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When Reality Collapsed
by Kristen
Citation:   Kristen. "When Reality Collapsed: An Experience with 2C-E (exp97273)". Erowid.org. Dec 18, 2015. erowid.org/exp/97273

  oral 2C-E (capsule)


I had fooled around with this research chemical before. A friend of mine would give capsules of 2C-E to me with almost no powder in them, just enough to coat the inside of the capsule. I tried this twice with little to no effects. However, I was determined to trip on this cheap and unknown drug. I would also like to mention that I was on some meds at this time. I think it was lithium and trazodone.

I hit up my friend asking if he could put a bit more in the capsule this time. He agreed and I picked it up. It was summer time, and was a beautiful day out to trip. This time the capsule was about 1/6 full, I have no idea how many mgs.

My boyfriend and I were down at a bench on a public nature trail. It was always beautiful there. I pop my pill and wasn’t worried at all. Until, a homeless man came up to us and started babbling about things and showing us all these pointless items he had stolen from the trash. He was very odd, but because I wasn’t tripping yet, I shrugged it off.

Suddenly I started feeling odd, and a bit sick to my stomach. The man started to make me uncomfortable, so I asked my boyfriend if we could go to my car until he left. We walked up and sat in the car for a good thirty minutes. Minor visuals began and I felt the need to go somewhere else. I drove to another park (never drive while intoxicated). There were cops there, even though it turns out there wasn’t any according to my boyfriend. I became extremely paranoid.

So again, I drove somewhere else, this time to a shopping center. I got out of the car and sat next to a pizza place. I felt horrible and not at ease, I asked my boyfriend to get me something to eat. It felt like eternity with him gone, everything started to change. Everything was so quiet, and still. He came back with a salad, but it felt so slimy and the taste was so strong I couldn’t eat it.

This is when everything began to collapse. I started to black out, I could not see anything around me. I did not know where I was, who I was, or human language at all. Soon I was in a carnival, and everything was so beautiful. It was so inviting and I ran to it with open arms. But it then got blocked by shapes with sharp edges. The only word I can use to describe this is “construction”. I then witnessed the civil rights movement all over again, watching people suffer and fight. That faded and I was faced with a choice. Live in the construction world, or the carnival? Just then all the lights and shapes began getting sucked into a powerful black hole and it exploded with brilliant colors.

But let's back up, what did I physically do during this? I guess we went back into my car, where I stared out the window with a terrified expression for about two hours. The people working at the pizza place came out and asked if I was okay, my boyfriend assured them I was fine. He then got worried and drove me to the bench again, where the homeless guy still was. He asked him for help. They set me on another bench where they said I just stared, looking very scared, and kept clapping and rubbing my hands together. I was told that a few of my friend came to visit me and were all very disturbed. I kept twitching.

Now back to the explosion. After that happened, I awoke on a bench lying down. With people all around me. I couldn’t recognize them well because I was obviously still tripping. My boyfriend looked relieved and told me I had a horrible seizure that lasted minutes and took 4 people to hold me down. I became very frightened.

I looked at the clock and it was 11pm. I freaked out as I knew my parents were looking for me by now. I tried to talk to the people there but I found I could not make words or sentences. I couldn’t type a text, all I could do was think of the sentence. I was horrified by this and became very flustered. At this time my boyfriend said he had to go home, what an asshole. I was left with my dealer and the homeless guy who put me in my car and drove me to some place to check my heart rate and blood pressure. I don’t know what it was but he said this is very bad. I just saw my pulse and it was very low.

The homeless guy drove me to some weird lady’s house. Her cats had no eyes (they really didn’t). They said I couldn’t stay there. My dealer said he was going to take me home, which is what I was trying to say all along. I arrived home and my parents ran at me with a stern look. They saw my pupils and saw that I couldn’t speak. I could only get out that I took a drug and that I’m sorry. My mom was so sad, but my dad was livid. He screamed at me, and hit my head against the wall. I wanted to go to the hospital, but of course he didn’t take me.

He sat with me and made me stay up all night while calling me names. I was so tired, my body hurt so bad from the seizure earlier. I was in hell. The next morning they took me to the hospital where I had everything checked, they said I was fine but never looked at my brain.

In the end I wound up grounded and scared. I stayed sober for 3 months, which is very long for me. I have never been so scared in my life. I have had horrible mushroom trips where I felt as though I was going to die and such, but never was actually threatened with death. I still have not forgiven my boyfriend and it’s been almost two years.

2C-E and its dosage can range so big, just one milligram difference can change everything. Out of all the research chemicals I have done, this is not one to fuck with. Be careful with this mysterious powder.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 97273
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Dec 18, 2015Views: 2,436
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2C-E (137) : Hangover / Days After (46), Bad Trips (6), Various (28)

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