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The Elephant in the Room
by Me
Citation:   Me. "The Elephant in the Room: An Experience with 2C-E (exp99387)". Apr 10, 2013.

2 oral 2C-E (pill / tablet)
My experience with 2ce was one that defined my life for an extended period of time following my trip. I was a college freshman and as all of them do I was experimenting with brand new things. To my dismay I had a roommate who introduced me to various psychadelics and rec drugs. My roommate will henceforth be referred to as A.

My first real trip occurred halfway into the year when my football season had ended and I was able to give in to his dubious request to trip with him. We drove an hour back to our hometown to pick up our 'blue dolphins'. We squandered two a piece just to be sure we had a legitimate trip. We decided we couldnt wait until we got back home so we snorted all the powder before our journey back to the college.

We were aware of the time bomb we set ourselves up for although the 2ce caused a serious burning sensation we had to focus on making it back safely. [Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!] The drive home was manageable and we stopped at A's friends apartment, I'll refer to him as M. M was a drug enthusiast who often made his own DMT. The drug began taking effect however the state of mind was still energetic and euphoric. We hung out for a while and chatted and 15 minutes later we told him we were tripping. We referred to it as the elephant in the room. We thought it hilarious that we 'forgot' we were tripping. It was the ultimate redundancy.

We packed up a bowl in the vaporizing and M asked to describe all of our feelings and visuals. We were still coherent at this point and 1 bowl became 3 and I sat back on the couch and let the drug take its toll. My peripherals gave the impression of an oil painting, I was really tipping. We decided to head back to the dorm and relax however I was concerned about our condition to drive. Pulling into our lot I felt as though A was stopping and starting and told him he was tripping. We'll never know how he was actually driving.

As we exited the car for some reason we looked at each other and reached a very real, pure common ground. And like children we took off in a race for the dorm. I thought it so Ironic that we both knew that the race was on just by looking at one another. This was the ultimate euphoria. Running and laughing like little girls A and I finally reached the doors. Little did we know these doors would symbolically represent us entering the downfall of our euphoric trip. We stepped into the elevator and our trip fell off fast. The fear of coincidence stepped in. Prior to our trip we took the elevator down to leave and we were trying to read each others minds as we stepped out we both agreed that was weird. Now in our psychadelic mindset we again agreed it was weird.

During a trip coincidences can be a trippers worst enemy. We took the elevator upstairs and I attempted to slap myself out of it. Get back to that happiness I had so recently experienced. I felt the urgent need to consult our sober friend who was B. I found B and he immediately knew the situation. I crawled in bed with B and just wanted to sleep off this bad trip. I then realized I was going to be forced to ride out this awful trip. As I lay in B's bed B and his rommate begin to discuss mundane boring shit to cover up the new elephant in the room. DEATH. Everyone who trips knows this feeling. They feel a trip is death. You realize this word trip and directly correlate it to death.

B left the room and I remain in his bed thoughts swirling in my head. As I reach the peak of my parranoia B's roomate appeared to be the devil and turns to make and says ... are you okay? I managed to utter yes and quickly left the room to return to mine and hang out with A and B in my room. I sit down and attempt to watch tv and I felt that I was in every show as channels switched. One show I was in an exclusive trip member club discussing life and the next show I was getting ridiculed by cartoon characters on how awful I was at tripping. I completely lost it when a skullhead appeared on the screen and had fire coming from its eyes and mouth and screamed Illuminati at me. I had to turn away from the tv and I saw another glimpse of the devil in A offering me a shot of vodka.

I retreated to my bed and laid down. As I lay down my sheets appeared to changed to hospital sheets and my clothes hospital clothes. I could hear the faint sound of a heart monitor and my white walls resembled that of a hospital. I had pictured I was dying in a hospital and A and I had gotten in a fatal car accident on the way back from our hometown. Then the devil himself appeared on my shoulder tapping at me. Saying games over. You lose. I didnt dare look him in the face. Instead I looked away and saw everyone in my life who had ever been relevant to me.

Slowly I regained sanity and turned back to A and B and watched them be. I watched them just live and it made me want to live. I rode out the rest of the awful trip with them playing skate and confronted the fear I just encountered. SInce this trip I have tripped a few other times and realized nothing will ever compare to the intensity of my first trip.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 99387
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Apr 10, 2013Views: 5,535
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2C-E (137) : First Times (2), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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