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Scary, Interesting and Unique
Citation:   ziomale. "Scary, Interesting and Unique: An Experience with DiPT (exp115582)". Jul 15, 2021.

91,5 mg oral DiPT (powder / crystals)
I was experimenting with DiPT for the past month, I already tested 15, 20 and 30 mg of this substance and I really enjoyed the effects but it was quite underwhelming, so I decided to go with a very high dose of ~90 mg to experience the full range of DiPT effects. My S&S was good enough to go with for an intense psychedelic trip. I measured 91.5 mg of DiPT using a laboratory scale. I poured the powder right under my tongue, and I kept it there for about 30 seconds. Then I swallowed it and drank some water.

T - time of drug consumption

T+0:15 - Already feeling first effects. I'd call it a mild confusion and dizziness.

T+0:20 - Effects of the drug are very distinct now. It's hard for me to focus on anything. I can barely write on my keyboard. I am shocked at how intense the mental effects of DiPT are because Shulgin wrote, that those effects were not present for him with a dose of 100 mg. In my case, the psychedelia in my head is almost as intense as on 2g of psilocybin mushrooms. No auditory distortions were noted yet.

T+0:27 - Unpleasant and very loud ringing in my ears has developed. I also feel strong pressure in my ears. Similar to when you are flying in an airplane or being high up in the mountains. The tinnitus was so loud it was actually painful. I started to freak out a little, feared that it will stay with me forever, but somehow I managed to ignore these bad thoughts and do everything to enjoy the trip. I noticed very pleasant body euphoria. Touching my face felt great. I played loud music to drown out the tinnitus and I forgot about it right after.

T+0:32 - I noticed first auditory distortions. Music I was listening to suddenly started to sound like it was playing from a speaker that was underwater, and also lowered in pitch.

T+0:40 - I still hear that ringing in my ears when the music stops, but I manage to ignore this.

T+0:55 - I have a very uncomfortable feeling of sedation and stimulation at once. I want to lay in bed, but when I'm in bed I want to move. When I move I instantly get tired and want to go back to bed. All of this makes the trip impossible to enjoy at this point.

T+1:00 - I went to the kitchen to pour some water into a glass. Water flowing sounded like lava. That was scary but interesting. I looked in the mirror and my pupils were normal-sized.

T+1:10 - I lay in bed listening to my favorite music. When I close my eyes I notice some indistinct OEVs - colorful fractals and geometric patterns. The trip now becomes quite nice. Music is getting distorted more and more by every minute. A new effect appears - everything sounds metallic. Like generated by a robot.

T+1:20 - I feel like I'm past the peak of the mental effects of DiPT. Now I slowly begin to feel sober again. I checked how my voice sounds like, and it was demonish and robotic.

T+1:40 - I started listening to recordings of voices of people I know. I notice that each person's voice is distorted to varying degrees. Women sound like grannies with throat cancer, but men - like demons. I have the impression that the distortions are getting even stronger and this is not the peak of auditory distortions yet. It's pretty obvious to me at this point, that the psychedelic effects and auditory distortions are independent of each other in this substance.

T+2:00 - There are moments when while listening to songs I know, I am not able to recognize them because they are so distorted.

T + 2:40 - The sounds do not have such a deep tone anymore, but the metallic effect of the sounds has turned up for good. Everything sounds robotic, digital. The music stops sounding like music and resembles a mix of random noises. I decided to give up listening to music and focus more on testing ambient sounds and people's voices.

T + 3:10 - The psychedelic effects in my head are already minimal. I notice slight visual effects in the form of image drifting, but it's not a big deal. Color enhancement is also present, especially with the color black. I checked my pupils again, and now they were dilated.

T+6:00 - After experimenting with voices and sounds, I decided to go to sleep. When lying in bed, I experience vocal hallucinations and hear strange, abstract, and mechanical-digital sounds around me. It's enjoyable and interesting but makes it impossible to fall asleep. Besides, I can hear every murmur outside. Cars on the street sound like airplanes taking off. I decide to eat 1 mg of clonazepam as a sleep aid. I fell asleep after 45 minutes of taking the pill.

T+11:00 - I am woken up by a doorbell that sounded different than usual, my voice is also a bit deeper. After a while, I go back to sleep again.

T+16:00 - I got up and notice that my ears are still ringing slightly, but the intensity of this is maybe 5-10% of what I had during the trip. The sounds are still distorted, but it is very subtle and noticeable especially with sounds that I know very well (e.g. phone ringtone, windows error sound).

T+21:00 - Tinnitus and audio distortions are almost completely gone. I'm writing this trip report and I feel normal again.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115582
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jul 15, 2021Views: 2,494
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DiPT (110) : General (1), Alone (16)

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