My Only Bad Ride On The Love Boat
PCP & Alcohol
Citation:   J GEEZUS. "My Only Bad Ride On The Love Boat: An Experience with PCP & Alcohol (exp18088)". Jun 1, 2018.

  repeated oral Alcohol - Hard  
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    repeated smoked PCP (liquid)
It was a saturday night, I was chillin with a few of my friends on the front porch. We were very bored and all wanted to get fucked up. We finally got up and went to get some liquor. We got some smirnoff vodka. We came back to the house and it was 4 of us on the porch now. We all started taking turns taking shots till the bottle was empty. When it was gone, we all wanted to get some boat (what we call pcp around here) we drove to meet the guy and got 2 dippers (cigarettes dipped in water, liquid pcp, 30 each if your wondering the price, VERY GOOD WATER). We got them and we were all feeling a buzz from the liquor.

We all chipped in on them but I paid the most so I wanted to get my moneys worth, I learned it was not such a good idea to be greedy later. I asked my friends to let me light it. When you lite the dipper, you get fucked up the most, I dont know if its because your getting all the chemicals first, or if its all in our heads around here, but it sure as hell works. I lit the first dipper and hit it about 5 times, I could already feel it kicking in. Then I lit the other one, hit it about 4 times and passed. I was feeling very much fucked up after that, but it seemed like I needed more, so everytime it got passed my way, I would babysit (hit it for a long time) then pass.

When the dippers were out, I kept saying 'who the fuck has the dipper pass the shit.' my friends also very fucked up just laughed and said 'shut the hell up there out dumbass.' After repeating myself about 10 times, it finally came to me that they were done. Conversations were going on all around me because about 5 more of our friends showed up (I still don't remember who) I was paying no attention to what they were saying because when I tried it sounded like they were echoing and I couldn't understand them.
I was paying no attention to what they were saying because when I tried it sounded like they were echoing and I couldn't understand them.

I had done PCP about 8 times before, but never had it hit me this hard. I started shivering then sweating, I was just feeling very weird and fucked up. When I tried to stand up to get a cigarette from one of my friends, I fell down like I was paralized from the waist down. Again, all my friends did was laugh really hard. When they finally helped me up I realized I was feeling way to fucked up. I started walking inside and looked at the ground. It looked as if I were a snake or some kind of small animal crawling on the ground. It was like I was laying flat on my face but I knew I was walking because I could see my feet moving from very close.

Then I made it inside, I went upstairs and pounded on my brothers door. He answered with a very loud yell that sounded like 5 voices in one. He finally came out of his room and looked and me, then laughed and said 'your fucked up aint you.' I replied with a 'fuck yeah.' then he helped me into my room and told me to lay down till it started to wear off or at least until I could walk again to go join now about 15 people out on the porch partying. I layed there, and looked at my wall, it looked as if the wall was very far back in space, and every picture, poster or whatever was hanging on the walls was up in my face. I started feeling like I was floating, then I closed my eyes (bad idea) when I opened them about 5 minutes later (or so it seemed) I was looking down on myself laying on the bed, as if my body was laying down on the bed and my eyes were on the sieling. I could see every move I made. Then I started to feel kinda scared. I thought I was dying and my soul was floating up above. I started to scream and yell out for help. But it couldn't hear myself. I got very frustrated with this feeling and punched my wall very many times (there were alot of holes in the wall when I looked the next morning) all I could think about was fighting.

I finaly fell asleep (or just cant remember what I did after that) then woke up abut an hour later. I was finally coming down from the pcp. I started feeling in a good party mood, and stood up and could walk. I went back downstairs and went out n the porch to see what was going on. Everyone had left. So I sat out there and smoked a cigarette, my brother and his girlfriend came downstairs and I said 'thanks for everything' why I don't know. I was just in a really good mood after that. If your gonna try pcp, don't be greedy, you are promised to get fucked up, so dont be on a mission or you will be sure to not have a good high. PCP is a very fun drug for me and everyone I know that does it.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 18088
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 1, 2018Views: 2,081
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PCP (113), Alcohol - Hard (198) : Large Group (10+) (19), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3), General (1)

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