance of quantitative systemic thinking in medicine Lancet. 2012 Apr 21;379(9825):1551-9 Cites LSD Dose page.
Apr 20 Web The Toxic, Psychedelic Drug Behind Sony's Newest PlayStation 3 Game Kotaku Refers to the Experience Vaults as "a popular destination for drug culture and information" and cites several Datura experience reports.
Apr 13 Journal High doses of dextromethorphan, an NMDA antagonist, produce effects similar to classic hallucinogens Psychopharmacology (Berl). 2012 Apr 13. [Early Online] References unspecified pages for effects.
Apr 10 Book Digital Cultures and the Politics of Emotion: Feelings, Affect and Technological Change Karatzogianni A & Kuntsman A (Eds.) Incorrectly refers to Erowid as a "discussion forum".
Apr 9 Web Painkiller Abuse for Dummies: Opioid Misuse Gets Online "How to" Treatment Pain Medicine News, 10(4) "[Erowid] doesn't host discussion forums, but allows users to post (sic) detailed stories of their experiences with particular drugs." "'s not just drug users and abusers who participate in sites like BlueLight, Drugs-Forum and Erowid. Harm reduction specialists, addiction counselors, pharmacists, physicians, researchers and yes, law enforcement officials visit these sites both as open participants and silent observers..."
Apr 4 Journal Synthetic legal intoxicating drugs: The emerging 'incense' and 'bath salt' phenomenon Cleve Clin J Med. 2012 Apr 04;79(4):258-64 Cites Spice & Spinoffs article, Spice Vault.
Apr 4 Book Comprehensive Care of Schizophrenia: A Textbook of Clinical Management (2nd Ed.) Lieberman JA & Murray RM, p.89 Cites P450 Enzyme Drug Interactions page.
Apr 2 Web Review: The Gift of Gab - Next Logical Progression (music review) Refers to musician's prior releases as "[reading] like an Erowid entry for club drugs".
Apr Journal A difference that makes a difference ETC.: A Review of General Semantics. 2012 Apr;69(2). Cites article on nitrous oxide hosted on Erowid.
Apr Journal Haze for Daze Arizona Police Science Journal. 2012 Apr;2(3):19. References phenazepam report.
Mar 22 Web Synthetic cannabinoids: The Australian experience NCPIC Bulletin Series. 2012 Mar;13 Cites an experience report.
Mar 19 Journal Acute Datura Stramonium poisoning in East of Iran - a case series AJP. 2012 Spring;2(2):86-89 Cites journal article hosted in Datura Vault.
Mar 14 Journal Healing with Plant Intelligence: A Report from Ayahuasca AOC. 2012 Spring;23(1):28-43 Cites Mushroom Healing Quotes, Mushroom Vault.
Mar 14 Journal Ayahuasca Religions in Acre: Cultural Heritage in the Brazilian Borderlands AOC. 2012 Spring;23(1):87-102 Cites article published in Ayahuasca Vault.
Mar 5 Journal Phenomenon of new drugs on the Internet: the case of ketamine derivative methoxetamine Human Psychopharmacol. 2012 Mar;27(2):145-9 [Terrible paper, see the horrible citations that cite entire websites instead of documents.] MXE has been marketed (Methoxetamine 2011) and described (Erowid, 2010; 2011; Viceland 2011) as having much more powerful and longer lasting effects than ketamine because of its N-ethyl group. [...] After insuffation, the perceived effects can be delayed for 30 to 90 min (Erowid 2010). This delay has often led recreational users to ingest another dose of the substance (Erowid 2011), thinking that the first dose was inadequate. The duration of action has been described as being in the range of 5-7 h (Bluelight 2010; Erowid, 2010; 2011). When the MXE is injected intramuscularly, the first effects appear within 5 min (Drugs-Forum 2011; Erowid 2011) and may last for about 1 h. [...] According to MXE users, its effects are similar to those of ketamine, although much longer lasting (5-7 h; Bluelight 2010; Erowid 2011) and with a longer delay in the onset of its effects (up to 90 min).
Mar Article Chemists in the Shadows Discover Magazine, p.43 # Discover discusses Erowid and DanceSafe in this article about the intersection of recreational and performance enhancing drugs, steroids, and the like. Included quotes from DanceSafe's President, Nathan Messer.
Feb 28 Article Fluorine in psychedelic phenethylamines Drug Test Anal. 2012 Feb 28 [Early Online] Paper not available to check.
Feb 23 Web Rand Paul Blocks Synthetic Drug Bans Reason Hit & Run Refers to 2C-E Vault when discussing related fatalities: "In its entry on 2C-E, Erowid notes a total of three fatal overdose reports..."
Feb 20 Journal "A Costly Turn On": Patterns of use and perceived consequences of mephedrone based head shop products amongst Irish injectors Int J Drug Policy. 2012 Feb 16. [Early Online] This article incorrectly refers to Erowid as an "online forum".
