A Pandora's Box
by jroc
Citation:   jroc. "A Pandora's Box: An Experience with Datura (exp70154)". Erowid.org. Aug 4, 2013. erowid.org/exp/70154

100 seeds oral Datura
Eleven years ago, when I was sixteen, I was really into drugs. I was smoking pot several times a week, occasionally trying blow, codeine, MDMA, and acid when it came around. By the time I first tried Jimson weed I had already went on a good 20 or so LSD trips. So when Jimson weed was offered to me, I felt confident that I could handle its strong effects, which were said to be a myriad of effects, lasting for 12-16 hrs.

The first few times I took Jimson weed, I only took a ¼ “pod” - the fruit containing the seeds are naturally separated into quarters. I ate the roughly 25-30 seeds, and had a good, if slightly weird trip. I remember that unlike LSD, Jimson produced a paranoia seemingly by design. I suppose that by taking only a quarter, the paranoia was mild. I had sloppy motor skills as if I were drunk, a body trip, and mild hallucinations. A wall might “wave” a little bit, or little “things” would crawl across flat spaces. But there was always a mild feeling that an ominous force or being was somewhat close. Again this feeling was mild at the quarter pod dose for me.

After taking a quarter pod dose 2 or 3 times, and having not been completely satisfied with this level of trip, I took the recommendation of a friend to upped my dose. I ate a half pod, and all the said effects were the same, just with greater intensity. At this dose I did notice an increase in auditory hallucinations. Sounds that I knew (or at least felt confident were real) often changed tone and pitch, much like on LSD, but I also heard very odd things that I knew not to be real, mostly people speaking to me whom I knew were nowhere near me. This added a little to the general paranoia that accompanies a Jimson weed trip in my experience and in the stories of others who have taken it. However, as with the quarter dose, this was pretty manageable, just a slightly odd, eerie feeling that persisted through much of the trip which at this dose lasted about 10hrs for me, with maybe a few more hours of bad vision, and a very slight body trip as it worked itself out.

Once I took a full pod (easily 100 seeds), all bets were off. Even though I was pretty well versed in strong trips, this was to be a fight for my sanity. I took the full pod dose about 9pm on a Friday night. By around 10:30 or so I started to notice a pleasant, light trip. A tree out front of my friend’s yard was growing new branches and sprouting and gyrating before my eyes. A good body trip with light hallucinations lasted for somewhere around 30-60 mins, when I went home and went to sleep. The drug at this dose seems to put me to sleep although I know of three others who took a quarter and felt tired enough to go to sleep, and woke up tripping. I believe I woke up sometime around morning, as I think I remember it being light outside, but I cannot even say this with much accuracy. When I woke up I was tripping very hard. My motor skills were completely damaged, as I could barely stand or walk,and my mind was making fast-paced free association with everything. I would mumble to myself everything that I saw and thought as my mind raced faster than it ever had, faster than my mind could make sense of the ideas it produced. It sounds like the rantings of a madman, as the sentences make no sense, are rapidly said, and have seemingly no fluidity of thought. I also started to experience a hallucinogenic experience I have only been under while on Jimson. Throughout my trip I would be in the “conscious” world, seeing and hearing distorted things, and many things that weren’t there at all. But then, very frequently, I would go catatonic, into a waking dream where whatever happened seemed so real that I could not tell it from reality. I would stay there briefly for maybe a few minutes from what others who were sober were able to help me roughly calculate. As I came from my “subconscious” state, where whatever I held in my subconscious (things I knew I had been pondering recently) were made in to vivid reality, I came back into a conscious trip where I suddenly realized that I was just in a dream state. The frightening thing is that I only realized that the subconscious dream was not real when I came back to my conscious trip (which is still intense). I soon realized even in this state that if I ever got too freaked out, when another subconscious trip hit, the fears held in my subconscious would become my reality. I kept “flipping” in and out of these states of tripping for a good 16 hrs (approx. 8 am when I woke - roughly midnight when I was released from the hospital, nearly sober).

When I was in the hospital (my mom found me around 5pm and immediately took me) I heard the whispers of a little boy trapped in a vent. He talked to me throughout the night. I also thought I had telepathy, and can remember hearing one of the doctors saying in his mind that he didn’t like me and wanted to beat me. I also read my stepfather’s mind. I was given a catheter (please believe me, even on the strongest drugs this hurts), and made to drink charcoal. I believe that I was warned not to be combative, lest I be taken to the psyche ward (though this too could have been a auditory hallucination).

All in all it was a very frightening experience, as I began to dread the subconscious trip that was always around the corner. I estimate that it occurred roughly every 5-30 minutes, at very uneven intervals, naturally, based on what I have seen and heard. I can’t say that I recommend Jimson to anyone. I had a friend act like I did when I took one pod, and he only took a quarter. I have also had a friend who took a whole pod who was naked collecting lint balls off his kitchen floor. It is so unpredictable in its strength from pod to pod, plant to plant, and of course, user to user. I would seriously recommend never trying this drug in any dosage.

Exp Year: 1997ExpID: 70154
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 4, 2013Views: 17,873
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