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Extensive Datura Overview
Citation:   daturahead. "Extensive Datura Overview: An Experience with Datura (exp11630)". Apr 7, 2002.

I started using datura last summer. I started out eating small amounts of seeds (10, then 20, then 30 and so on), I later learned this is a good idea because you can't tell the potency of random datura just by looking/smelling/tasting it and because its impossible to predict an individual's tolerance. Around 50 seeds I started getting sick, so I knew I was getting in the ball park. I boiled 100 seeds for 15 minutes, then drank all the juice and ate most of the seeds (this stuff tastes horrible. Its hard to eat alot of it, my body has some sort of super aversion). This caused me to trip for about 18 hours, with maybe 30 hours of noticable mental after-affects. The trip was just a basic datura trip similar to the other trips listed on erowid, I experienced telepathy too.

After that I started smoking the seeds and leaves alot. The seeds generally produce a undescribeable feeling of wierdness and a perceptual emphasis on vision. For the greatest effect, you have to hold the lighter over the seeds and take big deep hits till you feel your throat start to burn from something other than the smoke. The feeling I got from the seeds was never really enjoyable so after a dozen times I stopped.

I started smoking the leaves thinking they were less potent. I smoked about 2 grams a week for 3 months. What I noticed is a pretty sharp increase in effects with each sucsessive time I smoked. The initial effects were general feelings of wierdness, gravitational pulls coming from stuff, visual distortion, datura stoned (being datura stoned feels like you're both very stoned and dreaming, this is a trance state). Now the whenever I smoke it the gravitational pull becomes almost overwhelming, causing me to lie down, I feel feelings of fire/energy/electricity in random parts of my body or all over my body (this is not uncomfortable, nor is is pleseant, its just unusual).

Music is overwhelmingly powerful for me while datura stoned, many times more than while on acid. The last two times I smoked I looked at the sky for what felt like 30 seconds and was interrupted by my friend poking me asking if i was still alive because I hadn't moved in over 15 minutes. also, its power is greatly increased (2-3x) if used in conjunction with high quality marijuana.

I took the seeds a couple more times too. On about 100 seeds I experienced what could be called threshhold delirum. I couldn't remember anything that just happened and I kept slipping in and out of sleep/dreams. Basically I had no concept of what was real and what was a dream. This lasted for maybe 6 hours.

On about 600 seeds I experianced a ton of audio/visual/tactile hallucinations for 4 days. I also felt very sick afterwards for a day, and was just generally bizzare for 2 days (slow moving, small attention span).

Although some poeple may disagree with me, i've found the best manner for inducing delirium is to boil up about 150 of the black mature seeds (the seeds turn black as the seed pods get older and get ready to open) for 20 minutes, then drink the juice and eat the seeds. I try and drink the juice in one gulp, followed by some sort of chaser, orange juice works good (ick this stuff is horrible, the taste lasts for like 5 minutes too). Then I start swallowing the seeds using a small amount of water to wash it down.

The best way to get datura stoned is to mix the older larger leaves in a 2/1 ratio with the best marijuana you can find.

Warnings: Good God be careful when eating the seeds, always have someone watching you who can physically overpower you if neccassary. When I eat the seeds I often get a completely dry mouth and the inability to drink water (my throat constricts painfully if I try to drink). I often piss all over myself too, its kind of inavoidable unfortunately.

I can't get the normal effects of marijuana anymore, which is good for me really since I don't like it. Whenever I smoke even a little bit of good marijuana i get datura stoned.

Whenever I take acid within a minute I start feeling datura stoned, it usually goes away within 10 minutes. I started taking acid after I started taking datura, so I don't know what normal acid is like, but whenever I take acid I get feelings that none of my friends do, namely, I don' hallucinate, I feel a feeling like acid in my blood, its not really similar to the datura fire, its slightly uncomfortable. I also feel feelings of pressure and energy in my body that are uncomfortable. I also get the idea that the acid and the datura in my system are fighting, and don't like each other.

When I take Kava I get very lightly datura stoned. I have datura stoned flashbacks some times late at night, this is pretty rare and doesn't last more than 15 minutes.

I take things out of my pockets and break them while datura tripping. The first time i datura tripped i intentionally cut my leg with a broken glass because I wasn't being watched.

An interesting side note, I used to get sick (cold symptom things, could be allergy i'm not sure) about 5 days per month. since i started smoking the datura leaves (4 months ago) i haven't gotten sick once. If you're a heavy believer in mind affects health then the same attitude change that caused me to start taking datura could be what's keeping me healthy. I don't know why I no longer get sick.

I'm kind of worried I permanently messed up my brain.

Exp Year: 2001ExpID: 11630
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 7, 2002Views: 99,698
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