Methylone (also bk-MDMA; Explosion; Ease; M1; Neocor [Germany]) Reports - First Times
First Times
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Highly Recommended Just Like MDMA, Then... Double Trouble Methylone 2007 Jan 14
Recommended You Held Me Tight stwanky Methylone & Bupropion 2012 Apr 12
Recommended The Perfect Evening, The Perfect Substance WhatNot Methylone 2007 Mar 12
Recommended The Artful Dodger Nalibilan Methylone 2007 Mar 11
Recommended Euphoric and Extremely Peaceful open Methylone 2005 Oct 14
Recommended Subtle and Satisfying Cerebronaut Methylone 2003 Oct 23
Recommended Tranquility Matt Himself Methylone 2003 Sep 02
Recommended Pressing Buttons Johnny Lemonhead Methylone 2003 Jun 30
Recommended An Oddessy Through My Character FormrTrippr Methylone 2003 Feb 02
Molly's Twin Sister Anti-Alcohol Man Methylone 2017 Sep 12
I Didn't Want It To End karika Methylone 2017 Aug 25
A Valuable, Low Intensity Entheogen Entheonaut Methylone 2010 Oct 26
To the Hospital for Very Elevated Heart Rate catsarefun Methylone 2010 Mar 22
Something J1982 Methylone & Alcohol (Wine) 2009 Sep 26
Real Euphoria Winta Methylone 2007 Dec 09
1000mg in 10 hours N Methylone, Fluoxetine & Bupropion 2007 Jul 09
Empathogen-Entactogen Subjective Comparisons Swlu Methylone 2007 Mar 12
I Can't Believe It's Not MDMA No One You Know Methylone 2007 Jan 06
A Calm Euphoria Murple Methylone 2002 Jul 10
Renewed Hope Bdzar Methylone & Piracetam 2020 Apr 30
Reminds Me More of MDA Than MDMA dfwguy55 Methylone 2020 Apr 22
A Thing of Beauty Taylor Methylone 2019 Dec 06
Stimulating After Some Time givememdma Methylone 2018 Oct 02
Very Impressed Indeed Arthur221 Methylone 2018 May 22
More Of Hill Than A Mountain Hiding Methylone 2018 Jan 16
Comfortable Test Drive With A New Substance Dragonshit Methylone 2018 Jan 06
Aphrodisia Marred by 'Speediness' weirwolf Methylone 2017 Dec 03
MDMA's Little Brother Greendreams Methylone 2017 Sep 19
New Eyes illi Methylone 2017 Mar 02
A Day With bk-MDMA HiLights Methylone 2013 Dec 25
A Good Time With a New Chem Kevdog Methylone 2013 Dec 01
A Strange Ride Kewagi Methylone 2010 Jun 22
Not for Everyone Chair Methylone 2007 Jan 31
A Little Extra Pop in My Step kevdog Methylone 2020 Oct 22
Exactly What I Was Hoping For Brad man Methylone 2017 Sep 14
Warm, Centered and Calm galetea Methylone 2003 Oct 23
Like MDMA With No Rushes Or Pushes John Random Lab Rat Methylone & Cannabis 2003 Jun 24
Would Do It Again GrapeFrothiness Methylone 2020 Apr 30
Overflow Of Feelings On The Phone joe dirt Methylone 2018 Jan 01
The Good Day Drug DreamManTom Methylone 2012 Oct 01

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