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50mg Insufflation = Madness
Zolpidem(Ambien) & Cannabis
Citation:   EowOverdidIt. "50mg Insufflation = Madness: An Experience with Zolpidem(Ambien) & Cannabis (exp79942)". Jan 3, 2016.

  smoked Cannabis (plant material)
  50 mg insufflated Pharms - Zolpidem (ground / crushed)
Being a psychology major in college, I have done mounds of drug research: none of it prepared me for my experience with Zolpidem (Ambien). I'll make this report as brief as possible while still providing full detail.

It all started in my friend's dorm room late at night- we were looking for her old Rx bottles to see if they were abusable. Score! Two bottles of Concerta and a bottle of 10mg Ambien. I knew that Ambien was a sleep aid, so at first I wasn't interested in trying it, but that quickly changed when I looked it up online. Mistake #1: I didn't pay attention to the dosages (either that or I was just too stoned to remember them).

Being the brave adventurer among my companions, I boasted that I would insufflate the Ambien later that night. Little did I know what kind of crazy-ass bullshit would happen. Fast-forward to 'later that night.' My friends and I had been smoking a nice blunt and were pretty hazy by the time I was ready to take on the Ambien (mistake #2).

SETTING: The downstairs living room of my on-campus apartment. My girlfriend (E), roommate (A), and other friend (B) were there to trip-sit me. A was on the computer while E and B were watching TV while smoking with me.

Completely ignorant of the dosages reported online, I crushed up a pill and made one bigass line on a random piece of furnature (the TV stand). The line was relatively easy to snort. Nothing noteworthy enough to write down.

At first I felt nothing, and then... I still felt nothing, or so I thought. I walked over to my fluffy leather chair and made my self comfortable just in case things got crazy. 'I feel a little weird,' I told my sitters. Naturally, since I didn't feel much of anything, I crushed up another pill and snorted it immediately. This is where my memory becomes foggy so the rest of this report won't be as clear as I'd like it to be.

At the time I felt like I was completely fine, but looking back on it, I was pretty fucked up, and not in a pleasing way. Being the dumbass that I am sometimes, I quickly snort even another pill of Ambien because I wanted to feel something major. This put me at 30mg insufflated, but during the next half-hour I would snort 20mg more in my dazed, dream-like state, putting the total at 50mg (an amount that I still can't believe I did).

Shit hit the fan fast after this point. The state my mind was in at this point could best be compared to a dream. I was not in control of any part of my being, physically or mentally. The rest of the story is a mix of my own memories and what I've been told by my sitters, so it may be too brief to be of any use to anyone.

E and I went upstairs to my bedroom to lay down because I was feeling weird (to say the least). I looked down at my carpet and had a full-blown hallucination: the carpet had turned into an ocean. It even had waves and ripples and such. For some reason, I thought nothing of it and looked away. This is another detail that reminded me of being in a dream-like state: I was dreaming while I was awake, similar to sleep-deprivation induced psychosis. Because I had taken such a large amount of Ambien through insufflation, my mind had fallen asleep so fast that some of my consciousness (basic instincts and raw emotion) and my physical body were still awake.

As I laid down with E, I had some of the strangest thoughts and daydreams, but unfortunately I cannot remember any of them. At this point in time I was in total confusion about the world around me. E told me that she needed to leave so she can get home in time, and for some reason it really upset me. Actually, I started crying my eyes out like a 2-year-old. To me it was the saddest thing ever, and I rarely get upset over things.

We walked downstairs so I could walk her out to her car while she was trying to soothe me because she knew I was trippin' out. Instead of going outside to the car I sat my ass down in the living room and started bawling again. I kept telling her that I didn't want her to leave, acting like a toddler in daycare who just got dropped off by his mommy. Eventually I calmed down enough to walk her outside and hug goodbye, or so I am told (I don't remember ever going outside). I was no longer myself. I was someone totally different. I proceeded to sit back down in my chair and promptly pass out, strange thoughts and images still racing through my mind.

Over the whole night, I had many hallucinations, but only remembered one well enough to write it down. Overall, there is no recreational value in Ambien for me. It was 'trippy shit' but I wasn't able to remember 90% of what I saw or thought about. I lost total control of myself as well. Had my sitters not hidden the Ambien, I could have really fucked myself over, because after snorting 50mg my dreamy mind kept asking for more. Although I can barely remember the night, my friends told me that I kept wanting to snort more and more. NEVER insufflate Ambien without a sitter. Who knows what would have happened had I been left alone. Snorting 50mg was already pushing the limits. I could have been seriously hurt had I been left by myself.

Don't bother with such a scary-ass hypnotic if you're looking for recreational use. Fuck Zolpidem.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 79942
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 3, 2016Views: 8,786
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