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Illegal Drugs
A Complete Guide to Their History,
Chemistry, Use and Abuse
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Author(s) :
Paul M. Gahlinger
Pages :
Pub Date :
Edition(s) at Erowid :
2001(pb,1st ed,fine),2004(pb,f-,s)
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A complete reference, describing all 178 illegal drugs and explaining every aspect of drug use.

What is OxyContin? GHB? Ibogaine? Khat? Peyote?
Why is drug abuse called "The American Disease"?
Did pre-human cavemen use hallucinogens?
What is the truth about medical marijuana?
Why is crack more addictive than cocaine?
Does Ecstasy cause brain damage?
Did medieval witches use LSD?
Which drugs are used in date rape?
Can you really beat the employee drug test?
Why is smoking more addictive than injecting drugs?
What drug questions is a job interviewer allowed to ask?
What loopholes do drug dealers exploit to legally import drugs?
How can American soldiers be permitted to use an illegal hallucinogen?
When does marijuana possession carry a greater prison sentence than murder?