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As Expected
Citation:   Fragbait. "As Expected: An Experience with DiPT (exp25933)". Jan 2, 2004.

15 mg IM DiPT (liquid)
Setting: Sitting around the house with very close friends. In the mood for some experimentation.

I've been very interested in DiPT ever since I first sampled the substance. It's a very recreational chemical for me, but the mind-expanding effects always seem to be just a block away. I haven't taken any high doses of this particular substance, but I do have plans for that in the future. I've insufflated it around 5 times, but have never taken an oral dose because it seems worse than a crapshoot to get the desired intensity.

I hunted and hunted for IM reports, but couldn't find any. I know that in general IM dosages are very similar to insufflated dosages, so I planned to inject 15mg. In my experience, snorting this amount provided threshold effects, so I thought it would be a good amount to start with. Plus, I knew I would lose some of the solution when I got the air bubbles out of the syringe.

At around 5:15pm that day, I began getting my supplies together. I was in the bathroom, and I washed the countertop, spoon, needle (for stirring), the scale plate, and my hands with antibacterial soap. I laid out everything I would need on top of a square of weighing paper, so I didn't need to rummage through everything when I was ready to cook the solution.

I weighed out 15mg of the chemical, and left it on the scale while I drew .6mL of sterile saline solution into a syringe. I was using 3mL 22g 22mm syringes. I squirted that into a deep spoon, then dumped the chemical on top of that. It didn't dissolve immediately, so I added heat and stirred until I could see no visible particles. I then dropped the end of a cu-tip in and drew the solution through that. I really should use micron filters next time.

I sprayed Bactine on my left thigh, where I planned to inject. I quickly pierced the skin and inserted the needle a little more than 3/4th's of its length. I aspirated, saw bubbles, then slowly pushed down on the plunger. It stung less than DPT, and my muscle was only slightly sore for the rest of the evening. I marked the dosage time at 5:32.

I had alerts at around 15 minutes, but nothing significant. Just slight tingles and head changes.

At around 40 minutes, I began to notice changes in my friends with deeper voices, and these effects peaked close to an hour and a half after administration. They persisted for 2-3 hours, but the body high was never anything significant. I saw some breathing, but it was very rare. Trails were almost nonexistent.

After 5-6 hours, all effects were negligible except for the occasional deeper voice.

All in all, I got exactly the kind of effects that I expected, and I think this method warrants more exploration. Every time I've insufflated this before (even with as little as 20mg), the burn was bad and I had quite a bit of GI discomfort (even vomiting once). This time, I had no discomfort and, obviously, avoided the drip and corrosion of my nose.

Once I'm more experienced with these effects, I'm going to experiment with DPT and DiPT combos, both IM'ed. I'm guessing somewhere around 40mg of DPT and 25mg of DiPT would be excellent.

Just because I tried this and everything went fine, doesn't mean that you can go IM 50mg and expect a great time. The dosage response curve with this method has not been explored, so if you do experiment, please proceed with caution!

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 25933
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 2, 2004Views: 20,611
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DiPT (110) : Preparation / Recipes (30), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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