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Completely Altered
Citation:   Xorkoth. "Completely Altered: An Experience with DiPT (exp47042)". Oct 19, 2005.

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T+ 0:00
50 mg oral DiPT (liquid)
  T+ 2:10   smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  T+ 3:25   oral Kratom (tea)
3:45pm - Ingested 50mg DiPT (diisopropyltryptamine) in solution over 10 minutes. Worse taste than any of the others I've tried (2C-T-2, 2C-I), but it's probably because of the larger milligram quantity.

4:04 - Can't believe 20 minutes have passed already. Definite alerts. It's kind of hard to listen to the TV, as if I can't quite make sense of people's sentences. I have a light sheen of sweat on my body, and a strange-feeling stomach. However, I think most of the stomach weirdness is due to the alcohol used for the suspension of the DiPT.

4:10 - Didn't actually expect the alerts to be so strong. I feel like I may start hallucinating. Going into this experience, I expect it to be primarily audio-based, with few mental or physical effects. I think I may end up with a stronger experience than I intended. I can feel a strange sort of pressure behind my ears. But it's not a physical pressure. Sounds are beginning to sound somewhat overwhelming, and at the moment, I'd like to sit in silence. The physical nausea just subsided a bit, fortunately.

4:15 - It's as if there are extra channels opening up in my ears, strangely particularly my left one. Whenever I yawn or swallow, this channel gets blocked for a moment. It sounds like a soft TV static noise is coming through that channel right now. Also, twice now I've had my these channels switch on and off rapidly, in one ear then the other, as if my ears were drumming sixteenth notes, but with each drumstroke being that strange sound channel closing momentarily. Keep in mind this went on for less than a full second each time.

4:21 - Pink Floyd's 'Cluster One' is more psychedelic than usual. Strangely, I seem to be primarily hearing out of my right ear. Actually, whoa... this music sounds completely different. All the sounds are at a lower pitch, seemingly slowed down. However, I can still sing along in tune.

Wow... the music is SO much deeper. Its pitch is definitely shifted down a few steps, can't tell exactly how many, because, you know, music is playing and I can't think of how it's supposed to sound simultaneously. It also seems deeper in some indescribable way. This is very strange... everything around me appears normal, but all the sounds are deeper. Some very deep, bass sounds have more than one tone at once, which I'm pretty sure is me being able to hear all the overtones, too. My own voice and the atonal voices of others appear unchanged as of yet. Only tonal sound has shifted.

This really came on much faster than I had expected. I feel that I may need to lay down shortly, both to explore any possible inner space exploration possiblities and because my stomach feels gross. I hear the discomfort will pass, and generally it does, but I really can't wait.

You know how you can yawn and 'pop' your ears, which is really just like opening up this space somewhere behind your ears to relieve pressure? Well, it feels, both physically and otherwise, like this drug has opened that area up. Yawning causes no perceptible change in that area like it usually does. Would be interesting to see if this drug prevents pressure build-up from altitude changes. I am thinking right now that it very well may.

4:37 - All sounds sound in-tune with each other, shifted significantly downward, and somehow slowed down even though obviously they are not. The mental effects are pretty minimal if anything. Soon I'll try lying down and meditating. Only very deep bass sounds sound out of tune. They sound just like a multi-tonal bass note that doesn't sound bad, just doesn't sound like an actual note.

4:54 - About to smoke some you-know-what. The best way to describe this experience is !!!!!!????!!?
Watching TV is a daunting prospect. Over time, all sounds have been getting deeper and deeper. Since I'm alone I didn't notice, but my own voice sounds comically low to me, like reverse helium. Girls' voices on 'America's Next Top Model' sound hilarious. This drug is really cracking me up. Music has gotten a lot more fucked up, and not always in tune anymore. Low, bass sounds are all over the place. It actually all sounds kind of sinister, but the lack of significant mental effects make it easy to not be affected by that aspect. However, if someone were to come try to talk to me right now, I might burst out laughing at their voice :P Deeper male voices have attained a robotic sound, with weird digital-sounding accompaniment to their voices.

I must say this drug doesn't make music better to listen to. It actually makes it less enjoyable to listen to from a pure enjoyment standpoint. But it's interesting to say the least!

