Absinthe Reports - First Times
First Times
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Highly Recommended WormX Review Flop Absinthe 2007 Jan 12
Highly Recommended Evening with the Green Fairy Absinthe Absinthe (Czech) 2004 Sep 30
Recommended Vincent Van Gogh Torches Benjamin Franklin Smiley Absinthe 2012 May 17
Recommended The Amazing Green Fire Laiko Absinthe, Alcohol & Tobacco 2007 Nov 02
Recommended Dancing With The Green Goddess Acid Matrix Absinthe 2001 Feb 03
Green Goddess in the Big Easy the chemist Absinthe 2019 Jul 12
First Date with La Fée Verte Nihasa Absinthe 2012 Jun 12
Sweet Dream on the Plane WearyTraveler Absinthe 2009 Oct 07
Inspiration On The Beach Psychonaut23 Absinthe 2007 Jun 02
Fun at New Year's Eve Greengills Absinthe & Cannabis 2007 Jan 23
New Zealand Absinthe jkj Absinthe 2003 Sep 30
Parents Finally Came Through! Skandre Absinthe 2003 Jun 03
Thinking Faster Than I Could Write mefe Absinthe 2016 Sep 24
Shadows Seem Richer Autowid Absinthe 2008 Mar 25
Very Thought Provoking Daywalker Absinthe 2006 Dec 05
The Green Fairy Made Me Lose Control Moses Absinthe 2006 Dec 05
Definitely No Trippy Hallucinations Rimbaud Absinthe 2005 Jul 14
Never to Smell that Horrible Licorice Again Arys Absinthe 2005 Jul 12
An Angel's Heart Awoke Das Labor Absinthe 2003 Dec 08
Living Light in New Orleans Fionuir Absinthe 2003 Feb 10
Man Wird Betrunken... Mehr Leider(?) Nicht desox Absinthe 2002 Apr 28
A Total Sensory Experience Anonymous Absinthe 2000 Jul 13
The Emerald Princess Kheophex Absinthe 2000 May 31
Pseudo-Inebriation ]uFo[ Abinsthe (Homemade) 2007 Feb 24
Romance the Green Fairy Circe Absinthe 2005 Jul 01
In a London Bar Er-bear Absinthe 2005 Mar 21
Slightly Amiss MIM Absinthe 2004 Oct 01
First Encounter with the Green Fairy Arjuna Absinthe 2003 Mar 06
It's Grrrrrreat Andy Absinthe 2001 Apr 10
Green Fairy Goes Corona ProcrastinationWizard Absinthe 2023 Jan 26
Rendezvous Avec La Fee Verte Tinkerbell Absinthe 2020 Apr 28
Complete Disappointment AntiWino Absinthe 2018 Mar 26
Kept Shivering just anon Absinthe 2018 Mar 26
Exactly Like Drinking Regular Alcohol joe joe Absinthe 2018 Mar 26
Best Drink Ever Anonymous Absinthe 2007 Mar 13
I Tried That. . .To No Effect Ricky Absinthe 2005 Jun 28
More Than Just Vodka La Fee Verte Absinthe (homemade) 2002 May 01

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