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Q: Is it true that you can get high by drinking the water out of a water pipe after you smoke weed in it for a while?

A: No. The reason water pipes are used is in order to filter out the unwanted materials produced in the process of smoking, while allowing the desireable products (THC) to pass through. While a small percentage of THC may get dissolved in the water, most of what ends up in there is the equivalent of toxic waste. If you drink the water from a water pipe you will get little more than a stomach full of tars and carcinogenic waste products not to mention a horrible taste in your mouth.

Asked By : Mainiac Killa
Answered By : murple
Published Date : 1 / 8 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 1 / 8 / 2001
Question ID : 1821

Categories: [ Cannabis ]

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