5:06 - Well, that helped the nausea quite a bit, as usual! Music has gotten even weirder. This is a very easy drug to describe, but very hard to truly understand. About half the sounds have gotten mechanical sounding. I haven't figured out exactly which ones yet. Everything except extremely high tones are dropping significantly in perceived pitch. Certain types of sound, I want to say high-texture sounds, become impossible to tell what pitch they are. People's voices gain a metallic edge to them. Also, my inner ear, again especially the left, have a sensation of movement at deeper, louder sounds. I want to say it's vibration, but it feels sort of like a tiny version of the ear-popping movement that happens when I yawn.

I truly cannot stress how bizarre this drug is! The only mental effect is a slight mood lift and, shall I say, receptiveness to the psychedelic mindstate, without actually being in it. The visual effects are, MAYBE, a slight flickering of lighting in the peripheral vision. The body buzz in definitely there, and now that the nausea is faded, feels quite good, actually. But the audio effects are just insane! In a truly weird and humorous way. Actually, it reminds me like an extremely more intense version of what sinicuichi did to me, without the debilitating full-body muscle cramps.

(Note from afterwards: This is where the mental effects began, and boy did they begin!)
5:12 (~T+1.5 hrs) - Some of these Infected Mushroom songs are starting to sound COMPLETELY different than usual. Not even the same note relationships between very deep bass tones. I think I'm hearing bass overtones instead of notes.

Just had a theory about it. Normally we hear things, well, normally. But DiPT closes off the 'main hearing', so to speak, and allows only some set of that sound's overtones, and other tones that... (remember shutting off normal hearing, letting overtones through, communicating theory, what sound looks like)

Holy shit, maybe it does have some mental effects. I'm thinking all about sound... I just feel like I can really understand sound on a much different level, at the risk of being cliche. Also just like the other typtamines, it feels very frenetic, energized, and with the territory comes rapid loss of thought train.

The change of thought train is actually pretty tremendous, and I'm having difficulty typing full thoughts. I guess the only real tryptamine experience I've had besides this is mushrooms, and I can note some similarities in the frantic-feeling energy of this.

I wish I could somehow indicate my shifts in thoughts onto the page better. How about, every time I make a new paragraph, it's because I lost my train of thought. Now that I'm fully affected (at least I think!), I find that music has the ability to truly affect the trip, just like with other trips.

I feel somehow blocked off from sound, like I'm actually deaf right now. All the music sounds like it's coming as if through a filter, and I'm hearing it indirectly.

Playing Pink Floyd's 'Cluster One' again. It sounds absolutely NOTHING like it used to!! It even has a totally different feeling to it. The low bass tone held throughout the whole song, you know, the 'background noise' has this 'vast' feeling to it, actually it sort of reminds me of being empty, hollow as well, like a didgeridoo. My voice sounds like it's being replayed in slow motion on a recording. This definitely makes it crazy to listen to this music, but if this were the way I had to hear from now on until forever, I would be seriously crushed. (Note to reader, I sat there for moments thinking about what word was best before I chose one - crushed).

Music really, really, truly does guide this experience, just like with any other psychedelic. I could see why someone might think it had little mental effects, but present the senses that are altered with stimuli and you realize that you're actually within the psychedelic subconsciousness. I feel as if my mind is touching upon a universal current here, like something small could push me over the brink into the place I've been before with mushrooms. But then all of a sudden the sounds stop and I'm thinking, is this really happening? The mental fluidity has stopped, the frantic energy is gone, and I'm left with normality and a ringing in the ears.

5:34 - This drug blends the barriers like no other. Am I going crazy? If so, it's in a good way. Could I function normally right now? I doubt it. This really feels just exactly like a full trip on anything else fully psychedelic, but with the visual field completely normal and extreme weirdness from the audio. You'd be amazed at both how much and how little visual field has to do with a subjective trip.

Perhaps I should try going outside for a walk. Nature will either sound normal or extremely insane. Let's find out.

5:45 - Okay, being outside is infinitely more fucked up than listening to music!!
It sounds like this: first, imagine yourself completely deaf. That's right, no sounds. Now add in a whole bunch of soft, weird-sounding mechanical overtones in a neverending drone as if coming from a great distance. Now imagine that high noises, like birds and screeching brakes, sound normal. So you're left with some isolated, singular noises like normal, with a ringing in your ears that tells you it's COMPLETELY SILENT around you, with a weird, alien-sounding drone in the background.

This drug is probably actually trippier than all the others I've done, period, because it plays with my head BIG-TIME. BBBBIIIIGGGG----TTTTIIIIMMMMEEEE. Okay, I quit, I can't explain the reason why it plays with my head so much even though I feel like I should.

