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Q: There is nothing on the site regarding those little glass jars with the cork in them that u can put bud in. My friends dont believe me, and I can't convince them because I dont know the reason myself, or even if I'm right. But when I bought the jar, the guy at the head shop told me to get some tight nugs and toss them in the jar, put the cork on, wait 3 months, and BAM! prime time sweet cheeba. is this true? does it really work? if so, how?

A: No, storing cannabis in a glass jar will never increase its potency. THC breaks down over
time and some tests have shown that in a year stored in a plastic bag, about half of the active
Delta-9 THC degrades into other compounds. While I'm not aware of any formal or informal
studies which have done blind-comparisons of aged versus fresh cannabis, most users report
that aged cannabis becomes noticeably worse.

The better it is stored, the longer it lasts. Plastic bags are very permeable to air and are
not ideal storage containers. Well sealed glass jars or lab grade plastic jars with tight
lids (not tupperware) stored either in the freezer or somewhere cool will preserve the quality
of the cannabis better than storing it in thin plastic. Perhaps the concept of the glass jar
you describe was originally to be a better storage container than what most people use: plastic
sandwich baggies.

Outside of the normal oxidation and degradation of buds, there is also the mold problem.
Cannabis will mold like other plant materials and some portion of cannabis stored
for a long period of time will mold. The drier and better sealed the plant material, the
less likely it is to grow mold. Many stashes are lost to a fungus or mold which makes
the cannabis unpleasant to smoke, may have toxic byproducts from the mold, and can cause
severe allergic reactions in some people. The general consensus is not to smoke moldy bud.
If it smells moldy or has obvious signs of growth: throw it away.

See our Cannabis Degradation & Mold References page for references on the topic.

Asked By : HerbalFurbal
Answered By : earth
Published Date : 10 / 12 / 2000
Last Edited Date : 7 / 9 / 2001
Question ID : 201

Categories: [ Cannabis ] [ Storage ]

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