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The Artful Dodger
Citation:   Nalibilan. "The Artful Dodger: An Experience with Methylone (exp58803)". Mar 11, 2007.

T+ 0:00
100 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
  T+ 1:30 75 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
My girlfriend and I had been saving the methylone for a special occasion, and an art festival in the desert it seemed, would provide fully for such an occasion. Not only did this festival provide a unique (but not necessarily ideal) setting for a psychedelic trip, the surrounding of many experienced, like minded individuals provides a wonderful preparation for the initiated psychedelic voyager. We had spent the previous few days engaging old friends and new friends in conversation about mind travel and expanded consciousness, and so were ripe for a new experience.

We chose the late afternoon as an appropriate time for dosing as the early sunset over the desert floor and mountains would hopefully serve as a beautiful addition to the experience. We decided to ingest 175 mg each, in two separate doses of 100 mg and 75 mg respectively, separated by 1.5 hours. This regimen was chosen after reading every methylone experience we could find, and deciding it might provide a good balance between safety and intensity. The substance was reliable in purity, and measured out with a precision scale, but this was our first experience with this medicine, and the desert is not a good place to find out one has an unusual negative reaction to a substance, so adequate caution was appropriate. We entered into the experience with excitement, peacefulness and a reasonable level of confidence.

We ingested 100 mg each, contained in a gel capsule, and then rode out onto the desert floor to take in the art, sights and sounds. The weather was picture perfect, sunny clear blue skies and about 80 degrees or so. After roughly 45 minutes, we were entirely on the other side of the city and began to feel the first alerts. We were discussing this when our gaze shifted out across the desert floor and we noticed a huge white cloud forming on the horizon. Within minutes, the cloud began to concentrate into a whirling tornado perhaps 100 feet wide and hundreds of feet high, and it was swallowing everything up into its dusty interior, bicycle riders, art cars, artwork, everything. The menacing whirlwind hurled itself across the playa towards us, and knowing there would be no escape, we hurried into a giant circus tent, securing our bags as we ran.

Inside the tent, we met Virgil, a bald and gentle, friendly man wearing a tool belt, shorts and safety boots. Virgil donated his dust-mask to us just as the storm engulfed the tent and the air became thick with choking alkaline dust. We stood together in a dusty cloud, and spoke for a while as the effects began to rise, a gentle nervousness in the belly, a warm glow over the body, and an increasing feeling of peacefulness and compassion, not unlike MDMA. We said goodbye after some time, knowing that if we didnít brave the storm and head back to camp we might miss our dosing supplement planned for the 1.5 hour mark.

As we walked out into the punishing dusty winds, we could barely see more then ten feet ahead. We were immediately diverted to help a crew who were desperately attempting to secure their large shade structure against the wind. With about twenty people helplessly holding onto the structure against powerful uplifting winds, their hopes of preservation were soon abandoned and their beautiful hand made structure had to be cut down and destroyed as a last resort to ensure safety to the area. This was definitely not an event that contributed to the glow of our trip. We had done our best to help, offered our condolences and then hurried along back to camp.

A short while after the dosing supplement, around the two hour mark, I was continuing to experience mild but rising, comfortable effects not unlike those of MDMA, however Iím somewhat reluctant to make a direct comparison because it really wasnít the same, just similar. In the way mushroom are similar to LSD yet entirely different as well.

The key difference with my MDMA experiences was the indifference I was feeling towards socializing in public. I was far more interested in being in a more intimate situation. There was little to no nausea, but I was feeling a certain amount of lethargy and so I was content to lie still rather than walk around. As a result, we retreated to an art gallery, and snuggled down amongst some pillows next to a well-known visionary artist, who sat painting on a small piece of black card. He was tremendously kind, welcoming and comforting and provided a beautiful, safe haven in which we would enjoy the remainder of our trip. We were surrounded by his entrancing artwork and that of his partner, who dropped in at some point to spread her wonderful vibe around the room. There could not have been a more perfect place to take in the remainder of our experience.

The two of us lay there together, and spoke closely, face to face about many things, all personal and intimate, and I found the thoughts and words flowed effortlessly from me. After approximately three hours from dosing and as the effects of the medicine were beginning to wane, we retired to our tent. However, I was surprised to be overtaken from my nap with a ferocious desire for my girlfriend. This is noteworthy, because sex is generally the last thing on my mind after ingesting a psychedelic/entactogenic, so whether the substance has aphrodisiac qualities is interesting to ponder. The lovemaking was incredibly passionate and was undoubtedly enhanced both emotionally and physically by this substance. With this event, wrapped in a loving embrace, our experience had come to a suitable close.

In retrospect, I suspect this substance might have great potential as a therapeutic tool. Although my partner and I have few if any barriers between us, I certainly felt my own insecurities and self conscious feelings melt away. It did not have the profoundly deep opening of the mind that Iíve experienced with other medicines but rather, it opened the doors to a warmer clarity of thought.

There were no difficulties with speech or establishing coherent thoughts as with many other substances. I donít think I would choose to use this at a party or rave setting due to my reluctance to mingle in public during the trip. At 175 mg, the overall effect was very mild and we will look forward to ingesting a higher dose should the opportunity arise, perhaps in a softer environment, such as a forest or in our apartment, where I might be able to evaluate the effects more clearly. The dust storm surely had an effect on the experience both emotionally and physically and I suspect that had that event not occurred, the trip may have been much different.

As a final note of interest, I had a conversation the following day with a very prominent chemist who I shall leave un-named. I conveyed my story about the sudden storm that occurred just as the onset of the medicine began. He said back with a smile, (not an exact quote by any stretch, but the overall gist is here): ďBut donít you see, the storm was not a random event? It was you who initiated the storm. It was born from your rising experience. You mustnít take that lightly!Ē Needless to say the conversation left me giddy ... could our experience with Methylone have raised hell and fury from the desert floor that beautiful day? Ö


Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58803
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 11, 2007Views: 26,337
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Methylone (255) : Festival / Lg. Crowd (24), Sex Discussion (14), First Times (2)

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