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Answered QuestionsNameDate
What does a growing marijuana plant smell like? bam Feb 4 2011
Can salvia extract smoked with cannabis cause chest pains? LaUdaNuM Nov 12 2009
How could I fail 2 out of 3 drug tests if I don't smoke cannabis? Job Hunter Jun 17 2009
Is some Dutch cannabis cut with filler material? Dieter Nov 17 2005
Is it illegal to grow a cannabis plant which doesn't contain THC? Corey Feb 11 2003
What is the detection period for Detect Now aerosol Cannabis tests? Cause4Concern27 Sep 15 2002
Does Cannabis suppress the gag reflex? Octopus Rex May 5 2002
How does THC interact with the brain? Mike Feb 28 2002
Are salvinorin and THC really "thujone derivatives"? Anonymous Feb 24 2002
Does the cannabis ("G13") in American Beauty really exist? SELDOMSEEN Oct 16 2001
Is it possible to synthesize THC? XxWERTYxX Sep 20 2001
What is Marinol? Anonymous Jul 19 2001
Will Naltrexrone inhibit THC binding? Michael Jul 17 2001
Can THC be extracted from Dronabinol? Dr. Q May 14 2001
Is it healthier to smoke hash with oregano or nettles than tobacco? jUsT mEE Mar 20 2001
Is there any point in saving bongwater? ZeK Mar 7 2001
Will the THC crystallize if you boil the liquid out of hash oil? scrumdiddaliumcious Feb 27 2001
'Is it safe to smoke marijuana vaginally?' KingPluker Feb 17 2001
'Can I get high from bong water?' Unknown Feb 10 2001
'How long can a Cannabis plant be kept alive?' yannEric Jan 21 2001
'Are there any negative effects to smoking moldy cannabis?' Mike Jan 9 2001
'Can you get high by drinking bong water?' Mainiac Killa Jan 8 2001
'Is it possible to cultivate Ergot on Marijuana?' Ro Dec 12 2000
'How safe is it to order Cannabis seeds from seed banks that are online?' Josh Nov 27 2000
Does storing cannabis in a jar for long periods of time increase its potency? HerbalFurbal Oct 12 2000
'What is the THC content of seeds and stems, and why do people remove them be... jeff Oct 2 2000
'What are the main constituents of imitation cannabis sold in magazines such ... Bill Sep 22 2000
'Is mixing cannabis with banana or green apple effective? Does vitamin C enha... drascovich Aug 23 2000
Is it harmful to smoke cannabis habitually? M.H. Aug 21 2000
'What is the healthiest way to smoke marijuana?' Bigdood Jul 17 2000
'What does distilling marijuana mean?' searching for info Apr 12 2000
'Whats "embalming fluid" on cannabis and how does it work?' Jesse Feb 9 2000
'Is the rumor about THC in genetically altered tomatoes a real thing or is it... kanabys Jan 27 2000
'When I smoke Cannabis my hands get numb. Any ideas why?' HQ Jan 5 2000
'How do I find a doctor to prescribe medical marijuana?' Laddu Dosanjh Dec 3 1999
'How do I pass a hair test if I've smoked cannabis recently?' Mekkah37 Jul 14 1999
'Does marijuana make you hallucinate even if it isn't laced with anything?' chris Jul 13 1999
What's the best method of storing cannabis? Tangent Jul 10 1999
'Is it possible for a cannabis plant to be both sativa and indica?' DioXIdE Jul 1 1999
Do drugs like MDMA, Coke, and LSD affect an unborn fetus? Sy Hall Jun 27 1999
'What is the cannabis taxonomy?' Pablo F. de Oliveira Jun 10 1999
'Help, I'm experiencing symptoms from LSD or cannabis used more than 4 months... Jem Clancy May 26 1999

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