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Very Highly Recommended Long Lost Novelty Restored Kaleida DiPT 2016 Feb 23
Highly Recommended Collisions of Thought NutterButter DiPT 2004 Aug 16
Recommended Scary, Interesting and Unique ziomale DiPT 2021 Jul 15
Recommended Exactly as Advertised nervewing DiPT 2018 Sep 19
Recommended Demonic Parallel Universe mindexplorer DiPT, Etizolam & MDMA 2012 Feb 06
Recommended Like Listening to your Favourite Songs for the First Time peruviankush DIPT 2012 Feb 03
Recommended Completely Altered Xorkoth DiPT 2005 Oct 19
Recommended Asynchronous Synchronicity Jamshyd DiPT 2004 Mar 12
Recommended Magnificently Perplexed Luke DiPT, 4-AcO-DET & Absinthe 2004 Jan 06
Recommended Energies Were Communicating With Me Morninggloryseed DiPT 2003 Jun 06
Recommended Bohemian DIPTsody Borkhane DiPT 2003 Jun 02
An Enlightening Threshold Goddess Mode DiPT & Cannabis 2019 Apr 11
Wandering Into a Cult Gathering LucidStudies DiPT 2008 Feb 09
As Expected Fragbait DiPT 2004 Jan 02
Deep & Slow Dipt down sounds DiPT 2002 May 14
Doppler Effect CallMeGhost DiPT 2017 Aug 16
Unique and Easy to Identify JKK DiPT 2010 Jan 24
I Was an iDIoPT for Believing Meodid DiPT 2006 Feb 15
A Drug You Can Taste Whilst Sober NOISEassault DiPT 2004 Nov 17
Erotic Phinslit DiPT 2004 Jul 14
Sheer Intensity Julien DiPT 2004 Jul 11
Bird Chirping Overtones Flying Hamster DiPT & Cannabis 2004 Jul 05
Band Rehearsal Q. DiPT 2004 Mar 12
The Nobodies And The Growling Stereo Luke DiPT 2003 Dec 26
More Tripping & Revelations Borkhane DiPT 2003 Sep 05
Way Too High Wilocybin DiPT 2003 Apr 25
Undescribably Weird Fragbait DiPT 2003 Feb 26
More Research is Called For Gumby DiPT 2003 Jan 20
3 Tries Aztec Cricket DiPT 2002 Sep 09
Unexpectedly Potent Moander DiPT 2002 Aug 09
The Idiot Savant of Psychedelics 77k DIPT 2001 May 23
DiPT in Cuba Jimmy DiPT 2000 Jul 18
Aural Effects Began to Take Precedence Mydriasis Aletheia DiPT 2022 Nov 22
Gritty Music and Lots of Eye Candy Brad 4-AcO-DMT & DiPT 2019 Feb 09
Ha Ha I See Sounds kidfun DiPT & Cannabis 2004 Jul 23
Underated Psychedelic Experience Trippingsnake DiPT 2004 Jul 05
Not Very Intense aeonaeonaeon 4-AcO-DiPT & DiPT 2004 Mar 12
The Blind Fox Pyrotix DiPT & Cannabis 2003 Apr 25
Deep & Slow (part 2) Will It Ever End? DiPT 2002 May 22
Appreciating the Music All Over Again Cartoon=koan Syrian Rue & DiPT 2004 Mar 12
My Most Blissfull Hell Mormon Druggie DiPT 2003 Jul 30
Freebasing Tryptamines a Farce? Trauma DiPT 2002 May 05
Diisopropyl How the Flop Does this Work? dmtg666 DIPT 2001 Jun 28

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