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Oh Rats! It's Deceiving!
Citation:   The Pie-Eyed Piper. "Oh Rats! It's Deceiving!: An Experience with Datura (exp50292)". Erowid.org. Sep 1, 2006. erowid.org/exp/50292

700 seeds oral Datura
[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]

September 10, 2005-
Datura Inoxia (2 pods each, freshly picked) Each pod contained over 200 seeds. My boyfriend (170 lbs.) and I (145 lbs.) ate them in the early evening, got really tired when it set in and both fell asleep for a couple hours. I woke to find him looking under the baseboard heater with a maglight. He had found a bunch of pills under there, he said, but some of them weren't real because they'd dematerialize when you picked them up. He also told me that our pet rat Baldwin (God Bless your little tail...Wherever you are) had 'found' some other rats but some of them looked sick so he had put them in the cage (Baldy was a free range hairless rat) to keep them from contaminating anybody. I looked and sure enough I saw 2 or 3 rats and a little black mouse in the cage. Then I noticed 2 more sleeping by the alarm clock... there were more burrowing through the laundry hamper making the whole thing squirm around like crazy.

Now one of the important things to remember about any kind of jimson weed is that a lot of the time that Iím high I don't even know that Iím totally insane. It's like I forgot I took anything and it seems perfectly natural for the world to suddenly appear like it does. Well, we came down a bit and discerned that the sick 'rats' were a paper towel, a sock, some newspaper, etc. We had a good laugh about it.

September 11, 2005-
In this hallucinogenic garden of our eccentric neighbor also grew Datura Stramonium. Unlike the beautiful Inoxia it had no semen-scented (no kidding) white trumpets and instead of the smooth leaves and less-spiky pods... the plants were scraggly with worm-eaten pointy leaves, dark, flowerless, and the pods wore armor like so many hypodermic needles- I had to wear a glove to twist them off and scoop out the seeds . It looked pretty evil for a plant, and the seeds were more abundant per pod, smaller and darker, and tasted like battery acid as we chomped down at least 700 seeds apiece at about 8 AM. That, as you will soon note, is too much.

Both C. and I are very experienced with tripping. I started with acid and mushrooms at thirteen and loved it. Then I went on to love peyote, mescaline, DXM, AMT, DMT...all the way to toad skins and Brazilian tree bark. Nothing could have prepared us for this one. Again we fell asleep and again I woke second. This time C. was talking on the phone to his mom on a screwdriver in the middle of the kitchen floor, surrounded by the inner workings of the coffee pot, trying to inject a spoonful of tobacco, and 'smoking' a butter knife, begging his mom (on the screwdriver) and I for a glass of water.

Datura lets us confuse one object of even slightly similar size, shape, weight or personality with another object, often with strange results. I noticed the rats were back and mentioned it to C. He said yes, they'd come home about and hour ago and were seemingly in worse health even than before. In the cage was a gruesome sight. A white big shaved mother rat had been hit by a car or something and was all ripped apart on the back half with her spine hanging out (in reality this was the hole in the sock one puts their foot in) and I could tell by her labored breathing that she was in agony. I had all I could do to hold back the tears while I begged C. to 'put it out of its misery' as she gave birth to litter after litter of rotting stillborn pinkies. This brought the maggots and flies. Even some huge spiders.

All those cliche 'tripping stories' were coming true but by then we had no idea we were schizo and had forgotten that we had even taken anything. That jimson weed could convince two adults of nonexistent rats not once but twice in 24 hours. We didn't know how, since we always kept the place tidy, that we ended up with such a pest problem. It was hard to keep track of how many people were in the apartment. Most of them I didn't know anyway. We agreed that the 2 smelly fisherman who had just left would not be allowed back in.

I told the fan not to answer the door and she said she'd give me a shot of dope since there was coke piled sky high on the table and I couldn't get my dealer to listen to me do give me anything or to pay attention to me when he was so small. He was so uncooperative that the more and louder I yelled at him the smaller and more deformed he became until I realized he was a potato in the palm of my hand. The potatoes had pushed off the table by all the coke and this immense jet black hulk of a man weighing it out in 'featherweights.' No, no not potatoes... how could someone be so cruel as to cut off a rat's tail and arms and legs like that?

I guess they weren't all dying though because they were all still breathing and moving and had many scars but no open wounds or blood. The old man and old woman in our bed were dying though. The woman had a bottle of OxyFast. I told her I needed some as I was dopesick but she said I'd get no sympathy from her, even after all I was doing for them. She and her husband were so sick and dying I felt bad and let them boss me around in my own house so rudely- making me brush their teeth for them, cook and bring them soup made of Datura seeds and lotion, ice water, cold compresses. I shaved her legs with one piece of the inside of that Mr. Coffee that would never work again. The piece looked something like a razor...as I said that would be a common mistake on this stuff. The landlord must have found out about the vermin because by the looks of all the people taking cover in the trash cans outside, they were gonna smoke us out! C. was on probation at the time with less than a week left (really) so either the cops or the landlord or the fire dept. or someone, C. said, was gonna fumigate us in a second.

