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New Eyes
by illi
Citation:   illi. "New Eyes: An Experience with Methylone (exp90476)". Mar 2, 2017.

    Amphetamines (daily)
  130 mg insufflated Methylone (powder / crystals)
  20 mg IV Methylone (powder / crystals)


Method: Insufflated, injected.

I am not new to psychedelics nor to drugs in general. While I have never been an avid user of any one particular drug, I have probably tried pretty much everything under the sun since my introduction to LSD in college.

While I find some drugs might serve a utility, such as amphetamines for wakefulness or studying (I am prescribed Amphetamine Sacharate and know full well the benefits it brings to me daily), opiates for pain, benzodiazapines for relaxation and so on, although I've done each of those they never hold my attention for anything more then the actual service they provide at the time of consumption.

Psychedelics, on the other hand, have always been something I looked forward to doing because the purpose they serve is largely subject to the individuals inner workings. Spirituality. Insight. Change of reference. Etc. These are the things that piqued my interest until I had done them all.

When I first came upon methylone I was skeptical as to the validity of my source and as to the effects it would have on me.

But I'm very glad that I did it.

I received a package in the mail a while back from an unnamed source with a package of approx 300 mg Methylone. I carefully weighed out 150 on the side saved the other for a future date.

What happened next follows.

T 12:30 pm I insufflated approximate 130 mg of Methylone and then went to the kitchen to heat up some water for tea and an injection.

T 1:15 pm The effects as of yet are not very pronounced. A mild amount of speediness is felt and I become obsessed with a latch in my doorway that no longer allows the door to shut properly and promptly try fixing it. This is unusual for me because I don't usually get up right away, as I'm a bit of a procrastinator.

T: 2:00 After sitting around feeling disappointed about my experience thus far I decide to inject the 20 mg left from the first division of product. After boiling some water on the stove I use the water for my injection. Almost immediately I can feel a strange, slightly euphoric rush. I don't really know what to make of it. It's pleasant but not immersive. The injection may have kicked in the original dosing, I can't be sure, but after this I go to look in the mirror because things are looking very shiny, which they always do to me after mydriasis takes hold.

T: 2:30 I have got a good euphoric body high and a great attitude about everything, but already I have the urge to redose which is slightly unnerving
I have the urge to redose which is slightly unnerving
because its almost like with methamphetamines though that particular urge takes a lot longer to kick in. Mostly I'm just tooling around the studio, listening to a little music and getting ideas so, despite the lack of others (who I would most definitely talk to), I feel very content and pleased, and in fact am enjoying myself, which hasn't happened for a while! There is no 'wave riding' for like with MDMA or even psychedelics like LSD. The peak was pleasurable but it was almost like straight line up the hill instead of the gradual reaching in that alot of other compounds in this class have until they finally peak, rest, and then fall. Nope, this seems straight up and down to me.

T 4:00 The urge to take more is very strong but I won't today because I've got some work in the studio to take care of. Earlier, I tried messing around with some virtual instruments and drum samples and this particular substance did not floor me in such a way that MDMA does, so I was able to get things done and it was amazingly fun! More fun then usual. I had no problems walking and no nystagmus of any measurable amount was present. I know I'll be at baseline soon which is probably why the urge to go again is so strong.

T 5:30

I am back to baseline now and I have to say that this substance is very good for creative stimulation
this substance is very good for creative stimulation
, a minor psychedelic and euphoric element throughout but nothing overpowering. I am very glad I did this and am very strongly considering giving it another go, though possibly a higher amount. I am only 5'6' tall but I weigh about 175 pounds because of my muscle density and body type (I was a wrestler in high school, and a bodybuilder afterward for years) so I'm assuming that I might need to be up around 180mg to really get the most of this.

Overall a very pleasurable and repeatable experience, requiring a decent amount of self control to resist the urge to take it again.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 90476
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 33 
Published: Mar 2, 2017Views: 1,296
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Methylone (255) : General (1), First Times (2), Alone (16)

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