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Zakrzewska A, Parczewski A, Kazmierczak D, Ciesielski W, Kochanaa J. 
“Visualization of Amphetamine and Its Analogues in TLC”. 
Acta Chim. Slov.. 2007;54:106-9.
Derivatisation followed by iodine azide reaction was employed for detection of amphetamines and its analogues in TLC. The derivatisation reaction with phenyl isothiocyanate took place directly on the TLC plate before the developing step. Afterwards, the plate was sprayed with a mixture of sodium azide and starch solution and then exposed to iodine vapour. The obtained limits of detection were compared with other commonly visualization techniques: UV, iodine vapour, Marquis and Simon’s reagents, ninhydrin, Fast Black K.
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