He put a pair of jeans. Then he put on another pair over those. I told him he had 2 and he took 1 off again. He said hurry and I said I couldn't move- I lay on the floor a little beat up- a blackish eye and split brow and lip-C. had wanted to get me out of me- wanted to know where I had hidden myself- 'what did you do with L?! I know she's in there...or something to that effect. Obviously no hard feelings about this. He didn't remember it and I barely can but I had marks for a week or so. I couldn't move cuz I most likely had a concussion so I told him to go on without me, save yourself! Save yourself from the cops and poor Baldwin the Rat (the only real rat in the place) from the pest control army that was now advancing on us from the front of the house, running hoses under the doors ( you see the hoses flapping around with the pressure of the gas inside, hissing like snakes and whispering jumbled warnings and laughing at us.)

C. put Baldwin on his shoulder and (no shirt no belt no socks) jumped out the window and down the fire escape. That was the last time we ever saw our beloved pet. *a moment of sad silence*

More and more people kept coming to my house. They'd usually knock on the door and I'd open it and once I did I couldn't get rid of any of them, even when I said I had to leave to go look for C., because hallucinations are so damn uncooperative. You can't even physically remove them from your living room when your hand goes right through 'em! Nuts! There was some little Quasimodo of an albino girl that I might have gone to school with in the hamper now, getting eaten alive by the rats and maggots in there to be sure but it was all way-out of my control.

I had to get ready and find a ride to the party! I met one girl Jaimie who was homeless and on the road like I used to be. She also carried baby wipes in her satchel for when she couldn't get a shower- which she asked me for and I felt bad refusing her but I simply had to get everybody out so I could go find C.( C. who took my morphine and supposedly went out to lunch with a bunch of girls and one of my ex-boyfriends from a long time ago and would show up at the party and better not have given away my morphine by the time I got there.) Jaimie and I talked very closely for a while though and found out we had a lot in common even though she was 'dead' and I was on a different plane. We could still smoke a joint together and so we did, in the bathroom. Then she packed up her bag, gave me a straight-through hologram hug, and disappeared.

We live next door to a supermarket. I went over there to see if anyone in the parking lot had seen C. with my morphine, or had any morphine for that matter. Boy, am I lucky I didn't get arrested. I found out the party was closer than I thought- It was to be held almost right behind my house, down by the railroad tracks. They were using the supermarket parking lot for the overflow. It was full of low-flying bats, birds, and tiny dinosaur-like things, all white or albino. I talked to the ATM machine. The 'automatic Teller' automatically Told me all kinds of nonsense. Back at home, waiting for C. and my nonexistent morphine, I could see them setting up the tents and getting the stages ready for the party, for the big show. It was practically standing room only out there. People (?) of all shapes and sizes and styles of dress (even some tophats and monacles and bustles and hoopskirts and crazy african stuff and stilts)

I doubted the humanness of some entities, including some with more than one head, but never doubted their reality. I was starting to get upset now though, not so much about the pills but I was worried about C. It was getting dark now and I walked away from the carloads and truckloads of people pointing at me and talking about me like 'wow, what is that?' Now it was just me and the ghost of Timmy Irving, someone I knew who had died just a couple months ago. I had been asking questions of a telephone pole when he came up behind me and told me it wasn't gonna talk back but I could talk to him if I wanted, like if I ever needed anyone to talk to... a little nicer than he usually was in real life. We walked and talked all the way down the street to the garden where we picked the pods... and then (almost 12 hrs. late) then I remembered that I took the Datura and I was tripping. The road was flapping like a magic carpet. I could see animals and eyes and faces everywhere. Timmy said if we (me andC.) werre both tripping on the Nightshade on the same night but at different places I should be able to find him. I closed my eyes and called to him.

We are very close not only in our relationship but as tripping partners- we've often had mass hallucinations or communicated without speaking, so I had no doubt it would work. He appeared in the jimson weed garden, kinda fading in and out like TV with bad reception. It was hard to see him and it took all my energy just to get through for long enough for Timmy to disappear and C. to look at me with grave seriousness and say: 'Find out if I have Bail!' So I knew he was in jail. He had got arrested for allegedly going in the Thai restaurant and asking to drink the fishtank water and eat the fish, then continuing on to Turner St. and climbing into the back seat of an unlocked car and sitting there talking to the headrests until the police showed up. He thought it was me and his mom in the car, driving us all to the party!

In the end though they dropped the charges after he said he'd accidentally eaten a poisonous plant and was just temporarily loony. I was crazy for about 2-3 days altogether, before all the posters finally stopped talking to each other and I couldn't see that design in the carpet or ceiling squirming around anymore.

Altogether, this may sound like a bad trip but I wouldn't say so. Too big of a dose and not the right setting. Had the plants been more mature we may well have kicked the bucket. I've tried it again twice more since, anyways. The Stramonium is stronger than the Inoxia by far, though the Inoxia gives a worse dry mouth and difficulty swallowing, unless I was just too high on the D.S. to notice anything. The visuals can tend to lean toward the gruesome and grotesque- it must just be the chemical cuz I've heard the same from just about anyone that's done it.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 50292
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 1, 2006Views: 46,256
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