The Good and the Bad
PCP & Cannabis
Citation:   Ryan7. "The Good and the Bad: An Experience with PCP & Cannabis (exp22902)". Oct 3, 2007.

  repeated smoked PCP
    repeated smoked Cannabis
Not to long ago I started experimenting with angeldust (pot laced with PCP). Anyway, a friend of mine, John, asked if I needed any weed. I said sure, but added that if the dealer has anything else, I'll take that instead. I told him I didn't care what it was. I pride myself on knowing everything I can, especially when it comes to drugs. At the time I hadn't read anything about PCP. I only barely knew what it was. So, when he came back with angeldust, I was a bit surprised. I said, 'Isn't this a hallucinogen?' to which he replied, 'Maybe if you took PCP strait up, but this won't make you hallucinate.'

When I got home from school (where I bought the drug), I began smelling it to see if it smelled any different. I thought it did. I think just from smelling it, I got what felt like a strong coffee buzz. It very well could have been, since I drink alot of coffee. Still, this felt a bit different. I thought that it was all in my head at the same time I thought maybe it wasn't. The first night I took it, no hallucinations. I had taken about two thirds of what I had and I really only felt drunk. I began to wounder if it was really PCP at all, not just weed. I thought that the difference was all in my head. When I was coming down from the angeldust, I got a really bad headache and I felt pretty naseous. At the time I attributed this to low blood sugar (I'm hypoglycemic). Later I would realize it could be a reaction to the poison PCC which is often found in PCP.

The second time I took it, it was the next day. We had a snow day, so I didn't to go to school. My mom was going to be out for a little while so I decided to smoke the rest of the bag. This time, it had drastically different effects. My body felt like I had taken like ten or twenty whippets in a row. My hands started shaking and I was freaking out. I felt immense fear and paranoia. What felt like twenty minutes was really one. I had intense auditory hallucinations and some minor visual hallucinations. Mostly things just looked different and I didnít see anything that wasnít there. Colors were much brighter and everything sort of looked cartoonish. When I did see something that wasnít there, it was in the corner of my eye. I saw drops of clear, white or red liquid drop from various things. The red was probably as a result of the fact that my room is painted red and black.

Sounds that should have been quiet were extremely loud. My ears felt overloaded. I would hear loud creaks and wind blowing and water dripping from the snow outside melting, my own heart beat (which was going a million miles an hour) and the TV in my sisterís room all at once, plus several sounds that didnít really exist. Normally I ignore these sounds, but I couldnít. It was like that drippy faucet that keeps you up at night times a thousand.

For some reason I decided I could sleep it off. Instead of sleeping, I was just laying on my bed with my eyes closed. I no visual hallucinations after this point. Things got worse when our house cleaner showed up. She brought her four kids (between 5 and 10) and she is always noisy. I hallucinated her saying different things which led me to believe that I had talked to her, told her I was freaking, then she called my mom and I forgot about the whole thing. In reality, she never even saw me. For some reason I half thought that I was in the emergency room because I overdosed. None of this happened. The whole time I was just laying in my bed. After about three hours it wore off with virtually no after effects. I thought that I had cravings for it following the next day, but I could have just been in my head, mistaking a nicotine craving for a PCP craving.

A few days later I asked for some more PCP. I don't know why I wanted more of something I had such a miserable time with, but I did. Maybe I thought that if a bad trip was that harrible, a good trip must be even better than I could imagine. I blamed my bad trip on not being prepared for what it would do (ie hallucinations, warped thoughts). It took like two or three weeks before he finally got it for me.

I smoked a relatively small amount and it felt pretty good. No hallucinations or freak outs, but that was on purpose. The next night I smoked the rest, purposly smoking the amount that I felt would get me as screwed up as last time. I wasn't quite as screwed up, but it still wasn't fun. For some reason I was deathly afraid of my teeth. I thought that I might bite off my tounge. I even thought that I did at times because I couldn't feel my tounge. In reality I couldn't feel anything. In the back of my head I knew this wasn't true, but I treated it as if it was. I think what started that delusion was the fact that one time I did bite off a piece of my tounge. It was a very small portion (maybe a fourth of a tic tac). You can barely notice the missing peice. It just looks like theres a tiny spot on my tounge that is smoother than the rest. It didn't even hurt real bad when I bit it off, but I believe that I was thinking about it and it freaked me out because I was so screwed up. The next day I decided I was done with PCP.

The next day my mom made me do a little work at the barn (I come from a wealthy family and we own several horses which are kept on the property). I was very angry at her making me work for some reason, maybe as a side effect of the PCP. When I was all done my mom lit up a joint. I guess she saw that I was stressed out or something and wanted to smoke some pot with me (me and my mom smoke pot all the time). I took a few hits and decided I didn't want any more weed, I just wanted some coffee and to use the computer. It is unusual for me to turn down pot, especially pot this good. When I got to the house (1 minute and a half later) something was different. I realized that I was somehow having another angeldust trip. Apparently the PCP stayed in my system for so long that it re-triggered it. It wasn't so intense as to cause hallucinations, but I only had a little bit.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 22902
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 3, 2007Views: 38,639
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