New Zealand Absinthe
by jkj
Citation:   jkj. "New Zealand Absinthe: An Experience with Absinthe (exp27092)". Sep 30, 2003.

8 shots oral Absinthe (liquid)
Recently, three friends and I took a high school graduation trip to New Zealand. After seeing From Hell with Johnny Depp (good movie as all J.D. films) and some research via erowid, we all agreed that Absinthe was a must on the trip.
After a horrendous 15 hour plane ride from L.A. to Auckland, we took a bus to a Moari town called Rotorua. The first night there we took off through the town for the green liqiud. Although it is completely legal there, I wasn't totally sure absinthe was totally accepted because of the 10 or 15 liquor stores in town, only one had the drink. There were 3 different drinks to choose from, all made by Hapsburg and all had the same amount of infused thujone but each had a different alcohol content. We chose the middle of the road buying one 750 mL bottle that was 85% alcohol by volume. (kinda scary alone)

We had read all the different consumption methods but since we were going to be in NZ for a while we would just try to drink it straight first. Three of us, myself included, were going to partake in the drinking while one was just an observer. We all got approximately 2 shots worth in a smal clear glass to start with. The drink smelled a lot like black liqourice (spelling?) and after one drink, it tasted a lot like liqourice mixed with everclear. The drink burned all the way down and kept burning in my stomach for about 30 seconds after. The taste wasn't great but it was drinkable. No one had problems with gagging or anything even though we all agreed it tasted quite bad.

We continued drinking slowly and refilling our glasses as needed. After about 15 to 20 minutes we all began to feel the alcohol take its toll and I got a slight buzz and warm feeling from it. After dividing out the last of the bottle between the three of us, it being about 45 minutes since we started, I hadn't gotten more than mildly drunk, but I wasn't ready to give up knowing that many substances taken orally take quite a while to get in the bloodstream.

Then at about an hour after the commencement, I began to feel a little light headed and kind of spaced out. We all began talking more and laughing, sometimes uncontrollably and my motor skills began to deteriorate. Still nothing too special. Then all of the sudden, my mind began to wander, and fast. This is where I knew the wormwood was working. We had conversations that were completely sporatic and uncomprehendable to the one sober person in the room. He reportedly said that we were rambling to ourselfves and each other but not making a whole lot of sense. I remember talking to my friends about movies, music, life and all sorts of amateur philosophy that normal people discuss while intoxicated. My mind was moving really fast but my body was rather slow. I had the feeling that I needed to get up and do something while I just wanted to sit down and relax.

At one point I closed my eyes and I did not see anything that I remember but I felt as if there were a great pressure on my body and I could not move any of my extremeties no matter how hard I tried. Once I opened my eyes this feeling went away, but throughout the entire night I could close them and it would come rushing back to me. I remeber my friends talking loudly, almost screaming, one was jumping and falling all over the room while the other sat on a bed and tried unsuccessfully to gather his thoughts, much like myself. My mind bounced from thought to thought without being able to grasp any one thing fully and hold it. Short bits of songs, movies, memories, and past occurances flashed in my head constantly only quickly enough for me to recognize them then they would dissappear. This effect was quite amusing and I had a lot of fun with myself just trying to pinpoint these flashes of media in my brain. I once tried to get up to go to the bathroom and found my motorskills worked better that I would have guessed and did so with no problem. After about 4 hours of this I felt no wearing off of the substance and tried, very easily to fall asleep.

I do not recall any halucinogenic effects but the feeling was definitely strongly euphoric. Even by the next morning there were many blank spots in my memory that I could not recall. There were the normal alcohol hangover effects, fuzziness and a strong need for water, but nothing harsh or anything that lasted more than an hour. All in all I really really enjoyed it and I cannot compare it to any other drug. A must try for anyone in the area of legalized Absinthe.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27092
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 30, 2003Views: 30,143
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