2C-E Reports - Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters
(17 Total)

Recommended A Psychedelic Voyage Into the Light and Dark Zane F 2C-E 2012 Oct 02
Recommended The Gonzo Effect KillerKangaroo 2C-E 2010 Dec 07
Recommended Idiocy, Madness and the Serpents Lair J. Cooper 2C-E 2009 Aug 17
Recommended From 2C-E Overdose to Benzo Addiction Synesthesia 2C-E, Various & Benzodiazepines 2008 Jun 21
Recommended I Learned to Make the Best out of my Bad Trip Kandy K 2C-E 2007 Mar 06
The Other Side of the IM Coin B. Rooney 2C-E 2008 Sep 29
The Psychedelic Tub of Terror Dud Doodoo 2C-E 2020 Mar 20
I Took Too Much Sadclown 2C-E 2017 Feb 15
2C-? Cocktail Hospital Trip Soulegion 2C-I, 2C-E & 2C-B (sold as mixture in vodka) 2010 Sep 28
Mainlining BurgerKing 2C-E 2010 Apr 27
Accidental Huge Dose wng 2C-E 2009 Mar 23
Psychological Trainwreck Hclam LSD & 2C-E 2008 Jan 18
Like a Blue Plasma TheSEIGE 2C-E 2007 Jan 31
Seizure at a Festival Mfrieze 2C-E 2006 Aug 12
Serendipitous Star Trek TNG Helped Me Thru It sxymnquin 2C-E 2021 Sep 28
Who Said Heroic Dose? Heavyfoot 2C-E 2008 Sep 22
Stop Chewing on the Vial J. Doe 2C-E 2008 Mar 04

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