2C-E Reports - Bad Trips
Bad Trips
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Recommended From 2C-E Overdose to Benzo Addiction Synesthesia 2C-E, Various & Benzodiazepines 2008 Jun 21
Recommended I Learned to Make the Best out of my Bad Trip Kandy K 2C-E 2007 Mar 06
I Lost Control of Reality Huntar 2C-E 2018 Nov 22
A Night of Fear, Sex, Energy and Love Veniece 2C-E & Ketamine 2010 Feb 15
The Psychedelic Tub of Terror Dud Doodoo 2C-E 2020 Mar 20
Terrifying Scared for My Life Trippyman 2C-E 2019 Nov 12
Falling Asleep and Entering the Program MysteryPill 2C-E 2019 Apr 02
Mentally Lost Chris 2C-E 2018 Nov 26
Ego Melting Into Uncontrollable Thoughts Dimarthicuss 2C-E 2018 Jan 08
Spiraling Bears of Self-Realization mustardhead 2C-E 2017 Apr 02
I Lost My Soul Fluffy 2C-E & Cannabis (extract) 2016 Mar 25
The Elephant in the Room Me 2C-E 2013 Apr 10
Really Scary Combo Ravunker 4-HO-MET, 2C-E & 6-APB 2011 Feb 14
Mainlining BurgerKing 2C-E 2010 Apr 27
Psychological Trainwreck Hclam LSD & 2C-E 2008 Jan 18
Visions of Death and Torment El Calico Loco 2C-I & 2C-E 2006 Jul 13
Mysterious Magic Drug Dream_Child(79) 2C-E 2020 Mar 21
Everything and Nothing JadedKitten 2C-E 2018 Aug 22
Anxious Disappointment Ray 2C-E 2018 Jun 10
When Reality Collapsed Kristen 2C-E 2015 Dec 18
Stomach Load Psychotr0pik 2C-E 2009 Jan 12
Dosage Was A Big Mistake bad night 2C-E 2018 Jan 14
Skulls, Demon Faces and Hideous Grotesque Figures the trippy hippy 2C-E 2017 Sep 10
Most Ridiculous Thing I've Ever Done K 2C-E 2012 Apr 02
Chemical Cocktail kem-x 4-HO-DET, MDMA & 2C-E 2003 Sep 23

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