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HPPD Caused by Datura and Other Drugs
Datura, Mushrooms, 2C-T-7, Cocaine, Speed, & others
Citation:   carpet head. "HPPD Caused by Datura and Other Drugs: An Experience with Datura, Mushrooms, 2C-T-7, Cocaine, Speed, & others (exp12631)". Apr 7, 2002.

I am 17 and am afflicted with hppd. I'm not sure what exactly caused it because I've done alot of different shit but I think the main offenders are DXM and Datura.

In the past I had used pot and mushrooms with no adverse affects although I did eat a few too many shrooms at one time (8 or more grams) but all that happened was major hallucinations and puking but afterwards I felt fine. This summer everything changed I tried alot of new drugs my friend got me to try crack and speed I loved speed but my prefference was psychedelics.

After reading about it I decided to try dxm which resulted in one of the worst expereiences of my life (I misread the label) but being a fiend I did it a few more times and noticed some really wierd effects like the next day after dosing I would have intense flashbacks they were much different from the initial dose way more trippy and visual. Sometimes these flashbacks would happen up three days from taking dxm and I would see patterns almost all the time it was then when I stoped using DXM.

I figured it was somekind of allergic reaction to DXM alone (I never heared of hppd) so when I was offered 2ct-7 I gladly accepted and even though I had a wonderful time my vision was fucked I was seeing patterns for four days after. Now I had perma-trips I would be seeing patterns almost all the time but I felt fairly normal up until I stupidly tried datura. Even though it was a low dose it made everything five times worse now on top of DXM visuals I would see coloured shadows of everything I looked at and if I stared at something for a minute it would start waving back and forth or up and down mostly floors and walls. I had also done E a couple times and gravol twice but they didn't seem to affect me too badly.

All this took place over three months and I have since quit speed, coke and DXM and am never fucking touching Datura again (the most evil shit in the world). I quit because of a really really bad cut coke experience which made me go fucking nuts for three days and caused me alot of pain (rat poison) I almost died and vowed to respect my body and mind.

I smoke alot of pot but thats about it aside from one shroom trip but my vision is still screwed although the patterns have faded somewhat. I see lights out of the corners of my eyes and flies flying across the room plus the moving walls and trails some days worse then others but everyday to some extent. Sometimes it makes me sad to think what it would be like not to be fucked in the head but now I'll never know unless by some miracle it goes away. Hopefully the stress of it all dosn't get to me before then. All I can really do is lay off drugs and try to live somekind of normal life. The only advice I can give is NEVER EVER do Datura and if you think your suseptible to HPPD STOP doing the drug that is causing it cuz it will only get worse with every dose.

ps:my carpet for some reason makes me hallucinate way more then anything else I often catch myself staring into the shifting patterns for hours:)

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 12631
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 7, 2002Views: 73,115
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DXM (22), Cocaine (13), Datura (15), Methamphetamine (37), 2C-T-7 (54), Mushrooms (39) : Various (28), HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), Health Problems (27), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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