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The Perfect Evening, The Perfect Substance
Citation:   WhatNot. "The Perfect Evening, The Perfect Substance: An Experience with Methylone (exp60968)". Mar 12, 2007.

T+ 0:00
50 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:30 150 mg oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
I'm 25, 5'10 205 lbs. I'm in pretty decent shape as I try to eat healthy and workout. I'm not too experienced with many psychoactives as my experiences are limited to marijuana, salvia, kratom, hydrocodeine, and alcohol. This is my first experience with the use of Methylone.

I finally received the methylone that seemed like took forever to arrive. I currently have no MDMA experience so I was hoping this would feel pretty amazing since I should have zero tolerance. I picked a pleasant evening after work. The night felt right and I was experiencing little to no stress. If anything, I was feeling a little more tired than usual but nothing to write home about. It had been 6+ hours since last meal.

Starting setting is in my room at my computer with headphones playing fast paced trance. I also have some other music set aside in case I want to change it up. My trusty lava lamp is turned on and I'm hoping it might contribute to my experience. House is quiet and roommate is asleep. Phone is turned off and doors are locked. I should have no interruptions.

T+0:00 Weighed out and parachuted 50mg of methylone to make sure there were no allergies. Currently feeling very anxious and optimistic.

T+0:30 I'm feeling absolutely nothing. Everything feels exactly as it did 30+ min ago so allergies are not a problem. It's time to up the dose. This time I weigh out and parachute 150mg for 200mg methylone total.

T+0:45 Some feelings start to come on. Nothing to crazy, but noticeable. A little jaw clenching but could be just my imagination as I read this could happen.

T+1:00 Wow, I am really feeling some major jaw clenching so itís time to find some gum. While up, I check the mirror and notice my eyes are a little dilated. I can feel noticeable energy coming on. Also, music is sounding much more clear and clean.

T+1:15 The gum has definitely helped. Feelings of excitement are continuing to rise. Itís a feeling of knowing something good is going to happen.

T+1:30 Much more alert now. My arms feel real good. Better than they ever have really. Very surprised by the amount of jaw clenching. Music sounds great. Every song is sounding like one of my favorites even though I havenít even heard some of them before. Chatting could be much easier than normal. Heart rate is definitely elevated. Itís fun to just close my eyes, smile and think about anything.

T+1:45 Eyes are now very dilated. Euphoria no doubt present. But not near as much as I thought it would be. Still surprised about the amount of jaw clenching. The touch of things feel real good. Damn, I feel real good all over. I have no worries at all. It's weird but things that would normally irritate me donít bother me at all. It feels great to just lie down and do nothing. Really great even.

T+2:00 I feel like telling everyone my whole life story. Euphoria still present. I feel like hugging everything because it feels great to hug. I wish I could talk to 100 people all at once. I really wish I had some friends over. Too late to call anyone or else I would. Still feeling good but time to change to some more mellow music to see if thereís any difference.

T+2:08 Mellow music is no good at all. Back to trance.

T+2:30 Music can definitely kill the feeling. Switching back made a world of difference. Euphoria still present but seems like it might be starting to wear off. Eyes still very dilated. Still zero worries. I could rob a bank and not feel bad about it.

T+3:00 Euphoria quickly fading and I'm starting to feel a little sleepy. Not sure what to do from here, attempt some sleep or continue.

T+3:15 Euphoria continuing to dwindle. Music is still sounding more crisp and clean than normal. The enjoyment of touching and being social are not near as noticeable. I'm becoming mentally tired very fast.

T+3:30 Sleepy time. I'm now really concerned about the after effects for tomorrow. But what a trip I had tonight! Thatís all that really matters.

I had no problem falling asleep so it seems the amphetamine aspect of methylone is not as strong as one might expect. I slept light, but it felt good as I was still feeling some of the effects. Waking up was a challenge but not too bad. Getting the motivation to go to work was another story however. Throughout the day I was very lethargic.

Now, it wasnít the type of feeling of being hung over from alcohol or the zombie like feeling of taking too many over the counter sleep aids. It was a feeling all on its own. It's a feeling of just being 'down and out.' My body seems normal but my mind just isnít there. I could fall asleep at any time and I really just donít want to do anything at all.

The next morning began the same way but throughout the day I could feel the depressed type feelings fading. By the end of the day it was pretty much back to normal.

The night was very enjoyable. But it doesnít seem like the super energetic and social type experience as its bigger brother. I no doubt will try it again with the same dosage or a small amount more. I think I'll try it with my roommate or my girlfriend as well. Having someone close could enhance the experience I believe. I was most worried about the after effects but it was very manageable. Overall, it no doubt exceeded my expectations.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60968
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 12, 2007Views: 48,193
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