Datura (also Jimson Weed; Thorn Apple) Reports - Retrospective / Summary
Retrospective / Summary
(43 Total)

Recommended My Evening With Datura Justin Datura 2012 Apr 11
Recommended Treading the Waters of Surreality Psychedelic Magnate Datura (Datura inoxia) 2009 Aug 09
Recommended Temptations of a Datura Smoker Skinchipsanpeas Datura & Various 2007 Nov 03
Recommended Datura Seeds Up Alex Datura 2007 Feb 26
Recommended Oh Rats! It's Deceiving! The Pie-Eyed Piper Datura 2006 Sep 01
Psychic Network Mayhem Noderator of old Datura Root 2016 Sep 03
A Pandora's Box jroc Datura 2013 Aug 04
The Stuff of Illusion Merlin Datura (Datura inoxia) 2009 Aug 28
Sparkling Cottonwoods Amidst Red Rock Towers Josh Datura 2008 Sep 03
This Trip Lasted for 3 Days Gonzo Datura 2007 Feb 28
Meditation & Dreams [French] T Datura 2006 Dec 11
Total Immersion Hallucinations Plant Person Datura 2005 Aug 23
Her Soul Lingers On Mandrake Datura & Morning Glory 2003 Dec 16
Advice for Sitters of Datura Trippers Daisy Datura 2003 Oct 03
Bizarre and Varied Experiences El Gordo Datura 2003 Jun 02
Extensive Datura Overview daturahead Datura 2002 Apr 07
Antidepressant Effect Lasts About 4 Hours datura-helps-me Datura 2020 Aug 05
Beating Around The Bush uviol Datura 2019 Feb 08
At the Water Park with Torna Loco Afterlife_Diliriants Datura ceratocaula 2019 Feb 01
Gigantic Goddess Kris Datura Stramonium 2008 Sep 04
Lowering My IQ to 70 Datura Metel Tea Datura Metel 2006 Dec 22
Where Did They Go? Johny Blaze Datura 2006 Sep 03
I Want Their Windshield Wipers Anonymous Datura 2006 Aug 27
A Truly Delusional Night Brian 420 King Datura 2006 Aug 25
Runner's Ally Galen Datura 2004 Jul 27
Not in Kansas Anymore BadBoo Datura Seeds 2001 Jul 01
Looking Back at Innocence Lab Rat Datura 2001 Jan 24
Homegrown K.T. Brugmansia/Datura 2000 Oct 10
Journeying With Lady Datura WeAreGod Datura 2023 May 01
Semi Permanent Side Effects JoeSomebody Datura 2022 Sep 23
Some Fucked Up Shit Goof Datura 2018 Jul 13
Where's My Trip Johny Blaze Datura 2007 Jun 23
Sensless Richie Datura 2004 Nov 20
HPPD Caused by Datura and Other Drugs carpet head Datura, Mushrooms, 2C-T-7, Cocaine, Speed, & others 2002 Apr 07
My Truth Biff Datura 2022 Feb 08
Permanent Vision and Brain Damage Roy Diphenhydramine, Datura & Scopolamine 2021 Jun 29
Eye Problem Gili Datura 2007 Jun 23
What the Hell Am I Doing? Poisoned Datura 2003 Jul 30
Trying Datura Stramonium, Jimsonweed Alex Datura Stramonium 2003 Jun 08
Daturas and the Like Sliqu Datura, Brugmansia 2002 Jun 10
Datura Power SpiritOfTheStone Datura 2001 Sep 19
Withdrawn into a Dark Reality captain trips Datura inoxia 2001 Aug 17
Jimson Weed R. Hammersley Datura 2000 Jun 14

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