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Q: The movie "American Beauty" mentions a type top secret marijuana grown by the government called G13. Is there such a thing? I personally thought it was made up for dramatic purposes; But some people claim to have smoked it. Are they full of it in terms of its existance? Though I wouldnt be suprised that the government grows secret pot; It just seems highly unlikly that it would be made avalible to the general pot smoking public. Especially to some of the vapid punks I know who claim to have aquired some.

A: We've gotten this question from a few people. It seems highly unlikely that "G13" is anything but a Hollywood product.

Here's what a contributor wrote about the story:

"In the 'Mr. Nice' movie (in English sold under the title "Howard Marks: A Video Diary") portraying Howard Marks, the owner (?) of SensiSeeds says that the breed G13 actually comes from a government employee who managed to steal a plant from growing chamber #13. SensiSeeds supposedly got ahold of such a plant and renamed it or a new breed of it (can't remember precisely) to G13/Mr. Nice. Mr. Nice by the way is G13xHashPlant. used to have a strainbase in which G13 was also listed, but I haven't checked with them why the took the strainbase completely off the site." -- Lord Aragorn

The only US government produced cannabis we've heard of is from NIDA. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA; a government agency) contracts with the University of Mississippi at Oxford, Mississippi for the production of cannabis used in the few approved research studies and for distribution to the eight surviving medical cannabis patients grandfathered into the Compassionate Use Program (established in 1975 and cancelled in February 1992). More recently, San Mateo County received permission from NIDA--and subsequently 300 pre-rolled joints--from the Mississippi operation for a medical cannabis study conducted with 60 AIDS patients.

The Mississippi cannabis is notoriously low in THC (reports range from 2-3% to 5% for an exceptionally good crop). If higher-grade plants have been grown there, it has not been published in the literature.

According to a report prepared in November 1996 by Dr. Mahmoud El Sohly, the scientist directing the University of Mississippi growing operation, it costs $200/kilogram to produce marijuana suitable for use in human clinical research and approximately $920/kilogram to process it.

For more information about the struggle to conduct research into the therapeutic use of cannabis, see the MAPS Medical Marijuana Research Page.

Answered By : Sophie
Published Date : 10 / 16 / 2001
Last Edited Date : 10 / 29 / 2001
Question ID : 2829

Categories: [ Cannabis ] [ Media / Movies ]

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