It was very surreal... I went walking outside, and I couldn't hear the car in front of me roll by. It makes it seems like nothing's actually happening, that I'm just seeing what's in front of me but my body is somewhere else, and it can't affect me. I am continually finding it amazing how much fucking up my audio perception is affecting me behaviorally and mentally.

(Note from afterwards: The peak is approaching here)
There's something very organic feeling to this. It actually is more like mushrooms than anything else I've done by far, in more ways than it may seem. I almost just feel like I'm shrooming without the visuals.

I'm reading in a very manic style

It mimics the feeling of mushrooms almost exactly at times,

Sitting here in silence is extremely weird, as it seems like I'm hearing the background thrum to the world, all the machinery that makes reality what we know it as. Except I can only hear them, and think about them. It has that intangible aspect that defies description time and time again, just like on mushrooms, and also just like on mushrooms I am filled with the compulsion to communicate it, but then I can't, because I can't describe it. Like it all goes back in on itself into one circlular loop, neverending, constantly moving, but the only place I ever end up is back where I started.

6:00 - I'm still not sure if I've peaked. It seems like the more I think about it, I'm going farther and farther in, and the mental aspect of the trip is growing. Suffice to say, this is more purely psychedelic than any of the other things I've tried recently, but I'm pretty sure when it's all over, I still won't be able to describe exactly why! (Note from afterwards: I was so right!)

6:09 - Kratom is brewing, and will be absolutely essential to coming back to any form of reality from this one. My girlfriend is returning in a couple of hours so I kind of need to return. I'm glad I've shroomed before, because if I'd never been to this kind of mindstate I'd be the stereotypical freak-out right now. The wave of reality distortion is all-encompassing and complete. This is one of the most altered states of mind I've ever been in. Oddly, music and voices bring me back to reality. When sitting in silence, all I can hear are the machines and my thoughts, and they start to spiral, and end up in a crazy place. Whoever said this drug doesn't have any mental effects is a goon.

The power of this drug is in its ability to convince me that anything isn't real. It feels like a bit of a trickster, like mushrooms are. I actually feel like the 'entity' of DiPT IS the same one as visits me with mushrooms, but just under a different guise. Amazing how the sense of hearing can profoundly affect the perceived reality of a situation.

Nothing has ever made me truly recognize the difference between typtamines and phenethylamines before like this. Phenethylamines are much easier to take, are much easier to come away with something useful with, and are easier to keep my hold on reality with. But the reality of the typtamine feeling far overshadows that of the phenethylamine, or rather, the tryptamine feels much more organic, complete, and downright serious.

Inhaling, it sounds like high-pitched wire tension noises are happening within that breath.

I feel as if I can hear at MUCH greater precision than usual. Some background thrumming tones sound as if they are coming from a truly great distance.

I'm glad I didn't take the 65mg I had originally thought of! I keep having to talk myself back into sanity already!


Magnificently Perplexed

This is definitely weirder than mushrooms. With those, everything seems to come together. It at least makes sense at the time, if not later. This won't make sense later, and it doesn't make sense now, either.

This is much more truly psychedelic than any phenethylamine could be.

The refridgerator sounds like a UFO

This is a serious, serious drug. I can't believe how insanely fucked up I am in every conceivable way. I find that many of the experience reports of intense experiences describe it as 'all-encompassing'. This is absolutely true. My only thought as to how anyone could have not had a fucked up experience on this is that they received fake DiPT. I guess it would be easy to send people fake chemicals with one that's only supposed to affect hearing, and be mild! No, in fact this is a full-on psychedelic experience as strong if not stronger than any other. If I were in a fragile state, I could go shooting out of control in any direction right now. It doesn't help that music sounds so sinister.

This drug somehow has a massive rush to it, very urgent-feeling, which is I guess why I keep babbling on over and over again. Sorry if this is annoying to read!

I can definitely feel the potential for social weirdness. People with psychedelic experience, you know what I'm talking about!

I went outside again. Sheer beauty. Such poignancy. I walked around the side of the building, and in one single instant as a straight line was opened from me to the main road, the severely altered sound of driving automobiles slammed into me. I stepped back behind the building. Complete and utter silence, other than those strange background noises.

This would be a good one to do with another person

Second kratom extraction started: 6:33. I must have a point of reference... 20 minutes is a long time to wait until it's done.

I can really sense 'the flow' with this drug.

