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by Fluffanetti
Citation:   Fluffanetti. "Dusted: An Experience with PCP (exp9788)". Jul 11, 2005.

1 cig. smoked PCP


I wanted to share some thoughts on PCP.

I woke up this morning still feeling slighty numb and 'fuzzy' from smoking last night. Not going to work, was not an option so here I am, reading about PCP.

No more than a couple minutes after smoking do I realize, wow I am fucked up. Having smoked before, it's expected. But - I feel the need to say 'I am fucked up'. I guess I thought it would be better for me to notice first before someone else did. Well I am only with my cousin, but he doesn't even seem to hear me anyway. So saying 'I am fucked up' does not seem to get my point across. I try to say 'I am confused'. Is that even a word? I spell it in my head to be sure. It still doesn't seem enough to get my point across, and saying 'I'm confused' just doesn't sound right to me, I am having trouble deciding still if 'confused' is even a real word or did I just make it up. I give up, and decide to think about it again later. I had errands I planned on doing but realize I'm in no condition to go food shopping, and start to wonder how I could handle ordering turkey at the deli counter - no way, it would have to wait. I figure I would just head home and enjoy my high.

We are driving to his house to drop him off, and although things seemed to go by in slow motion, we were at his house in no time. I have to use the bathroom, so I went up by myself and it was late so I crept in quietly, I still am not sure if this really happened or not, but I think there was a mattress in the kitchen, it was too dark, but I know I was trying to squeeze by something against the wall in the dark to get to the bathroom. I remember having to squeeze by it again on my way out and just wanted to get out of there so bad I didn't really care to think about why there was a mattress in the kitchen. I say good bye to my cousin and it's time for me to drive. I am in my car, but it feels like for the first time. My car feels smaller and compact, but so do the roads so it's OK. Everything seems bright yet blurry. I start to drive and the roads all seem new to me too, but I still know where to go. I get myself home and go to my room. I turn on the tv, but it seems too fast, I crave something slower and trippier, but there isn't anything so I just keep it on with the volume really low. My bed feels so warm, I can't sleep but I don't mind. I try to remember how I got home, and what I did yesterday, and why is my memory so bad? I guess I just dozed off.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 9788
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 11, 2005Views: 45,106
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PCP (113) : General (1), Alone (16)

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