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Glowing Experiences
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Highly Recommended A Devotion Seven Heroin 2006 Feb 08
Recommended Peace at Last, Happy as Myself Anatoli Smorin Heroin, Alcohol & Cannabis 2011 Jul 01
Recommended Free, Warm, Content, and Relaxed Lane Heroin 2007 Oct 22
Recommended No Time but Now Pharm Heroin 2007 Mar 28
Just Another Day legi0n Heroin 2019 Jun 25
Dot, Dot, Dot. Katriss Heroin 2010 Jan 05
The Spicy Saga of Psychedelicious Psychedelicious DMT & Heroin 2008 Sep 26
Smoking in a Lightbulb Vaporiser Psych0naut Heroin 2007 Nov 30
Hare Krishna Stomp Wagon Corey C. Ketamine, Heroin & Cannabis 2004 Feb 05
The Twilight of Reality Recoveryguru Heroin 2003 Feb 13
Heroin Burns snapple Heroin 2002 Jul 25
The First Dance Kitten Methylphenidate & Heroin 2001 Jul 11
First Time Doubt the Last Muffins Heroin 2020 Nov 02
Dangerous Bliss - New Found Heaven Twiggy Heroin (China White) & Cannabis 2020 Aug 18
The Perfect Nap Curious person Herion 2019 Jan 03
Heroin Helped Save My Life Angela Heroin 2016 May 19
The Love of My Life Romska Heroin 2015 May 03
Floored on the 4th Nullific Heroin, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis 2010 Jan 05
Narcotic Bliss Gnostikoi Heroin, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Alcohol 2008 Mar 28
On and Off, Up and Out Alex Herion 2007 Nov 07
More Than Expected Killor Heroin 2007 Apr 28
A Few Lines on Heroin Benjamin Heroin 2005 Jul 12
Nothing to Hide Anymore sick of it all Heroin 2003 Aug 16
The River and The Mountains Peter Mescaline, Methamphetamine, Cannabis & Heroin 2001 Aug 18
Heroin and MDA The Trout Heroin & Ecstasy 2001 Jun 27
Nothingness Travis Heroin 2000 Oct 18
I Felt Like Hugging the Devil Himself mondo Heroin 2020 Nov 05
Not as Evil After All holt Heroin 2020 Aug 22
Adderball Sicory Heroin (Black Tar) & Amphetamines (Adderall) 2020 Aug 19
7 Seconds sam Heroin 2020 Aug 19
A Rush of Pure Heaven bcd always Heroin & Alprazolam 2020 Aug 19
Euphoria Mr. Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
The Final Nail in the Coffin Damien Heroin 2020 Aug 18
No Longer a Bad Idea sigea Heroin 2019 Jun 19
My Dance With Mr. Brownstone Mad Dash Heroin 2017 Nov 14
Be Warned RudeGrrl Heroin 2002 Jun 14
First Shot, Look What I've Been Missing UndercoverCandyKid Heroin 2021 Aug 14
Struck Gold Pisces-Man Heroin 2021 Mar 16
A Dreamy Drug SuGaR420 Heroin & Cannabis 2020 Aug 19
Feeling of Relief, Instant Gratification john Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
A Beautiful Thing Cripp Budz Heroin 2019 Feb 01
Every Worry I've Ever Had Was Gone DragonChased Heroin 2018 Jul 26
Nice Night J.B. Heroin 2003 Feb 13
Feeling Heaven from Within michelle MDMA & Heroin 2001 May 25

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