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Dusting Up
PCP, Cigarettes, Cannabis & Alcohol
by Zoidburg
Citation:   Zoidburg. "Dusting Up: An Experience with PCP, Cigarettes, Cannabis & Alcohol (exp8071)". Feb 13, 2004.

T+ 0:00
  smoked PCP
  T+ 0:59   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes
  T+ 0:15   smoked Cannabis
  T+ 0:30   joints/cigs smoked PCP
  T+ 0:59   oral Alcohol


Just today my friend and I, who were supposed to get dust at a party one day during the beginning of the school year got a chance to try this drug for the first time. The call came and my friend who asked if we wanted to go to Lego land; he had a hookup. We had a few beers earlier and went to get our cigs dipped. We got 2 dipped for 4 people. We went around the block and smoked 'em.

The first thing I noticed is the smell, like chemicals, it tastes too and as we lit up the cigarette it flamed up a sec. The dip tasted of a slight bitter and alcoholic (rubbing) fume taste. After the first dip the people who already had more substances in them (weed, beer, valium) felt it fast. By 10 minutes I felt light headed and floaty. I felt sort of stoned with a lack of feeling of the body when not focusing on it. Not a numbness, just like its not there.

We smoked some bongs because it was recommended to us to smoke after finishing the dippie. Weed definitely helped the dissociated feeling and the high stoniness was increased a lot. We smoked the next cigarette and the dust was increased over the high again.

A little later we went back to the comfortable, familiar environment of my friends garage where we chill and jam and smoked a blunt with a crill of valium crushed up lacing it and I was in orbit. However I didn't know this earlier tonight, when I read that valium actually is useful in countering people experiencing convulsions or high doses (overdose?) of dust. That's when I decided to write this up because there isn't much about dust out there.

After the smoking was done I peaking at about the 1 hour mark. The euphoric energized-yet-happy with sitting feeling came down slowly and I just felt high 45 minutes later. I would not compare this to tripping on acid or shrooms or rolling at all. I would have to say if your lungs are shot from smoking cigarettes and weed you should really recuperate from them before you throw this harsh chemical into your precious lungs.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 8071
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Feb 13, 2004Views: 13,196
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PCP (113) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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