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I Can't Believe It's Not MDMA
by No One You Know
Citation:   No One You Know. "I Can't Believe It's Not MDMA: An Experience with Methylone (exp58327)". Jan 6, 2007.

165 mg oral Methylone (capsule)


So, my first trip report, here goes.

The two participants are myself: 24 year old female, 158 pounds. Relatively new to altered states with experiance in Salvia, coke, DXM and MDMA. The latter being my favorite place to be.

And my girlfriend: 22 year old female 125 pounds, experiance with MDMA, coke, and DXM.

The first drug I (and she) ever tried was MDMA and it absolutely changed my life in two key ways. The lowering of inhibitions and emotional barriers I experianced has allowed me to maintain a greater degree of openness about myself, whereas before I was always rather guarded about my behaviour. Secondly it caused a tremendous improvement in self esteem about my appearance. While I've known intellectually that I can be very attractive when I try to be I've always been very guarded about trying because I *felt* like I was unattractive even though in my head I knew I wasn't. I feel that ecstasy let me see myself in a new light. My first roll had about 3-4 hours of me playing in front of the mirror being utterly in awe about how beautiful I was.

Due to experiance of MDMA I wanted to try other altered states, particularly ones that were supposedly similar in effects since ecstasy is something we do only every couple months to maintain the magic. Since most of my experiance is ecstasy based there will be a lot of MDMA comparisons in here.

So anyways, After doing much reading and research online we purchased a one gram of methylone. It was divided as best as I could manage into 8 similarly sized squares of approx 125mgs. One of the 125mg piles was divided again into four more squares of approx 30mgs each and two of the 30mg squares were used to suppliment two 125mg squares for an approx dose of 155mg's. Since I'm larger I added an additional small quantity of powder (probably around 10mgs) to my dose. These doses are pretty lose due to my inexperiance but I was going for 150mgs for her and 165 for myself and I'd imagine I was fairly close. The doses were then put into gelcaps.

It was our first year aniversary today and we wanted to have a special evening together so we had eaten lightly a few hours before hand and each dropped one of the gelcaps that I made at approx 8:00PM. We were excited but not sure what to expect. A lot of trip-reports say methylone has some of the effects of MDMA, but not really. With some of them adamant that it's nothing like MDMA and quite a few reports that didn't like methylone at all. So with this conflicting information in mind we just kind of waited to see what would happen, for better or worse. Our expectations and hopes were that it would help us open up and have deep conversations but that we'd be pretty mellow.

After dropping we spent about 25-30 minutes on the internet. Neither of us seemed to be getting any noticible effects after 30 mins and we wondered to each other if perhaps it was to subtle and we were going to miss it if we stayed on the internet so we decided to crawl in bed. I can't say whether it was the methylone just hitting at the right time or just the fact that I was in bed with my love but cuddling with her felt extra nice as did kissing. Subtly but surely soon after we crawled in bed I started to notice the familiar sensation of MDMA creeping up on me.

Usually this involves suddenly feeling very rubby, which I did but sensations were not as intense as they were on MDMA. My mind also felt a lot cleaner on come up and not nearly as scatterbrained or as out of control as on MDMA. MDMA has always hit me like a racecar. Usually just a few minutes after I start feeling the rubby effects everything is slammed into overdrive and I can do nothing but lay down and let the feelings overwhelm me. Methylone by contrast was a very gentle accelleration. It was still quick to come up but it was a lot smoother and not as intense.

Kissing was extremely pleasureable and very intense and enjoyable. Kissing on MDMA has always been fun for me but is usually so intensely overwhelming that I can't take it. The methylone was similar but turned down, it was right on the edge of being to much for me but not quite there.

After a few minutes we actually started to get pretty horny. That often happens to us to one degree or another on MDMA but we werent expecting it from methylone. We pursued that route for a little bit with touching ourselves and each other. Feeling sexually charged characterized the trip. Amusingly we both developed a total breast fixation both for our own and each others. It was a lot of fun just laying back and playing with each others breasts.

Wheras we found that ecstasy brings out the adolescent girl in us and makes us feel a little slutty, methylone seemed to bring out something more mature and sensual. This change was even apparent in our voice. We both agreed that it seemed like it would be a great 'swinger' drug.

We decided at some point to take a walk around outside and it was very nice but kind of cold so it didn't last long, we came back in the house and just did our thing. Music was nice, dancing wasnt paticularly enticing like it is with X. We did have the energy to move around, though it was intersperesed with a lot of laying down and relaxing we laid down. As is characteristic of our experiance with MDMA we both were infatuated with the mirror and we both felt very sexy, it was quite nice.

To sum up the night it was extremely MDMA-ish with a few minor differances in the feelings. Honestly if I didn't know better I could see easily confusing the two despite my multiple MDMA experiances. I would just think it was a relatively low dose and that would to my mind explain why everything felt so much more mellow. The same sensations were there but simply turned down. Pupil dialation was typical of MDMA, mentally we felt very clearheaded throughout.

We laid down at about 11PM and just closed our eyes and relaxed and by midnight we felt mostly back to normal and pretty sleepy though we couldn't seem to quite get to sleep, laying there was nice, we both felt like we were basking in the afterglow.

I got up a few times throughout the night feeling tired but mentally restless. It was hard to know if I was getting any sleep in at all. I felt a little sick at my stomach and wound up vomiting around 7AM. I couldn't say if it was methylone that caused that. My girlfriend had no such stomach problems.

Eventually I managed to get a pretty solid nap in and woke up at noon. Still feel a little tired today and my stomach a little weak but other then that I am ok and the cost isn't to heavy. I pay it gladly.

We look forward to doing this in the future.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58327
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jan 6, 2007Views: 35,196
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