PCP (also angel dust; phencyclidine) Reports - General
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Welcome To Waterworld dgaf420 PCP 2017 Dec 06
A Most Unusual Experience Seezee-Three PCP & Cannabis 2008 Dec 17
A Visual Trip Tyger PCP & Cannabis 2008 Dec 13
Boom Sauceman PCP & Cannabis 2008 Dec 06
Not As Horrific As It's Reputation Suggests Kbomb PCP 2008 Nov 09
Intensely Stoned Chronique PCP & Cannabis 2008 Nov 01
Moral: Leave it in the Baggy Hakushon PCP 2008 Jul 21
Systematically Dull JFL PCP, Tobacco & Cannabis 2008 Jun 22
The Edge of the Room UncleHorneyToad PCP 2007 Dec 13
The Good and the Bad Ryan7 PCP & Cannabis 2007 Oct 03
I Feel Like I'm in a Video Game Kaliescope Eyes PCP & Cannabis 2007 Jun 19
Accidently smoked PCP Bobalouie Cannabis & PCP(?) 2005 Apr 23
Visual Distortions and Thought Disruption RadioHead Cannabis & PCP 2019 May 19
I Am Melting Help Me Zoop PCP 2018 Sep 18
Living Dead Sicarii Arafat PCP & Cannabis 2017 Nov 16
Too Much Trip Heidi PCP 2017 Nov 16
I Was Elaborately Dead Gofishy PCP 2017 Nov 16
Something Drawing Me to That Apple Pie The Half Unlit PCP 2017 Nov 16
A Different Person on a Different Planet Cory K. PCP 2017 Nov 15
Not Gay At All Racecar PCP 2009 Jan 01
The End of the World Kyle Cannabis (with PCP) 2008 Oct 22
This is Just Weed? Elusive PCP & Cannabis 2008 Oct 22
Absolute Craziness Mdma_Gaaren PCP & Cannabis 2008 Aug 25
I Can Look, But I Can't See Blazed PCP & Cannabis 2007 Oct 14
Dusted Fluffanetti PCP 2005 Jul 11
Was It Dust? Dan PCP (?) & Cannabis 2001 Aug 17
Fun, Once in a While BastardAss PCP 2000 Oct 18
False Positive with DXM for PCP Rob L. DXM 2000 Sep 08
Where Am I? RaverBoy PCP 2017 Nov 16
Day Job Got A Lot Harder KrakHeadMaster PCP 2017 Nov 12
Rage and Energy A night of PCP PCP 2010 Mar 22
Our Legs Are Covered In Foam Dan. PCP (Angel Dust) 2008 Oct 22
PCP Trips Enter The Twilight Zone A. Gonzales PCP 2005 Jun 14
Gettin Wet BigWilly PCP 2019 May 09
Watching Myself From a Different Angle jewish and dusted PCP 2019 Jan 02
A Strange and Angry Night Stonergirl PCP 2019 Jan 02
My Only Bad Ride On The Love Boat J GEEZUS PCP & Alcohol 2018 Jun 01
Different Smoke motorhead PCP 2018 May 02
Yoda In The Sky DaN S. PCP & Cannabis 2018 Jan 22
'Oodles And Noodles' kindbud PCP 2018 Jan 15
In Real Life Everything Was Very Vivid Alvino G. PCP 2017 Nov 16
Stars Around The Moons Kay PCP 2017 Nov 13
Trying To Open Walls Chuckster PCP 2017 Nov 12
A Bomb in my Head Scotticus PCP 2008 Jan 25
Like LSD Sticky Green PCP 2007 Dec 19
Visiting Ancient Tenochtitlan Oscify Cannabis & PCP 2007 Jun 25
Dusting Up Zoidburg PCP, Cigarettes, Cannabis & Alcohol 2004 Feb 13
Definitely Powerful Drake Mallard PCP (?) 2001 Aug 17
Decently Visual mNi PCP 2000 Oct 06

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