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Molly's Twin Sister
Citation:   Anti-Alcohol Man. "Molly's Twin Sister: An Experience with Methylone (exp92492)". Sep 12, 2017.

200 mg oral Methylone (capsule)
Methylone 200mg in a capsule, ordered online from a research lab. $42 after shipping for 1g. 'Not for human consumption' is on the package that the powder was contained in. I separated the powder into five empty capsules.

Male - 5'7' 150 lbs. with about 12% body fat

Relatively active with a good diet, I don't drink alcohol often and have not been a fan of marijuana for about four years. I've taken MDMA three times in the past six years all very positive experiences with no negative side effects.

This report will be from a 69 degree (Fahrenheit) finished basement where my computer is setup during August. The outdoor temp is about 80 degrees. I'll be in my general underwear/shirt for late night computing and comfort.

7pm: Ingested 200mg in a capsule on a soon to be hungry stomach. (resting heart rate is about 80bpm) I worked out about two hours ago (not sure my normal resting heart rate)

7:20pm tingling in hands and back of spine/head - feels good.

7:25pm Euphoria really starting to kick in, feels just like the onset of good MDMA (88 bpm heart rate)

7:29pm Just ran upstairs and washed my hands/talked to my little brother for a minute, He didn't notice anything I was able to act completely sober.

7:30pm Feels like great MDMA and only 30 minutes since I ingested it...

7:31pm: someone in the said 'how those holes in your brain feeling?' I responded 'That's a myth, pharmaceutical and alcohol companies spread the propaganda so they can hog all the cash.'

7:33pm: I feel a general love for everything/everyone regardless of who they are.

7:38pm: Five year relationship ex girlfriend who I haven't seen in six months or so called me; what timing? I didn't hesitate, answered anyway. Talking to her now. conversion going quite well. friendly - don't care about her boyfriend but we appear to remain good friends. I gave her the quality non-selfish advice and wished her well with her current boyfriend.

8:07pm: Have been in the peak for nearly 40 minutes. Feels great all around full comprehension of speaking with people, music sounds awesome, high self esteem and confidence.

8:13pm: Euphoria nothing negative no jaw clenching

8:18pm: Friend requests me to call via facebook chat (he says I sound 100% sober after about ten minutes of talking)

8:24pm Consumed about 40 oz. of water so far.

8:57pm Just got off phone from a 45 minute convo with good friend and then his girlfriend. They told me I sounded sober but my vocabulary was different than usual. I was able to multitask quite well on the computer while talking with them and listening/holding up the conversation.

9:00pm I still feel pretty much at the peak. Ran out of water, mouth starting to dry so I'm going to run upstairs for a 32 oz. water.

9:06pm Refilled 32 oz water. Talked to little brother asked him if my music was too loud. I requested him to let me know in a few minutes with all the doors closed. He didn't suspect anything.

9:09pm Slowly starting to come down, nothing negative just less of a body high.

9:25pm Feel the same as I did at 9:09pm

9:46pm My chronic back pain has returned but not as bad as usual.

9:52pm My cheek muscles feel somewhat sore as if I was smiling a lot. Not too uncomfortable though - still worth mentioning.

10:03pm Not really hungry but I'm going to try and eat a 240 calorie clif bar (organic carbs/protein) Have consumed about 72 oz. of water at this point. Going to refill my 32 oz. as my mouth is still a bit dry.

10:09pm Checked my pupils in the bathroom while upstairs, they appear normal in size.

10:30pm I feel 100% sober with no negative side effects. I usually don't fall asleep until around 2am as of right so I'm curious to see if I'll be able to.

10:56pm Took me nearly an hour to eat that Clif bar. Also had to drink 32 oz. of water along with it. Water intake is around 100 oz. now.

11:01pm Took my first piss in nearly four hours. 29 seconds long with slight yellow mostly clear urine.

2:00am Time to sleep (about the same time I usually go to bed)

8:20am Wake up alarm for doctors appointment/ I wake get out of bed with ease and make a decent sized healthy breakfast. I pissed a lot for the next few hours.

11:00am Vitals are perfect at doctors, I didn't appear or feel hung over.

Verdict - Feels just like MDMA but doesn't last as long. I would prefer this over alcohol or marijuana as long as I could spare the time as I can not sleep on this drug.

Positive Effects:

1. A rush of Euphoria will overcame my mind and body gave me a general appreciation for everything that exists. - This lasted about 100 minutes.
2. I felt more interested and connected to me peers.
3. Discussions with others flow smoother (opposite of drunk people)
4. Apparently one can re-dose every two hours for about eight hours which would be a lot cheaper than MDMA (haven't tried this and don't think I would take more than 2 doses in a night, although I know many people that I think would)

Negative Effects:

1. I need to drink a lot of water to prevent mouth from being dry.
2. Appetite is completely gone the four-five hours after ingesting it.
3. Sleeping doesn't seem possible until approximately seven hours after ingesting. I think I could probably counter this with weed smoking or benzodiazepines.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92492
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Sep 12, 2017Views: 4,530
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