7:10 - Drank kratom. It's 7:17 now, and I feel a little more grounded in reality already, other than the audio effects which are completely undiminished. I find myself completely at a loss as to how to explain this drug's effects, but let's just say, for now, that it is DEEP. I didn't give this drug anywhere NEAR enough credit. I'll write more when I'm capable of describing things in a normal sense again. Wow, 'Dark Side of the Moon' sounds truly bizarre. But I'm glad to note that it's the first song of the day to sound anything but sinister. I was totally unprepared for its intensity and probably wouldn't have done it at this time if I'd had even half an idea of what I was in store for. That being said, I had a good, crazy time, and the experience feels significant. Also, that being said, this drug really feels kind of evil. Also, my voice at this point sounds entirely like a deep, old sci-fi movie robot. I wish I could replicate the sound. It sounds nothing like my real voice at all. Also, I just thought of a way to describe it somewhat. Where mushrooms feel very 'complete', unified, this feels like there's just one part missing any way I look at it, so it doesn't quite add up, and it all collapses, as it in actuality has nothing to support it. But then, in true tryptamine fashion, it begins rebuilding itself again.

And so goes the cycle of intensity, creation, destruction, creation, destruction, .... I think this drug is fun (if I'm prepared) and it may give me real insights into the nature of sound, but I don't think I'll end up coming away with anything. It just feels... incomplete somehow, whereas mushrooms are probably the most complete feeling of all. Like everything is trying to come to a sigularity, all emotions, thoughts, time, everything, all at once, but never reaches it, causing complete discord. Mushrooms are the same way, but it actually does come together.

This drug is a major head trip, and all aspects of it come together to make it all the more so. I start out, for the first two hours, feeling mostly good, with lowered pitch in sounds, thinking that I'll be relatively mentally sober. Then all of a sudden it starts hitting, but meanwhile I keep thinking that it's all in my head. My thoughts begin to spiral endlessly and uncontrollably, and my sense of sound is telling me I'm in a completely alien world. At this point, songs are no longer the same AT ALL, or any other sounds for that matter. Notes aren't even really even tonal anymore, really. Before I realize it, I'm falling headfirst down the proverbial psychedelic rabbit hole, but something's missing so that I can't describe it, even to myself, and so I just keep thinking about it over and over in confusion.

Asynchronous Synchronicity - that describes it very well

8:11 - I think sounds are beginning to become a little more normal, though still FAR from it. I know because I could vaguely make out Peter Frampton's 'Do You Feel Like I Do', and because now that the music is over, I don't hear all the machines in the background.

8:54 - With the aid of kratom and time, the mental effects have almost entirely dissipated. However, the sound distortion is as strong as ever, making for some strange times. Songs are still completely unrecognizable.

9:18 - In retrospect, now that I have a sober brain, I'm left feeling rather confused. Throughout the trip, I was very concerned with communicating and explaining the effects, or more particularly, the feeling. The same thing happens on mushrooms, the desire to explain the sheer brilliance of the trip. However, this trip fell one step short of brilliant. It felt more like pure chaos than cosmic synchronicity. I would say that mushrooms alter my mental state more, but not by a whole lot, and certainly not by as much as many people seem to think. The entire time seemed to have been driven by a frantic and energetic drive, whose manifestation was to write about what I was experiencing.

Also, this was the most altered any of my senses has ever been, by far. If my vision were as altered as my hearing was, I think I'd have been in DMT-land. Certainly, nothing would have looked even remotely like it does in reality, even with open eyes. Actually, my hearing is still altered, though slightly less than during the peak.

The trip gave me a sense of being extremely organic. I could feel its ebb and flow, especially when I was outside for those brief times. It was very 'cycling', so to speak, just like mushrooms. I also got a very intense but similarly difficult to explain vision of the way sound works, and what it would look like if I could see it, but it wasn't synaesthesia. It was all in my mind - I didn't actually see the sound, just thought aboput seeing it. I say it felt organic, but it was a very alien life-form, that seemed very robotic somehow, also. But like an organic robot. Also, like I mentioned before, I got the sense that DiPT's spirit isn't really a very good spirit. I don't think it meant me harm, but it certainly reveled in my confusion at the massive head trip.

In conclusion, this was truly the most bizarre, unexplainable, bizarre, weird, bizarre, alien experiences of my life. It's left me with a nice afterglow, however, and I feel glad to have had the experience. I'll have to experiment again in the future, except maybe with a choice companion. And maybe at a slightly lower dose. Also, inner self-exploration with closed eyes seemed to be no different than while sober.

A very strange trip indeed.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 47042
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 19, 2005Views: 24,325
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