Feb 19 Web Growing threat of designer drugs Context: "A tip from a police officer, a click or two of the mouse, and up pops the Web site 'Erowid: documenting the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives.'", then quotes PiKHAL section on 2C-E but misrepresents it as an "entry on Erowid".
Feb 16 Thesis The Spice trade: challenges with addressing the rise of synthetic drugs in the era of Homeland Security Lloyd EAC. Feb 16, 2012. Cites the Coca Timeline and Cannabis Basics pages.
Feb 16 Web Logan Warren orders what may be most expensive Starbucks drink ever Yahoo Canada Daily Buzz Context: "The drink contains 1400mg of caffeine. That's almost three times the amount listed as a heavy dose by Erowid, a well respected drug catalog."
Feb 15 Journal New recreational drugs and the primary care approach to patients who use them BMJ 2012;344:e288. [Early Online] Among "Additional educational resources", describes Erowid as an "extensive database of expert and user opinions on various legal, prescribed, and illegal substances."
Feb 10 News A Psychonaut's Adventures in Videoland New York Times > Movies This article incorrectly refers to Erowid as an "online forum".
Feb 9 Web Psychedelic Anesthetic Helps Treat Depression Santa Cruz Patch  
Feb 2 News The grim reality behind the numbers in the state drug report Minnesota Public Radio  
Feb Journal Palpable Purpura Complicated by Streptococcal Toxic Shock [...]: A Case of Levamisole and Cocaine Coingestion Pharmacotherapy. Feb 2012;32(2)e17-e23.  
Feb Journal Bath Salts: The Ivory Wave of Trouble West J Emerg Med. 13(1):58-62 Cites Erowid for dosage information of MDPV.
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Jan Web True or False: Eating Poppy Seed Pastries Can Lead To a Positive Drug Test for Heroin Alleghany Regional Hospital (Virginia)  
--- Thesis An Exhaustive Data Mining of Medicinal Plants using MySQL for Biotechnology Research Bhuyan S Includes Erowid in Table 1: Databases containing plant related information.
--- Journal How to handle legal highs? Findings from a German online survey and considerations on drug policy issues Drugs and Alcohol Today. 2012;12(4):222-231. Cites Anologue Act document on Erowid.
--- Research Paper Youth and Digital Media: From Credibility to Information Quality The Berkman Center for Internet & Society Research Publication Series. 2012-1. "...a site like Erowid ( makes available the knowledge and expertise of countless individual drug users. Users share their experiences to help inform others who previously would have never had access to such knowledge about the precise bounds of harm, in what one of the site's founders calls "grassroots peer-review" (Davis, 2004)."
--- Book Why We Take Drugs Yardley T. (pg 133) Context: "In order to confirm this point, a limited survey of the Erowid ( and Lycaeum ( archives, where indivdiauls post anonymous accounts of the experiences with a range of intoxicant substances, was carried out."
--- Book Marijuana Legalization Caulkins J, Kleiman M, Hawkins A, Kilmer B. (bibliography) Context: Includes the Erowid Cannabis Effects page in the bibliography.
--- Book Forensic Toxicology Rao K. (pg 43) Context: Includes the Erowid Drug Testing Basics page as a reference.
--- Book Law Enforcement Responder Stair R, Polk D, Tang N. (pg 43) Context: Includes the Erowid website as a toxicology reference.
--- Book The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion Haidt J. Context: ""See the extensive library of drug experiences at For each of the hallucinogens there are many accounts of mystical experiences and many of bad or terrifying trips.
--- Book Harm Reduction in Substance Use and High-Risk Behavior Pates R, Riles D. Context: Describes Ecstasydata's pill testing program, that it is an Erowid sponsored program. Provides details about DEA restrictions on testing and the way the program works.
--- Book Comprehensive Care of Schizophrenia Lieberman J, Murray R. (pg 124) Context: Includes the Erowid P450 Enzyme Drug Interactions page as a reference.
--- Book Enclyclopedia of Immigrant Health Loui S, Sajatovic M. Context: Includes the Erowid Peyote vault in a list of peyote legal status references.
--- Book Spiritual Growth with Entheogens Roberts TB (ed). (pg 158) Context: "Websites such as those of Erowid (, the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (, The Psychedelic Library (, The Lycaeum (, and the Council on Spiritual Practices ( are exemplars of such founts of accumulated knowledge."
--- Book Clandestine Operations: Synthetic Methods, Hazards, and Safety [Chapter] Basic Principals of Forensic Chemistry (pg 254)  
--- Book Conceptual Advances in Pathology Zoltan Oltvai  
--- Book Forensic Toxicology Kalipatnapu NR. (pg 43)  
--- Book The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web is Changing What We Read and How We Think Pariser E. (3 mentions) Context: "On Erowid, an online forum for recreational drug users and 'mind hackers', there's post after post of testimonials to the drug's power to extend focus." and "'With this drug,' an Erowid experimenter wrote, 'I became calculating and conservative. In the words of one friend, I think 'inside the box.''"
Dec 30 Journal Emerging psychoactive substance use among regular ecstasy users in Australia Drug Alcohol Depend. 2011 Dec 30. [Early Online]  
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