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Difficult Experiences
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Highly Recommended There was Definitely a Pop Photopiate Cocaine & Ambien 2007 Feb 22
Recommended The Stars and Stripes Are Big and Bright Ktlin Mushrooms, Cannabis & Zolpidem 2012 Dec 27
Hardly a Cure for Insomnia Frisky the Cat Zolpidem 2018 Jun 21
Suicidal Recovery somatose Methamphetamine, alprazolam, zolpidem, codeine & cannabis 2013 Oct 03
Sleep Driving Trypt_Keeper Zolpidem (Stilnox) & Alcohol - Wine 2006 Aug 27
A Journey Into Chaos Agent zoom Zolpidem 2021 Dec 09
Fragments of a Night anon Zolpidem 2020 Oct 14
Smashing Mailboxes While Blacked Out John Doe Zolpidem 2020 Jun 14
Sleep Walking While Awake rhcpfan Zolpidem & Alcohol 2020 May 30
Woke Up Completely Dressed Gossamer Zolpidem 2019 Sep 15
One Year of Hell Bratscheknabe Zolpidem & Alcohol 2019 Jan 11
Why I Love and Hate It Insomniac Zolpidem & Alcohol - Wine 2018 Sep 26
The Hell is This Crap! Baudelaire Zolpidem 2018 Apr 29
Laundry Snakes Made Me Do It. LittleGirl Zolpidem 2018 Apr 29
50mg Insufflation = Madness EowOverdidIt Zolpidem(Ambien) & Cannabis 2016 Jan 03
I'm So Confused TheWhiteRoutine Zolpidem (Ambien) & Cannabis 2008 Jan 09
Thought I Was Just Going to Sleep Charlotte Zolpidem (Ambien) 2006 Mar 29
Insane Insomnia Leewood Zolpidem 2022 Jan 11
Severe Memory Loss During School Ambien Zolpidem 2021 Aug 16
One of the Strangest Experiences Ever Overdose Zolpidem 2021 Aug 14
Induced My Own Trainwreck Boots Zolpidem 2021 Apr 11
Took Me to the Hospital Matoskah Zolpidem & Alcohol - Hard 2021 Mar 11
Magical Butterflyes! jetzeppelin Zolpidem 2020 Dec 09
Dangerous Surprise concernedpatient Zolpidem 2020 May 31
Complete Blackout foolish Zolpidem & Alcohol 2020 Jan 20
A Day at the Circus toastedbunny Zolpidem 2020 Jan 15
Not for Me firewired Zolpidem & Oxycodone 2019 Apr 21
Could Have Been a LOT Worse Nevermore Zolpidem & Diazepam 2018 Oct 16
A Sleep Aid With Crazy Effects! Zaeran Zolpidem 2018 Sep 26
This Drug Ain't No Joke Jarod Zolpidem 2018 Sep 14
I'll Try Almost Anything Once pillpopper1490 Zolpidem 2018 Sep 13
Great at First, Now Not So Much Kelso Zolpidem, Cannabis & Alcohol 2018 May 01
Pleasant Suprise the doctor Zolpidem & Cannabis 2018 Apr 30
Unscheduled Trip to Ancient Rome 1991typb Zolpidem & Methylphenidate 2018 Apr 29
Sleepwalking Into Neighbor's House Sleepwalker Zolpidem & Tramadol 2018 Apr 10
Amnesia While Flying On A Four Wheeler ReDeeMeR Zolpidem 2018 Jan 16
Ambienesia cheshire cat Zolpidem & Alcohol (Beer) 2017 Nov 24
Horrible Experience in School Gregw05 Zolpidem (Ambien) 2004 Feb 10
Builds Up a Tolerance Rather Quickly tiger Zolpidem 2021 Oct 03
Comprehending Details Once Not Notice OMOAZ Zolpidem 2021 Sep 26
Odd Cravings pandemik Zolpidem 2021 Aug 26
Safety Story Little Moe Zolpidem 2020 Nov 22
The Jungle Pill Anonymous Zolpidem 2020 Oct 17
Puke and Puke and Puke NF Zolpidem & Cannabis 2020 Sep 22
Nonstop Vivid Hallucinations and Voices carefuladdict Zolpidem 2020 Mar 13
What Happened? hitsfromthebong Zolpidem & Alcohol - Hard 2020 Feb 25
Calm Before the Storm Friedrice118 Zolpidem 2018 Dec 12
Double Vision and Throwing Up Kim Zolpidem 2018 Sep 25
Total Blackout disgustipated Zolpidem & Alcohol - Beer 2018 Jul 26
I Wonder What Drove Me to Be So Destructive Patrick/Nyarlathotep Zolpidem 2018 Jun 07
Not Fun at All Dr. Homolka Zolpidem 2018 Apr 30
I Felt Like I Wasn't in My Body pillhead987 Zolpidem 2018 Apr 30
Sleeping Pills Gone Bad hhhhhhippie Zolpidem 2018 Apr 29
Plane Ride I Never Knew I Went On floooater Zolpidem 2018 Apr 09
I Didn't Realize I Took Too Many max69 Zolpidem 2018 Apr 09
It Was Like Fire blueeyes Zolpidem 2018 Feb 12
Sleep Walking=Bad Anonymous Zolpidem (Ambien) 2015 May 04

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