Parents Finally Came Through!
Citation:   Skandre. "Parents Finally Came Through!: An Experience with Absinthe (exp20425)". Jun 3, 2003.

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4.5 oz oral Absinthe (liquid)
My parents frequently visit Europe. Over the last few years, I had asked them to bring me back a bottle of Absinthe. Finally, on their last excursion, they came through! When Thanksgiving rolled around I met with my family and received the Absinthe. The bottle was purchased in Portugal, and had a somewhat generic look to it (compared to the elaborate labels I have seen online).

The brand was 'Albertson'. The liquor had a nice green color to it and smelled like fennel and black licorice. A few days after the Thanksgiving festivities, I could wait no longer to try the Absinthe. I have previously experimented with a wormwood extract added to vodka, with somewhat disappointing results (see my separate entry in the wormwood vault for more details). This did not effect my mood as I poured my first taste of the real thing. It was late in the evening, around 11 PM. I was staying at my parent's house. They had long since went to bed. I retired to the furthest room away from their bedroom to watch T.V. and drink

I did not prepare the drink in the traditional manner using sugar and water. I simply poured the Absinthe over ice and added a small amount of water to make it more drinkable (it was 140 proof). I LOVED the taste!!! Though very strong due to the high alcohol content, I found the flavor to be very enticing. I was very pleasantly surprised, as I had expected the bitter taste of wormwood. Instead, I found it to taste just as it licorice!

I did not notice any significant effects after the first glass, except for a pleasant alcohol buzz. After the second glass, I began to notice some different effects. There was a slight, pleasant ringing in my ears and I began to feel unusually 'happy'. I got online and chatted with some friends, having many laughs along the way. My mood was very social, and I wished there were friends present to share this wonderful liquor with. I was FULLY enjoying my experience!

After my third drink, I really noticed the effects of Absinthe. Everything in the room looked 'different' somehow...not like full blown hallucinations, but sort of like the way marijuana makes things look 'different'. There was a noticable 'rushing' quality to everything, as if time had sped up somehow. Everything looked like it had 'static' on is very difficult to explain, but I am convinced that Absinthe is slightly hallucinogenic. By this time, it was probably about 2 AM, so I decided this was enough for one evening.

I woke up the next day with a bit of a hangover, but it was worth it. I can't wait to drink more! I enjoyed it so much that I purchased a distillation kit so that I can make my own. I would give Absinthe a huge thumbs up...if you can find it, give it a try! Just don't get addicted...I can see how this could be a problem.

Exp Year: 2002ExpID: 20425
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 3, 2003Views: 41,764
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