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Green Goddess in the Big Easy
Citation:   the chemist. "Green Goddess in the Big Easy: An Experience with Absinthe (exp76234)". Jul 12, 2019.

2 glasses oral Absinthe
I work currently in a notable health care profession. There are very few psychoactive substances I can use due to the possibility of random drug testing.

When I was vacationing in New Orleans I stumbled across a bar which serves absinthe as a drink. I have heard about this drink as well as heard the effects it may have on those who consume it, especially regularly. I decided to try it and experience the effects for myself. The bar was old and quaint looking, it had a really artsy feel to it, with some very mild Jazz playing in the background. The weather outside was nice, not too hot but comfortable. I started by watching the bartender make the drink. This was entertainment in itself as she poured it over sugar and lite the sugar on fire only to then douse it out with tap water. The drink took on a lovely green color and the smell of licorice filled the air. I personally am not a fan of black licorice but the taste of the drink did not deter me from consuming it.

The first sip was a little strong but it got smoother as I kept drinking, I even ordered a second drink and finished it as well. I think it took about an hour to consume both drinks. I started to feel the effects about 20 minutes after starting the first one. I have a very high tolerance to alcohol (by nature not through regular drinking).

The effect I started to feel was not like that from a normal bar drink. Things seemed to become clearer, it was almost like up until consuming the absinthe the world was foggy and when I started drinking the green goddess the experience could be described as putting on a pair of glasses for the first time. I saw things more clearly; I noticed colors that I donít think I had ever seen before.
I saw things more clearly; I noticed colors that I donít think I had ever seen before.
The light Jazz music playing in the background became refreshing as I was able to hear and notice each note played in rhythm. We left the bar and started walking even the air smelled and tasted different. I loved walking around the French Quarter in this state of mind where I was able to notice and take in fine details, colors and sounds that I donít think I had ever experienced. I definatly felt energized much more so than when I drink regular alcohol.

This whole experience lasted for about an hour and a half before it sadly began to wear off. The interesting thing about the after effect was how good it left me feeling. Usually after consuming a few drinks, when the effects wear off I feel tired, sleepy and listless. The after effects of this drink left me feeling good energized, not depressed like alcohol. It was refreshing. This is definitely something I would do again but the atmosphere would have to be as colorful and abstract as that of the French Quarter. I have visited New Orleans many times and this by far was one of the best experiences I have had traveling.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 76234
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 12, 2019Views: 4,262
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Absinthe (4) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Club / Bar (25)

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