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Floored on the 4th
Heroin, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis
Citation:   Nullific. "Floored on the 4th: An Experience with Heroin, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis (exp45676)". Jan 5, 2010.

100 mg insufflated Heroin (powder / crystals)
  1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
  1 tablet oral MDMA (pill / tablet)
    repeated smoked Cannabis (plant material)
As far as my background goes (relevant to this report) I smoke marijuna daily, use ecstasy monthly and had done heroin five times from mid June to the date of this experience. This experience report is revised, originally from a post I made on an online discussion board just a few hours after comming down.

The following events take place on July 4th, 2005 between 4 - 11 pm.
I punched out of work at 4, took the short walk home and gathered everything I needed for the night: a bag of heroin, several ecstasy tablets, some pot and an array of fireworks. I was then dropped off at my friend N's house, she was there with her boyfriend C who was taking a nap. Shortly after arriving I settled down with my bag of heroin. It came packaged in a flat square of wax paper. The heroin itself was a fine brownish powder with some clumps, bitter tasting and smelling some-what of urine. I unwrapped the square, went over the powder with my time card and insufflated it through a pen.

The initial effects came as a sensation of warmth and everything appearing brightened, a result of the pupil constriction. This was followed by the general feeling of nothingness and desire to stare ahead or close my eyes. My skin felt itchy and scratching myself felt pretty good. The feelings were not as intense as the first time I had done heroin though, I believe my last use prior to this had been just a few days ago.

N stepped out of the room for a while, me and C discussed the possibility of him trying ecstasy for the first time since his plans to get drunk had failed to go through. Following a brief talk with N about it she let him go ahead, though she wanted to do it with him his first time she could not due to a fetal growth inside of her. We ingested our first pills at around 5:40. The pills were orange-pink in color and bore the imprint of a maple leaf. They came from a reliable source and my previous experiences with them had been positive. I am not exactly sure how long ago my roll before this one was. My stomach had to have been empty at this point, I had not eaten anything since breakfast.

Not too long after this some more friends of ours arrived, A1, T and T's fiance A2. With them they brought another girl I did not know. Other than her we all knew each other pretty well, me and A2 have known each other for five or so years. The rest of us met just over a year ago and have had some very confusing, devastating, chaotic, joyful and all around fucked up times together. To give a little more insight; C, N, sometimes T, A1, A2, another character J (was dating A2 at the time) among others used to gather at J's house for the sole purpouse of getting fucked up. J ended up in rehab, N pregnant with C's child, A1 a college drop out with a serious DXM addiction and A2 engaged to T who was in the marines (last time I saw T was New Years, that's another story).

After we sat around for a while A1 inquired about doing some ecstasy himself, he was a big fellow so I gave him two of the same kind of pills, took another myself and told him that me and C were already blasting off. The seven of us sitting up in N's cramped room was becomming unbearable, we left the house and traveled down to a near by mini-mart for drinks and gum. After this we split up temporarily as N, C and I walked further down a highway to a wooded area with a boat ramp. The rest of the crowd jumped in T's car, we seemed to arrive at nearly the same time.

At this point the effects of the pills were becoming much more pronounced, as I walked through the trees into a clearing of the woods it seemed to hit me at once. It was as if my skull opened up and freed my mind, as I looked at the sky my jaw dropped an awe. My arms spread to the world as if I had grasped it all, I was it all, and yet it was still too big to comprehend. C was having a good first roll and commented on how much better Ecstasy was than crack.

N packed a bowl and we began to smoke the herb. I knew I was beginning to peak now, felt nauseaous for a split second and vomited a bit of liquid. I had never before been nauseaous from ecstasy and figured that it must have had something to do with the heroin. Afterwards though it felt like I hadn't puked at all, I popped some gum into my mouth and told everyone I was fine. Now the eye-wiggles had begun, one of my favorite parts of the ecstasy experience. My vision would get wavy and even double temporarily.

Using my camera phone I noted that my pupils were near full-sized despite previous contricting effects from the heroin. I took a few more hits and we continued to walk to the shore of the lake. Looking out over the water was incredible, the reflections, the waves, boats, every detail sent rushes of euphoria through out my entire body. To me the experience that ecstasy provides is what it is to be alive, to be human and free.

The night had begun to fall and we walked back to N's house. It still wasn't dark enough to do the fire works yet so we chilled in her room listening to music as Tom went to bring the girl I didn't know home. The Faint and Undertow sounded simply incredible. The ecstasy of course made us very talkative and we spoke of everything from our past experiences, the previous times we had doing drugs together and life itself.

At this time it was probably 9:30 to 10:00, I was beginning to come down and T arrived back at N's. We ventured into her back yard over looking the lake and began the fireworks. It was a night of good friends, drugs and explosions. Thinking of all each of us had gone through in the past year and where we were each headed. It is all too emotional and complex to detail in this experience report to an audience that knows nothing of me, or grasp even in my own limited mind. Still, it was as if these reflections and speculations were at the root of the experience itself. The eye wiggles, the freedom I felt for the world, the euphoria are merely the describable short term effects of MDMA in my brain. While ironically the most significant, most important and truly breath taking effects are the ones I can only attempt express to you unless you could walk into my mind. Revising and recalling this experience has again summoned the emotions (that I usually don't have), the connection nearly as strong as it was when I wrote of it originally. This in my mind goes to show just how powerful a substance can be, when the experiences it facilitates can touch you so deeply even months later.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 45676
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jan 5, 2010Views: 22,244
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Heroin (27), MDMA (3) : Combinations (3), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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